It’s time to get back to Livin’

How long will we comply? How long will we allow our families, businesses, economy, well-being SUFFER? We need to get back to our way of living, and we need to do so FAST.


TEXT of Video From Krystal Tini, Actress

“More watching the news, more listening to the news, more bullshit … Uhmmm … I driving in my car and listening to Fox News and one reporter came on saying, “If we have to push the shutdown to the end of the summer”, so one must wonder, are all of us around the world and in America just supposed to lay down and die, at the expense of a fuckin’ virus that is not a pandemic by any means?

If You don’t realize yet that You are being lied to about the numbers, about how you are catching it, about all of this, you need to seriously research, and research now. because the complicity that is going on is really scary. So basically what whomever is in charge here ….. all they have to say is you must stay in your house, you can’t do this, you can’t do that and all of your rights are taken away from you.

And everybody is complicit and saying, “O.K., what should we do next? Should we open our windows and jump out, so we don’t catch the virus? ‘Cause we’ll do that.

So at what point do we say “We need to fuckin’ stand up together and take charge of this whole thing? Our lives are being ruined right before us, and we’re all just complicit and in agreement to it.

I don’t think I’ll ever see another event like this in my life. I can only hope that I don’t. But the fact that we are all so complicit is very scary. The fact that people are afraid to be near other human beings is … is … I don’t actually have a word to describe that. You go into the food store and everyone is looking around at each other and moving away from each other.

So, because our government tells us this Boogey-man out there is going to get you if you get close to another human being, we go along with it. So then when our govt also tells us this Boogey-man is gone, then we can go back to our normal lives; we can sit next to people; we can shake hands; and we can hug.

What kind of Sheep-Shit is this?!!??? ….. that we are all allowing to happen. I’m not saying that people don’t get sick from this or aren’t getting sick from this. That’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is “Where the Fuck were all of you when people by the hundreds of thousands are dying per flu season?

Do you walk out of your house with a mask wrapped around your face? Do you walk around your house, out of your house fearing for your life? Does the govt care about you then when you get a flu that comes around every single year? Do they care? NO.

Do they care when millions of people die annually from cancer, heart disease, obesity? If they gave a shit, half of those things that are in our food that’s making most of us sick wouldn’t be allowed. They would be banned like in other countries. Half the ingredients that are in our food, that are in our food supply, are banned in other countries. So, if our govt actually gave a shit to save lives, it would start with the food we eat every single day. Tell me that I’m wrong, because I’m NOT.

If they gave a shit would you have all these crazy chemicals in Round-Up. How many people got cancer because of Round-Up, where they’re being sued for millions? How many people have got sick from powder, baby powder, Johnson & Johnson, they’ve been sued I don’t know how many times. All these things that are around us everyday, our soaps, our lotions, our skin-care products, the clothing that we wear, everything that is surrounding us is making us sick and slowly poisoning us to death.

So now, what makes you think that they suddenly care about a virus that kills one in one thousand people? What makes you think that all of a sudden they care? That this isn’t about something way bigger than a virus?

Our whole economy is shot to shit right now. People are losing their businesses that they worked their entire lives for and they’ll never recover from it. What is the solution to that? So you’re gonna tell me that because we can’t even believe what the death number is, we don’t even know, because they’re lying to us and they’re falsifying death records. So we don’t even know how many people are really dying from this, but it does not warrant shutting down the entire world.

So, at what point do we say, “We’re not doing this anymore?” At what point? When you watch your mother, your father, your sister, your cousin kill themselves because they can’t make ends meet anymore?

At what point do we stand up and say, “This is fuckin’ crazy. These numbers are not adding up for all this to happen”???!!!? At what point does that happen?!? Because this is beyond anything we will ever see in our lifetime again.

And the fact that it was so easy for government to say “we’re going to get everyone to stay inside and see what happens. Let’s tell them about this Boogey-man and see what happens.” And surely enough, roads are empty, surely enough people are not leaving their house, surely enough people are scared to death to visit their own family members. My own family members won’t go see other family members because of this.

The amount of depression, the amount of suicide … the suicide rate is going to go up …

What’s going to happen when there’s civil unrest when people say “we’re not doing this shit no more? We are going back to our lives. “

We are not free right now in a country that is founded on our freedoms. And, the fact that we’re all just complying with everything that’s going on just goes to show the government that they can do whatever the fuck they want and they’re not even going to rebel.

So, they want to extend this, first just to the end of April. Then it’s going to be middle May. then it’s going to be “Oh let’s go to mid-June”. Then it’s going to be the whole summer. And then what? We just sit in here and rot away. Is that what we do? Is that who we are? People who don’t fight back?

Where are all of the Patriots that are in Q Movement and are fighting all the time for this? I hope that ther is a time very soon when people say”we are not doing this shit anymore.”

We now have lost our freedom ~ Krystal Tini

And we also know that a big chunk of this is to take Trump down, because nothing else worked, and now this is at our own expense, to ruin the economy for some fuckin’ election. This will probably be the worse thing that we ever see to our country as a whole, not as individuals but as a whole, because they’re rollin’ out tanks in some of these major cities. What then? You’re tellin’ me they’re rollin out tanks so they can give us food?

Like, we’re basically receiving welfare checks from the govt and they’re telling us how we can live. You can have this amount of money so that you can ….. you’re not going to be able to pay your bills … But so maybe you can survive at that …You have to wait in line outside of a fuckin’ food store so you can go in, because of this Boogey-man virus that’s going to get everybody.

We need to wake up and we need to wake up now.

We can’t wait another three weeks, we can’t wait another two months, because people don’t have that kind of time. People mentally don’t have that kind of time.

So, if this word needs to get shared, share it. Share it, because other people need to hear it, because we’re too complicit and we follow whatever the mainstream media tells us, and they are the enemy of the people. And that is the end of the story. They are not on your side, they do not care about you, they never did.

They never did. If they did, this world would be a much different place. There’s a cure for every disease known to mankind; there’s a cure out there. Do you have it? No, but you’re watching your family suffer and die from a disease that a cure already exists.

Wake Up! We Need to Wake Up!

[My fellow patriots] … We’re all thinking the same thing. They don’t want us in large groups, because we can’t congregate and talk about this shit. But guess what? We have a social media platform that will reach out to far more people than the little group of ten people that I might have this conversation with.

So there needs to be more people that need to be speaking out about this shit ’cause it needs to end.

There’s way more of us than there is of them. How much longer are we going to allow this to happen?

All they talk about is “the vaccine, the vaccine … the vaccine is going to help so many people” … What??? Are you kidding me? A vaccine? My immune system will fight it off just fine, Thank You!

How many billions of dollars are being sought from the pharmacies by people who have either died from vaccines or developed some sort of crazy immune disorder, or whatever, and a million other things?

So you can keep trusting the people that are killing us day by day. You keep trustin’ the people that are allowing ChemTrails to fly in the air and allowing us to breathe in toxic heavy metals among other things that are cancer causing. You keep believin’ them. See where it gets you; it’s not gettin’ you anywhere.

Clearly, we’re all stuck in our houses. This shit has gotta stop. It can all start with the power of just one person and it can multiply, hopefully to millions.”