Doctors & Nurses Take Heed: Nuremberg Medical Criminal Trials Should Not Be Repeated

The vaccine that no one has requested for a virus that no one has isolated or proven to exist that allegedly causes COVID-19 is on the horizon. When this vaccine is available, readers have already heard about the new mRNA technology as well as other types of technology that will be introduced into those individuals who line up to receive it.

This new technology contained in the vaccine is in addition to the poisons readers have already been made aware that will be in the “soup”. On top of this, Congress has provided the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing this vaccine immune from liability should a recipient have an adverse reaction or die from its administration.

Where does this leave individuals who will choose to receive the vaccine in case of injury? It means the individual who administers the vaccine and the one who prescribes it can be held liable. So, doctors and nurses, it’s time to listen up, do your own research, and stop listening to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), Bill Gates, and the government. Before we get into the “main course”, here’s a few appetizers for you.

Do you know what is contained in vaccines? If not, you had better inform yourself. While the CDC and the WHO are known liars, there are documents contained on the CDC website that inform practitioners of vaccine ingredients. These ingredients have been confirmed by the Food and Drug Administration as accurate. Read the sourced reference. From African Green Monkey kidney cells to aborted fetus cell lines, these ingredients would elicit a religious objection, meaning protection under the First Amendment. If you need to hear it from a doctor that has been censored for telling the truth, you can watch the videos below. Moreover, you need to thoroughly understand what this technology will do.

Did you know the WHO has erred approximately ten times, including attempting to fake a pandemic in 2009? It has been well documented. Yet, medical professionals are still looking to the WHO as well as the CDC for “guidelines” for disease and illness management. Most of the doctors already know the CDC sent specific instructions for coding the CON-VID-19 in order to inflate the numbers. The organization then admitted the true numbers were nowhere close to justify the draconian measures implemented that were unproven to contain any virus. If you missed it, no scientist has even isolated the microorganism supposedly causing CON-VID-19; and, the studies claiming so do not meet Koch’s or Rivers’ postulates. Familiarize yourself with Koch’s and Rivers’ postulate – the gold standard for isolating a microorganism and determining if it causes the illness.

You have a lot of reading to do to get up to speed; however, you are not done yet. In the March issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and Dr. Robert Redfield, head of the CDC, co-authored an article with another colleague declaring the infection mortality rate of this “virus” is akin to the common flu at 0.1%. But, Fauci claimed otherwise in front of all the lamestream government-controlled propaganda entertainment enemedia. Since then, Fauci cannot decide what should be done for this fake pandemic except to support draconian measures that infringe upon the liberties and freedoms of Americans, as well as devastating families financially, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

Along with all of this information, the CDC and WHO have intentionally confused infection fatality rate and case fatality rate, which these agencies know better. Ask yourself why they would do that. Both agencies have supported the RT-PCR test, which was not meant for diagnostic purposes and can’t tell the difference between CON-VID-19, the flu, the common cold, or my Aunt Fanny’s bra. Then, there is world patent 060606 which ties digital currency or cryptocurrency to biometrics implanted into the human body – a new technology to be implemented with the CON-VID-19 vaccine.

This is enough to get you started on your own research, which you need to do. Why? It was a little known trial after the Nuremberg military trials for crimes against humanity that prosecuted doctors and nurses for participating in the murder of “undesirable” children and adults in Nazi Germany. The documentary called “Caring Corrupted – The Killing Nurses of the Third Reich” created by the Cizik School of Nursing documents the actions of nurses and doctors during the Hitler Nazi regime where genocide and experimentation occurred on concentration camp prisoners, death camp prisoners, mental health institution residents, children’s facilities, Jews, Gypsies and other groups deemed “sub-human”.

Watch the video:

Interestingly, the Nazi regime basically copied the blueprint for eugenics from the united States. Let that sink in for a moment. Eugenics centers on ensuring those with the “best genes” procreate while keeping those with “poor genes” from doing so or eradicating the offspring of parents with poor genes, aka murder of the unborn, euthanizing the mentally ill, physically disabled, the infirmed or elderly. In other words, get rid of the “useless eaters”.

Nurses during the time of Nazi Germany were subservient and submissive, never questioning a physician’s order – no checks or balances existed. Many nurses in the Third Reich followed the physician orders attempting to justify their actions of giving medication overdoses with phrases like, “I was doing my job”; “I was following orders”; “What I was doing was more humane since I wasn’t conducted the experiments”; and, others that would make one scratch their head in confusion today. While nurses of today are not subservient or submissive, few question a physician’s order negating their role as a patient advocate. Moreover, it is the nurse who gives the injections – medication, vaccines, or other treatment measures; therefore, the nurse is responsible for knowing what is being administered. The doctor is as well. As an FYI, the documentary informs viewers that nurses and doctors were hung for their crimes, after being found guilty at trial.

It was unconscionable that healthcare professionals could or would engage in such behavior at the time. It is unconscionable that it occurs today. And, it does occur today. If you claim you have never once committed a violation of ethics, you would be deluding yourself. Have you ever given a vaccination without knowing all the ingredients? If yes, you are guilty. Have you ever given Gardasil without knowing its ingredients and the rush to market violating numerous safety standards? If yes, you are guilty. Have you ever drawn blood from an individual under a court order even after the individual refuses? Regardless of the changes to some nurse practice acts that allow nurses to do such, it doesn’t change the fact this is an ethics violation as well as the criminal act of assault and battery. Doing this violates the individual’s right protected under the Fifth Amendment. Following unjust laws doesn’t mean freedom from liability. Do you know of an incident that was unethical committed by a colleague or physician or know of an incident where wrongdoing occurred, and you failed to report it? If yes, you are guilty.

The atrocities that occurred in Nazi Germany during the World Wat II Era resulted in what is known as The Nuremberg Code. It is a set of ten standards to which physicians are required to conform when conducting experimentation on human subjects. This code is accepted world wide. It prevents human experimentation except under the strictest of circumstances – one being informed consent and the right to refuse to participate.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) has nine provisions that establishes the code of ethics for nurses. Now is a good time to reacquaint one’s self with this code and its interpretive guide. It is advisable to pay attention to provisions three and four, along with the interpretation of these ethics.

Why is all of this important? The rollout of a vaccine for CON-VID-19 means doctors and nurses will be facing ethical issues when dealing with administration. And, if doctors and nurses will not be involved in administration, you have an ethical duty to speak out against a vaccine that uses experimental technology on human beings. This is the main course. In fact, critical personnel, frontline workers (doctors, nurses, etc.) and first responders will be the first individuals to receive this “experimental” concoction. Remember, a code of ethics also means that you owe the same duty to yourself as you owe others. Are you willing to be injected with a mixture or hydrogel patch that you have no idea of the ingredients or how it will interact with your body? Right now, no one knows what the outcome will be once this is new mRNA vaccine technology is implemented. Moreover, this is a vaccine being developed for a microorganism that has not been isolated or proven to exist. The question has to be asked why a vaccine is being developed for something that may be nonexistent.

There’s great power in numbers. As medical professionals, all the information needs to be reviewed, studied, and questioned then researched more in order to come to a conclusion. Don’t take my word or anyone else’s on any of this. Look at all the information – not just information from the CDC, the WHO, the FDA, or the National Institute of Health (NIH). Don’t take the word of Fauci, Birx, Redfield or Gates. Consider what doctors like Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, and the Frontline Doctors who held a summit on the steps of the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC have to say. Only when you have researched both sides and investigated the entire scenario of this CON-VID-19 fake pandemic can you come to a conclusion. While many of us have had six months to look at this, your timeframe is shorter.

Doctors and nurses around the world are calling bull manure on all of this because of the conclusions drawn after doing all of the research. Healthcare professionals here in America owe it to yourselves and your patients to do the same and then speak out if you arrive at the same conclusions.

Here is a list of references to get you started.



China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign




The COVID-19(84)

This should be enough to give you some additional references. Remember too, many videos are being purged from the web that contradict the official narrative. Several YouTube channels have been permanently deleted because of exposing the truth. You can see many videos dealing with the subject at The Sons of Liberty and Setting Brushfires YouTube channels. It is recommended to avoid using the Google search engine since the results will not contain information contradicting the official narrative. To gather the information being presented to you here in the above references took numerous authors considerable digging into other sources and has been accumulated over months. Review it with an open mind and check the references contained in each article for yourself.

You owe it to yourselves, your families and your patients to do so. Once you discover the truth, you have an obligation to spread the truth and speak out, which means ditching the masks and informing your employer of its inability to prevent coronavirus. By continuing to participate in the “mask”tasy, you are promoting the continuation of a lie and ushering in medical tyranny in the form of “forced” vaccinations containing a mixture that will alter human DNA and open the door for someone to patent your genome, essentially OWNING you as other genetically modified organisms. If you are skeptical about that, go back to biology and review mRNA.

As a retired nurse, this is a request for you to do due diligence and not just blindly accept what a government agency is placing before you, particularly since the agency has been caught in a lie. If the agency has lied now, what are the chances it lied in the past? How can it be trusted? People rely on doctors and nurses for care during their most vulnerable time – illness. The quality of care is based upon mutual trust – the establishment of a relationship built on many factors, one being trust. Your patients deserve the truth. You deserve the truth. Unfortunately, you are going to have to fight for it now because no one wants the truth to be known.

Written by Suzanne Hamner for Sons of Liberty ~ October 20, 2020

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  1. Dr Treacy Hagan

    When I taught nursing school in 2011-13 I was reprimanded for teaching the side effects of vaccines. A student had complained! They told me to stop. They claimed that just because I and my son were vaccine injured didn’t mean it was common and no Pediatrician sees injuries. I told my nursing director that the only reason it’s not seen is because the side effects were not taught and therein lies the problem! I also told them that by law we are required to know about side effects of any drug including the vaccines and I was not willing to be in violation of the law!

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