joo wan thee Eengleesh traanslation???

In Uruguay, there are many ignorant people wandering around wearing masks, so my friend created a t-shirt design which speaks and says all there needs to be said – about ignorant people.

He also has a small mailing list of people I’ve encountered to whom I send articles on the COVID fraud and the vaccine translated into Spanish. Just doing what little he can to raise awareness.

So… joo wan thee Eengleesh traanslation???

“I live in fear;” “I obey my television;” “I want safety, not freedom;” “I do as I’m told;” “I want medical tyranny;” “I believe in Agenda 21;” “I love Bill Gates;” “I never question authority;” “I want more restrictions on my liberty;” “I know nothing about health;” “I support the New World Order;” “I research nothing for myself;” “I am docile & obedient;” “I want mandatory vaccines;” “I rely on others to think for me”.

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