Time to Tighten Up


I was in ‘Nam in ’68 … one night we were dancing to Tighten Up.. Some of the guys.. next day we lost 4 of my squad.. ambush.. we fought all day and night.. but I always remember that night and day. One minute we were back in the world… hours later some of us had left it behind and died at 20. I didn’t know I had PTSD ’til maybe 15 years later.. I was driving with my wife and Tighten Up came on the radio… all of a sudden I thought of that night… the guys dancing – then losing them the next day and my eyes swelled up with tears because the memory of them was so strong.

We were with Charlie Co. 2/506th 101st Airborne Div. We were the 1st Platoon. This song carries a lot of weight with me Brother.. … you got hit too. Yeah man me too. ~ Pop Dada