Fauci ran grotesque AIDS vaccine experiments on minority children in the 90s, causing organ failure, deformities, brain damage

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s quest to inoculate children with needless, immune-suppressing, heart-damaging vaccines is a repeat of his own history. A 2004 documentary film, “Guinea Pig Kids” shines a light on the cruel and inhumane medical experiments that took place on underprivileged, minority children in the early 1990s. These inhumane medical experiments were conducted on presumably HIV-infected children at the Incarnation Children’s Center (ICC) in New York City. The children were primarily black or Hispanic and were taken from drug-addicted mothers.

Fauci’s medical horrors and culture of heartless compliance began in the early 1990s
In 1992, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) used taxpayer funds to equip the ICC as “an outpatient clinic for HIV-positive children.” At the time, Fauci was deeply involved in finding a vaccine for HIV/AIDS. Fauci helped fund the ICC and marketed it as “New York City’s only skilled nursing facility providing specialized care for children and adolescents living with HIV/AIDS.” The “skilled nursing facility providing specialized care” turned out to be a place of medical horrors, where children were subjected to forceful, debilitating medical experiments.

The ICC facility worked with New York’s child welfare department and the Administration for Children’s Services and became part of Columbia University’s Pediatric AIDS Clinical Trials Unit. The facility took in vulnerable and underprivileged children. These children were ultimately used as lab rats in several medical experiments involving experimental AIDS vaccines and drugs.

These AIDS drugs had already been proven to be dangerous in adults. The drugs included AZT, Nevirapine, various protease inhibitors, and experimental AIDS vaccines. The drugs went on to cause bone marrow death, organ failure, deformities, brain damage and death. Fauci’s research was designed to cover up any suffering and death observed in the children. Healthcare workers were told to blame any complications and death on the child’s underlying HIV infection, not the drugs and vaccines.

Medical worker broke ranks and tried to save children from Fauci’s deadly experiments
One staff member, Jacklyn Hoerger, spoke out about the deceitful protocol put in place: “We were told that if they were vomiting, if they lost their ability to walk, if they were having diarrhea, if they were dying, then all of this was because of their HIV infection. I just faithfully gave it as I was told by doctors.” Fauci and the NIAID claimed that these drugs and vaccines were the only chance these kids had, if they were going to survive.

Hoerger put that theory to the test and adopted two half-sisters. She removed the children from the experiments and watched as their bodies recovered. The girls began eating properly for the first time in their lives and improved “almost instantaneously.” Hoerger concluded that the drugs were causing the children’s bodies to shut down. When the doctors and administrators found out that Hoerger had taken the girls off the drugs, she was ostracized as a “negligent parent.” The girls were taken from her and she wasn’t allowed to see them again.

ICC Medical Director Dr. Katherine Painter, said the “biggest problem facing families with HIV-positive children is adherence.” Dr. Fauci wanted strict compliance to the drug protocol. Adherence took precedence over the children’s well being. No matter what happened to the kids, the doctors could always blame the kids’ pre-existing HIV. To make matters worse, the NIAID and their partners presumed HIV infections for all the kids in the program. The NIAID never used any form of laboratory confirmation to diagnose HIV infections. Even if they had, it wouldn’t justify their inhumane, forceful experiments.

If children resisted the experimental drugs that were killing them, they were detained and taken to the Columbia Presbyterian hospital. Once there, doctors sedated the children and surgically inserted tubes into their stomach so they could force the drugs in their system. If a parent withdrew consent for the trial, the child was removed by the Children’s Services and placed in a foster home that would comply.

Eighty children died in these experiments and countless others suffered through severe side effects and abusive protocol. “Fauci just brushed all those dead babies under the rug,” said Holocaust survivor, Vera Sharav. “They were collateral damage in his career ambitions. They were throw-away children.” Despite all the suffering and death, Fauci never got his prized AIDS vaccine. Sharav joined investigative reporter Celia Farber and the late Liam Scheff to expose these crimes against humanity.

Today, Dr. Fauci’s terror and abuse continues, as American children are brainwashed to believe they do not have a capable immune system, that they need to be perpetually masked and inoculated with spike proteins in order to have health, faith, interaction and freedom. This deception will lead many children to suffer mentally and physically, with depression, anxiety, myocarditis, nervous system disorders and immune depletion becoming a serious issue with this medical experiment.

Written by Lance D Johnson for News Target ~ November 21, 2021

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6 thoughts on “Fauci ran grotesque AIDS vaccine experiments on minority children in the 90s, causing organ failure, deformities, brain damage

  1. veteran

    and today, stupid people keep lining up to get the jab. deception is out of control.
    do people even think anymore?
    obviously fauci and gates do not. they are enjoying themselves and getting rich. they think no one see’s what they are doing, wrong !
    the one who made them see’s everything and these criminals will soon be judged for their evil.
    gates, fauci and their like are trading a number of years doing evil for an eternity of torment.
    how stupid can anyone be.

  2. Dee Preston

    Dr Fauci is simply about his personal gain. He is bought by big pharma and has killed and destroyed countless children. He did HIV vaccine studies on poor children in the 90s under the guise they had HIV. He tortured them to get his data all of which failed. He has killed animals like they are ours to do with as we wish. He is simply a murderer. Read the book about the real Anthony Fauci you will be sick to your stomach.
    If you take another vaccine or allow your children to, you too will be collateral damage. Do some research on your own. Build your immune system. God created us all perfect. Do not comply.

  3. Jyneffer

    Can you please site/share the sources you found this information at? To spread the truth, sources would make this more credible to use as a source for others to also find it.

    Where are the studies found that shows the 80 children died from this?

    Where did you get the information about the nurse who adopted the 2 half sister and they improved.



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