Pizzagate is Real – the Evidence is Undeniable

It isn’t some right wing conspiracy theory. It’s real.

It’s always been real. And you can’t convince me otherwise.

If you think the Wayfair stuff makes you sick, then wait. Because what you’re seeing is just a small piece to a HUGE puzzle.

This runs deep.

People laughed at Pizzagate…. They aren’t laughing anymore.

Human trafficking is real. It’s one of the classes you take when you’re fostering/adopting. It’s at least 4 hours.

Elite pedophilia is real. Organ harvesting is real. It’s not a new phenomenon. It’s not something that just started. It’s been going on for YEARS.

It’s not something that is just going on in the US. It’s happening all over the world. It involves Hollywood. It involves politicians. It involves the Rich. People you look up to are involved.

And I get it. It’s hard to wrap your head around what’s going on. It’s hard to imagine something so dark and disgusting going on right under your nose. It’s hard to imagine something so evil is happening to our children.

It’s easy to laugh it off as some conspiracy theory. Oh no, not my favorite actor, singer, or politician. Oh no, not Hillary. She can’t be involved. She was going to save us from Trump.

“The international Labor Organization estimates 40.3 MILLION human trafficking victims GLOBALLY.”

If you think this is still a hoax or don’t want to come to terms with the fact that an Elite Pedophilia ring exists, ask yourself this:

* Everyone knew about Epstein and his love for underage girls.

* People were calling Little Saint James Pedophile Island since Epstein purchased the island in 1998.

* With that knowledge, why did Bill Clinton and Obama visit Epstein’s Island? Multiple times?

* Why did the locals report seeing dozens of young kids being taken across there for years?

* Why was Bill Gates a regular visitor there?

* Prince Andrew…. Do I need to say more and why is The Queen going around threatening anyone to run the story if it’s not true?

* You mean to tell me that all these prominent men and women went to his island for one big party? Knowing what they knew about him? It wasn’t a secret.

* What was Epstein using the underground tunnels for?

* Who was Ghislaine Maxwell?

* Did you know she owned a submarine company?

* Did you know she has her sub pilot license?What could she possibly need a submarine pilot license for?

* Did you know the TerraMar project was founded by Clinton Foundation and was located in the Lynn De Rothschild property in Manhattan?

* Chelsea Clinton and Ghislaine are reported to be very close and actually vacationed together. You mean to tell me that Chelsea didn’t know about Ghislaine?

* Remember when Chelsea’s wedding was paid for with money that was supposed to feed starving Haitian children?

* Why did Hillary put Ghislain’s nephew in charge of key Middle East policy decisions when she ran the State Department? You know… the one overseeing US/Libya policy that got an ambassador killed.

* What about the Podesta Emails?

* What was up with John and Tony Podesta’s artwork?

* Would you own any of that creepy shit?

* Why would Obama buy $65,000 worth of tax payers money to have hot dogs fly in from Chicago for a private party?

* Who the hell is James Alefantis?

* A pizza restaurant owner in DC? Who happens to be named one of the most powerful people in DC? A pizza place? A man that owns a pizza place? A man that has close ties with the Clintons, Obama, Epstein and many more?

* Have you seen his Instagram? Oh you probably haven’t… you’re just now looking into everything.

* Have you looked up the art that is in his pizza place?

* You want your kids seeing that stuff?

* What about the dark web login to get into his site and order pizza that cost thousands of dollars? Oh wait… that was taken down.

* What is a pizza place owner doing communicating with the White House?

* What about the Hollywood actor that walked into comet pizza and shot at a locked closet door? The same closet that housed his PC? Odd.

* What about Anthony Weiner? All the emails found on his laptop?

* You mean to tell me that his wife, Huma Abedin, had no knowledge of what was going on?

* Huma and her friend Hillary had NO clue about this 15 year old girl?

* What about the folder titled “Life Insurance”?

* You know the one that housed Frazzledrip with Huma and Hillary.

Munch Buddies?

* The same Huma and Hillary who 9 NYPD have “committed” suicide after watching a horrific video of them doing unspeakable things to little girl? The same NYPD who threw up because what they saw was horrific?

* Speaking of suicide, why have 57 people who were former colleagues and associated ended up dead in the past 30 years? 15 have died of suicide. 8 died in a plane, car, or motorcycle accident and 14 have been found mysteriously murdered. All of these people had info that could have potentially hurt the Clintons career. I don’t even have 57 friends let alone know 57 people that I need to add to a hit list.

* Why is James Comey’s daughter is lead prosecutor on the Epstein sex trafficking case?

*Former CEO of Reddit, Ellen Pao admitted they Knew Ghislaine supplied underage girls for Epstein and his pedo buddies?

* The Norwegian Royal Family implicated in Epstein Scandal? Why? Not surprising considering Prince Andrew.

* What about Oprah’s mentor? John of God and Weinstein. You mean to tell me Oprah didn’t know? Come on now.

* Have you even heard of the NXIVM case? They were just running a sex cult where Smallville actress, Allison Mack were arrested and indicted on federal charges related to sex trafficking.

* What about Laura Silsby? The woman who was tried in Haiti for trying to sneak and KIDNAP 30 children to bring them to the US. Clinton’s used executive order to bring her back without being charged.

* The kicker – guess who changed their legal name and is in charge of amber alert? Holy fucking shit… Laura Silsby… but let’s not mention that…. People who dig down that hole end up dying….

* The McMartin Preschool. The Franklin Coverup. Seth Rich. Isaac Kappy. Boystown. The Finders.

* Denish Hastert…. Do you know him? You should. Good buddies with Podesta….

* Robert Menendez. Mike Folmer. Prominent democratic donor, Terry Bean. David Byrd. George Byrd. All known prominent pedophiles. This doesn’t even cover a quarter of what is going on. This is so much more than Epstein. It’s so much more than Ghislaine.

This runs deep and you’re going to be shocked at the ending.


Everything ties together!

Everything is connected. So while others are more concerned about COVID, I’m more concerned about saving our children!!!!

Written by Amanda Marie for her Facebook Page and published by Our Great Awakening

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28 thoughts on “Pizzagate is Real – the Evidence is Undeniable

  1. Joseph Cozzolino

    You should make your great articles available via email so people can forward them to people on their email list.

    I wanted to email this great article to my contacts but there was no way for me to do so.

  2. The Publisher Post author

    Hi Joseph – it’s been a while – or leaset since your last email. There was a time when we did have that ability – but don’t get me started with the issues I have had for the past 18 months. You can always copy and paste the title – and maybe a comment to your contacts from you – or from the text, then copy and paste the link. There is a reason for all of this. Frankly – I can ill afford to hire someone to clean-up and revamp all of the issues that I have on these 5 sites. They were all supposed to be cleared and cared for in January of 2019. Let’s just say that I was Cornholioed by my Provider.

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  4. Patty Reid

    I just said this to my husband
    I saw everything in the beginning
    First on reddit
    Then the purge to voat
    Everything that is pertinent now we learned in the beginning
    Thats why fake media debunked it
    Nail on head
    These are exact same questions i have

  5. Cindy

    Love this !!!! You are spot on. I’ve been researching for almost 3 years as well. Crazy stuff but I’m convinced one thousand per cent this is all real.

  6. Nanci Kacz

    Well maybe you should ask Kevin Shipp former CIA Agents. It’s a Global problem not just DC. People are sick it is true.

  7. The Publisher Post author

    Nancy, I noticed that you began to post comments at 3:58 this morning under 3 different names. No need to do that.

    You will note that I have merged all three of your comments – and they are ALL appropriate. As your comments were the first you had attempted to publish – we must approve before any of them publish. If you prefer a different name to be used – let us know. Send us an email.

  8. rocketmrv

    I just watched the International Tribunal for Natural Justice Chief Counsel, Robert David Steele, mention “pizzagate” in a way that it could only be true, not “conspiracy theory” as most of the results from the google search came back. Is Zuckerberg himself involved somehow, either good, bad, or neutral? If pizzagate is real, why is google misinforming people by the masses?
    Censorship is just plain wrong! To be misinforming people is even much more wrong!
    It is high time these misinformation channels were made to be accountable.
    The leftist media had their chance, yet chose to continue misinforming people by their outright lies during this whole debacle in America regarding the election coverage.
    To all, believers and non believers, may the Lord Jesus reward all according to your works.
    Sunday the 29th Day of November, 2020.

  9. Fckthecabal

    @joseph cozzolino what a great idea to send this stuff out via email. I remember it all being easily accessed on reddit-that’s where i first found out about pizzagate. I had a page on instagram devoted to it and it got nuked a few months ago. Probably moving to parlor. Cabal must’ve spent a lot of time making this stuff more difficult to access over the years.

    One lady i follow on youtube had great videos about rachael/rachel chandler and her parties. She had photos of so many famous celebrities with babies and little kids and body parts in the background of the photos. Someone threatened her so she took it all down. Steve Martin, harvey weinstein, halley berry, the Guinness family, taylor swift, justin timberlake lady gaga…so many people. I cant find the photos now.

  10. Hugh Janus

    Now that democrats stole the election and control all aspects of government, this is going to disappear faster than Epstein.
    Oh but wait…the media can solve all this! That’s their job! Too bad they’re knee deep in all this. Folks, we’re looking at some scary days ahead. Stay vigilante. Email all this info to people. Be that “crazy conspiracy guy/girl at the party. Get the word out!!!!
    Stay safe and brace yourself for a Biden presidency

  11. Siriusthecat

    I see a claim the pizza parlor has no basement. Let me clear that one up. Every old city on the east coast has a tunnel system under it. From NYC, to Boston, to Worcester, to Providence, to Baltimore, to DC, to Philadelphia. I’ve been down in them myself. It’s not a basement, it is a tunnel. Denying that is stupid. Surely city plans show them. They arent even abandoned, they are maintained and used for various things. In the 90s we used to sneak into concerts through the tunnels. I could leave the bar I worked at, through the tunnel and get into the concert arena across the street. I actually met Ozzy doing this. The tunnels are legit.

  12. sativa

    This article is titled with quoting the evidence is undeniable and yet this article contains zero documents or links of evidence or proof of any kind. Do you have evidence and proof to share or not?

  13. Michelle

    I believe every bit of this Open your eyes people the only thing you need to do is open your eyes do your own research!!

  14. Atheist Militants Rising

    Let’s see what your lie of Pizzagate has caused shall we?

    One of you psychos who believed this? Went to Comet Ping Pong pizza business, believing your bullshit lies. He held the owner, his workers and his family hostage, creating a police standoff. He got pissed off when he could not find that supposed basement where Hillary and the rest were supposedly holding those satanic child rituals you all claimed. Only thing is, YOU MENTAL MIDGET MORONS, AS THIS ASSHOLE TERRORIST FOUND? THERE NEVER WAS A BASEMENT TO COMET PING PONG.

    So you all had an innocent business owner and his workers terrorized by your lie, and almost killed, murdered by one of your fellow psychos. But that was not the end of the terror and evil you all brought to this innocent business owner, oh no.

    The day this scumbag who held them hostage and caused a police stand off, shooting off his gun when he could not find that basement got sentenced to prison? Another psycho scumbag domestic Trumpturd/QAnon terrorist went and tried to burn his business to the ground.

    And you scumbags also terrorized and gave death threats to all the other business owners, who through business ad sharing and had a placard in their windows advertising Comet Ping Pong with a pizza slice, well you lying punk terrorist scum said they too were also into this.

    Each and every one of you scum who promoted this? Should be held guilty for the crimes associated with it, including the attempted murder of an innocent business owner, terrorizing that business owner and his family with your damn lies.

    But you don’t care do you. YOU scum do not care that your pathological lies and your unmitigated hate for Hillary Clinton has caused innocent people harm and almost death.




  15. Buck Polanski

    No proof here. No actual evidence, just a conspiratorial echo chamber filled with MAGAts. Pathetic. Grow up. This isn’t research, it’s a blog written by dimwits.

    Learn to fill in an evidence spectrum, you dummies just fine what you want online, and never find anything to the contrary, but it exists, lots of it. But you non-degree-having twits believe what you’re doing is “research”. But there isn’t a shred of critical thinking going on here.

    High School is where you are told WHAT to think.
    College is where you learn HOW to think.

    How many of you on here have college degrees? 5%?

  16. Angela

    You know, Bruce Polanski, whoever you are, You are as crazy as you are claiming these people are. If you are so righteous, don’t you know Jesus’s commandments? Do unto others as you would have done to you. Two wrongs don’t make a right. You have just proven yourself to be as low (or lower) than these people on this blog you are accusing. Also, did we lose the right to free speech? Someone let me in on that. I thought I still had that right along with everyone including the NOT very intelligent or nice Mr. Polanski. Have a wonderful day, Sir.

  17. Angela

    Oh, btw, I do have a college degree & I am a 20 veteran of the U.S. Navy so I, at least, earned my right to freely speak paid for in my blood, sweat, & tears. Let me know if you have.

  18. me

    They talk about needing proof yet where is tje proof of their story of the man holding people hostage…there are no links on that story. It goes both ways

  19. Paul Gagnon

    The fool said College teachers you too think. No sir It brainwash as you Into 5 left radicals enable to think for yourself.You damn fool Get off your high horse.People like you that think you so educated But you don’t have a look at common sense

  20. Squishy Bee

    This is all true and then some. I WAS one of the victims of SRA and I witnessed adrenochrome harvesting being done when I was a very small child. My sister is still in hiding because of the things done to her and the things she witnessed. Those who deny this are likely in on it. So ignore them. They are everywhere. This thing is worldwide and, I’m sorry to say, they will not likely ever see justice in this life. But they will have an eternity to pay for their crimes one day.

  21. Jonathan Konner

    If you have evidence, present it to the courts. If this was such a slam dunk case, then why didn’t President Trump pursue it when he had a majority Congress and Supreme Court? You folks venerate the man as a soldier for your views, but it doesn’t appear that he (or any of the branches of government) take the assertions seriously. Either both parties are corrupt and steeped in a ravenous hunger for children, or, MAYBE, this is a conspiracy theory, with very little evidence to back it up.

  22. legal

    There is a pizza place in Philadelphia called Pizza Brain. Does it that pizza place have anything do do with this trafficking? There’s just something shady about that place & I can’t figure out what it is.

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