THE KITCHEN MILITIA – The Renewed Line of Defense for Education

The alarm sounds throughout the countryside. As the alert is heard, one by one, two by two, the patriots respond. They are a loosely organized, ragtag band, without official leaders or official orders. Some gather in small groups, others work alone. But, armed with an overpowering idea of truth and an urgency to protect their children, they are determined to expose and drive back their foe.

They are not the Minute Men of 1775, turning out to keep the King’s men from ransacking their supplies. These are mothers of 2022 answering the call against the federal assault on their children’s local schoolhouses. A proper name for them should be the “Kitchen Militia” and their targets are Common Core, Equity Collaborative, Social Emotional learning (SEL), Critical Race Theory (CRT), and any other federal education program that threatens to dumb down their children or subject them to behavior modification.

For several years individual mothers have been fighting alone to get to the bottom of an education crisis that seems to grow unabated. It’s getting worse, even as the education establishment and politicians talk of education “reform” and pour money into a system that continues to turn out children who can’t read or perform simple math. Continue…

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