The Edge of Darkness

I got in the battle against tyranny in 1987. I have used every argument you can think of against the crafty bastards who have destroyed my country. Won many cases and lost just as many.

At that time there were a handful of us who were doing anything to turn things around. Many of us were murdered, many were imprisoned, many innocent people had their children taken, and many were ruined financially; all so the deep state could continue its reign of terror unabated to bring about the New World Order.

Nothing has changed, except that things have gotten worse and will continue to. They continue to take children from their homes and traffic them to pedophiles, they continue to shut our public land down, they continue to pollute our waterways, they continue to take your income, they continue to take your homes, they will take your guns, they will deny you your right to be secure in your homes, they will force vaccines on every person young and old.

My children lost years with me because I was saving other people’s children from the hands of the vile system.

We are being validated and vindicated today. Because everything we said would happen…has.

For those who don’t believe they have to do anything because they are going to be raptured….What do you need saved from? You don’t even have a grasp on the situation and have never done anything to stop or even expose the evil that is going on all around you.

Truth is an uncomfortable thing, especially when it confronts your indoctrination. So if me being real doesn’t give you the warmies… get off my page. Go play patty cake with someone who likes silly kid games.

If you have never done anything of significance go back to the bleachers. You are of little use to me or anyone else.

Linda Bestland
February 5, 2020