One thought on “At this point, nothing would shock me

  1. Who cares

    I can’t understand how american citizens are not the freedom loving fighters and protectors of kids that we used to be it’s all coming to the light and when the truth bubbles up and snacks us in the face we don’t believe it but this is about children and who is gonna save them and protect them if cps came to my door to take my child I’d have to die right there and they would too because my kid ain’t getting sold off to some pedo cuz that’s what they do it’s currency the blood of our children is a tually currency and power to certain powerful elites and it’s so bad now we must call it systemic the courts will rule against us the police won’t protect us the media will villianize us all to protect the perverts where does it end what’s the remedy all I can say is there is no justice and no decency in the courts or any other establishment including our schools they are following the UN agenda to destroy the minds of our children and send them from the school straight to the industrial prison complex we cannot trust this system anymore and the royal families are all satanic as are some cops doctors lawyers judges childcare and these foundations that beg for our money to make all this terrible shit possible maybe this country needs another civil war but it needs to be a very bloody one and it’ll be the end of this country but who cares if that happens right years of debauchery and lies have lead us to this only jesus can save we put too much trust into our polititions to be the heroes when in fact it’s those very people who abuse and drink the blood of our children

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