Dwyer: Late Xenophobia

Orders of “social distancing” and “staying in shelter” are expressions of late xenophobia. They often come from liberal officials (Gov. Gavin Newsom of California is an example of) who used to dismiss calls for strict border and immigration enforcement as irrational and driven by fear of strangers. Now, these champions of tolerance and inclusiveness, once staunchly opposed to common-sense restrictions on admission of aliens who posed political or economic risk, health hazard, or a security threat to the US, are discovering the benefits of keeping strangers away (or staying away from the strangers).

All of the sudden, xenophobia is good, but only so far as it is directed indiscriminately against every stranger, as opposed to “bad” xenophobia that is directed only towards elevated risk groups. For instance, it is right or even mandatory to practice an extreme novel-coronavirus-phobia against all, but at the same time it is wrong to be apprehensive about opening ourselves to mainland China where the zoonotic (capable of infecting humans) novel coronavirus was incubated and then spread over much of the rest of the world.

Interestingly, the so-called xenophobia (the desire to keep risky aliens away from America) is not a phobia at all, as the current pandemic of novel coronavirus demonstrates. “Xenophobia”, as it is commonly used these days, is but a fighting word from the weaponized liberal vocabulary with which to attack all those who would like to preserve the American Republic for themselves and their posterity as the preamble to the U.S. Constitution encourages them to. Phobia – in the proper meaning of this noun – involves irrational, inexplicable, or otherwise illogical fear of its target (a stranger in the case of xenophobia), none of which generally applies to the so-called xenophobia, a misnomer used by by liberal sophists and ideologues in order to confuse and weaken our defenses.

For what would be so irrational about fearing strangers a majority of whom exhibit an elevated risk of bringing with them to America desirable or even pathological elements and behavior (disease, as well as contempt of the Western culture, social and political norms, and laws) that are plaguing their native countries? Why trying to separate ourselves from societies that are notorious for violence, crime, corruption, economic insolvency, or unhealthy or otherwise detrimental to social coherence lifestyles and traits should be considered inexplicable? Or what is so illogical about rejecting the unproven liberal nonsense that virtually every alien who crosses the American border automatically becomes as good American as those actual Americans who, for many generations now, have secured the blessings of liberty and common well-being that are among the defining properties of America?

We have to come to terms with the fact that what the liberal propaganda improperly refers to as xenophobia is one of the natural defenses of our nation that are needed for our collective and often individual survival. Just like the adaptive part of human body’s immune system that recognizes novel coronavirus as a stranger (a pathogen) and attempts to neutralize or eliminate it in order to stop the threat that the pathogen poses to the said body, xenophobia – when used wisely – is capable of achieving a similar effect and – therefore – is one of those traits that can make a difference between life and death for many of us, as well as for our Republic.

Unfortunately, the late xenophobia that many liberal officials (Gov. Gavin Newsom of California is an example of) exhibit these days may be ineffective, just like late activation of adaptive immune response against and infection of the novel corona virus may not stop that dangerous parasite from killing the host. But then, again, we should have known the risks of electing a liberal to a position of power when we were casting our votes. The wisdom that we might have acquired now may come too late to spare us from the deadly results of their incompetence, naivety, and upside-down priorities.

March 22, 2020

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