In the Absence of Law and Order: “Kill ‘Em All and Let God Sort ‘Em Out”

Trump can sign all the executive orders he wants – the States’ Governors too. That’s like pulling out a feather to fight a mountain lion, since federal laws already in place to protect statues and monuments from being attacked haven’t stopped the first one.

Until these bastards actually are forced to bear the consequence of their actions and are actually charged, prosecuted and imprisoned, this will continue. And, even then, given the nature of the actual fight that has nothing to do with the statues, no one should look for these hardcore radicals to cease and desist their lawless actions anytime soon, since this is the acceleration and escalation of a mounting war for ultimate control of all America, between anti-American Marxists/Maoists and American patriots.

The entire nation has watched over the past weeks in horrified disgust, as anti-American communist thugs deface, vandalize and topple our statues and monuments, with the latest case, in Baltimore, Maryland, being red paint thrown on the statue of George Washington. Previously, a statue of Washington was also toppled in Portland, Oregon. And now, we have just recently seen rioters in San Francisco even topple the statue of Union General Ulysses S. Grant and deface and attempt to tear down the statue of Andrew Jackson, in Lafayette Square near the White House – malicious acts that are too often accompanied by the burning of the American Flag..

This situation disgusts and angers me to the point that I have a massive resentment towards those cowards in our government, who have stood by idly, wringing their pale little collective hands, and chanting the mantra of the day, “Oh my, oh me … what should I do, what can I do?” as though they’ve never been capable of having a cogent thought or making a decision by themselves and on their own. We are dying from a lack of strong, independent, conservative-minded men and women if positions of government that matter most.

If radicals have the right to use force and violence to tear down these monuments and statues and circumvent due process and the rule of law, by that same token and example, so too do the patriots of America have the right to stand with arms in hand and prevent such from taking place.

In the absence of law and order and the sufficient authorities capable of enforcing the same, a void is created that demands to be filled. Either the thugs fill it with more chaos and mayhem or the Good Americans fill it and restore order. And, should these radicals persist in tearing down every last vestige of everything good, decent and true within our culture and our American heritage, all America may soon bear witness to the void being filled with the dead carcasses of the thugs and the Antifa and BLM communist radicals of this nation, who are doing all they can to destroy the republic and “fundamentally transform America” into an authoritarian, probably totalitarian, socialist regime, using any means necessary, including violence.

It’s time to end their Marxist pipe-dream right here and right now, and cut it all the way back to the roots of its leadership, however that is to be accomplished. These Amerikkans need to be charged with sedition, treason and domestic terrorism, prosecuted and jailed according to the depth of their complicity in the movement that has succeeded in destroying so much of America and damaging the credibility of the United States government and all states’ government on multiple levels.

Some deserve a few years behind bars. Some deserve life. Some deserve to be executed.

An alternative viable solution might be found in giving all who may eventually come under criminal investigation over roles in the riots the choice of spending the rest of their lives in exile or ten years to life in prison.

Unfortunately, America may find it necessary to resort to a hardcore military maxim, that has become more dear to me the more I see the communist anti-American tugs of Antifa and BLM advancing across America, laying waste to towns and cities at will. We had a saying in the Army in my time, that was simply “Kill ‘Em All and Let God Sort ‘Em Out”.

I believe America is headed into a civil war that will be more prolonged, intense, heated and bloody than the first one, due to the fact that it won’t be like the 1860s with two clear sides.

A close friend of mine, Christine Holm, a singer-songwriter from Illinois, a Christian and a pretty wise lady, recently wrote me, and here is part of that communication: “Many have already served and sacrificed for this country. None of us ever really want war or to have to fight or face the loss of life or to take those risks but we will do it because we base it upon the strongest motivation mankind can have….LOVE. ….. True patriots will always be willing to fight and die for goodness and for truth because that’s the RIGHT THING TO DO. Even if we were out numbered…(but we won’t be)….we would still consider it our duty and our privelage and honor to stand against evil.”

We will see the worst infighting in the inner-city areas where it will be near impossible to tell if a man of any particular color is a conservative or a Marxist / Maoist or simply trying not to take sides and let it all pass him by. But sides will eventually emerge through intelligence gathering that will pit localities and communities against each other, perhaps even states, and result in the splintering, the Balkanization, of our country, for quite some time into the future, until such time some unifying event comes forth to bring us all back under the same banner, hopefully the banner of America and the American Flag, or the banner of God.

And as I wrote those last words, an image of Joan D’Arc flashed across my mind, the slip of a girl who united all of France, if for but a brief moment in history.

America is crying out for such a figure now, but they thought they had that figure in President Trump.

And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. – Revelation, 20: 11-12

No one person will be the salvation of this nation. America’s salvation can only be achieved, when the nation on the whole returns to the fold of God and the principles He set forth, upon which this nation was founded. It will take all of America forming a common bond again under God to turn back the hand of time and deliver us to a new age for the future, whereby our freedom and liberty truly are preserved, protected and defended.

The length and duration of this mounting war is anybody’s guess, but I have surmised that we will see an exponential increase in civil strife and violence over the next 15 years, during which time, at any point, another civil war is highly likely to break out. We could even potentially see that point in the first year or two after the 2024 election (maybe even after November ???), but I do not see how America gets beyond 2035, with two such diametrically opposed ideologies so antithetical to one another and vying for power and control of our country — not too mention the fact that Islam sides with the Democratic Party communists, America’s Enemies from Within — without another civil war arising.

Such an endeavor is a mighty task – but not an impossible task. Through God all things are possible.

Only time can tell how this really ends. I’ll just keep praying and hoping and working towards the best of outcomes.

June 27, 2020

~ The Author ~
Justin O. Smith has lived in Tennessee off and on most of his adult life, and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1980, with a B.S. and a double major in International Relations and Cultural Geography – minors in Military Science and English, for what its worth. His real education started from that point on. Smith is a frequent contributor to the family of Kettle Moraine Publications.

2 thoughts on “In the Absence of Law and Order: “Kill ‘Em All and Let God Sort ‘Em Out”

  1. Doug Anderson

    Justin…I watch and read most of what you offer on the communist run FB…
    As a past reader of F.O, who somehow forgot about it for some years,…
    ( hey,.. -I can’t help it; I’m getting older than dirt now…)

    I couldn’t agree more with every single word you’ve written here.
    Which are my thoughts, EXACTLY

  2. Joe

    Too much to say and yoo many words to say it.
    We know and see what is and has been going on and most of us want the President to be re-elected so that we can buy some time to deal with it.
    There is no other real choice for President.
    See you soon.

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