Dwyer: Removing Bulkheads to Sink the Ship

Disposing of the Electoral College

Several “blue” states are conspiring to circumvent the Electoral College by means of the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact” initiative. These states will award all their Electoral votes to the candidate who wins the majority of the so-called “popular vote”.

The “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact” initiative is a very dangerous project. It attempts to bypass Constitutional protections against some forms of election fraud. In particular, it facilitates propagation of the ill effects of the election fraud in one or more states into other, fraud-free, states. If implemented, it can sink the ship America (figuratively speaking), as the example below explains.

A typical ship has bulkheads that subdivide its hull into several water-tight compartments. Such construction is supposed to prevent the sinking of the ship should the hull get locally damaged, as the bulkheads stop ocean water from seeping from the damaged compartment into undamaged compartments. As a result, the ship stays buoyant despite having a hole in its hull.

Removing the bulkheads creates a risk that a single hole in the ship’s hull may lead to sinking of the entire ship.

And that is, figuratively speaking, the main objective of the Left’s movement that attempts to dispose of the Electoral College in Presidential elections and replace it with the so-called “popular vote”.

Without the Electoral College, massive election fraud (e.g., ballot box stuffing, votes harvesting, non-citizen voting, re-counting until the desired outcome is met, etc.) in two most populous states (say, California and New York) may easily, if facilitated aggressively by these states, decide the outcomes of any Presidential elections.

For one, it is much easier to execute a decisive election fraud in the “popular vote” system then it is with the Electoral College in place. Just imagine, California delivering 40 million votes (one vote for one California resident) and New York 20 million votes (one vote for one New York resident), for a total of 60 millions votes, in favor of the Left’s desired candidate. If that happens, in the absence of the Electoral College, voters in other states don’t need to vote, as it is extremely unlikely that they can summon more than 60 million votes for somebody else. (With the Electoral College, California and New York would produce just 84 electoral votes out of the total of 538 electoral votes, far less than needed to control the outcome of the election.)

Even if after such an election the Supreme Court objected to the idea that a state could deliver the number of votes that is about equal to the number of its residents (mind you that in the past Presidential election, several counties in California delivered more votes than they had adult residents), the “fix” for such a “detail” would be easy. Both California and New York, via “sanctuary” state laws and policies and such, would open themselves to mass illegal migration that would swell their populations to the point where a legal objection to their 60 million votes in favor of the same candidate was no longer defensible.

Of course, this kind of “popular election” process would sink the ship America, and likely turn our great Republic onto something that resembled more the People’s Republic of China, Syria, Venezuela, or any other country that was a major feeder of current mass “migration” (legal and otherwise), with equally massive redistribution of incomes and property to follow.

This is why the Left and their pet minorities are vigorously pushing for disposing or bypassing of the Electoral College. They see the College as a serious obstacle in their well-concerted efforts of hostile takeover of the U.S. and the 20 trillion+ economy that comes with it.

It is good to remember that what the properly functioning Electoral College does, is – among other things – to stop propagation of election fraud, very much the same way like the bulkheads in a ship are to stop propagation of seeping ocean water within the damaged ship’s hull. The sad story of sinking of the RMS Titanic teaches us what is likely to happen to our country once these means of protection are rendered dysfunctional.

August 19, 2019

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