Mutual Maskerbation

One thought on “Mutual Maskerbation

  1. Jenny

    I wish I had her mouth! Great vid.

    Regarding the PCR test and Kary Mullis. Kary Mullis won the peace prize for figuring out how to transfer genes from one species to another, effectively making “gain of function” possible, and viruses like covid. Guess what? Kary was high on LSD when he gained that information. Did you know that Francis Crick was high on LSD when he gained the structure of DNA? It was a big thing for scientists to do. Why? Because LSD would dissimulate the mind, cutting off the Pineal which is where our connection to God is and His protection through the conscience , and when this happens the Satanic mind on the planet can interfere and give us information it wants us to have. Can’t imagine why that mind would want us to have gain of function capabilities unless it would also give Kary a PCR test to use with it. The Satanic mind is way ahead of us and unless we gain God’s guidance by repenting of our sins, especially the one of not minding our governments, local, state, and federal, and turning to Him for everything, we aren’t going to win this battle. We just do not have the vantage point God has.

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