Spivey ~ Nero is Rosining His Bow

Here I sit again, ready to write about what has happened in the last three weeks, but not knowin’ how to approach the subject. There’s a lot I could talk about, and for that very reason, I suppose, the words just ain’t comin’ to me.

‘Heirs of the Confederacy’ rallying on the campus of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC,

It took me a while to decompress from the events that took place on Saturday, 23 February 2019, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and then some of us went to Raleigh for the Confederate heritage ceremony on Saturday, 2 March. A body could talk for hours just recountin’ the things that happened at those two events, let alone discussin’ them, so I’m also tryin’ to figure out how to say what I gotta say and keep it as short as possible; those of you that are among my faithful readers know that I can be a bit “long-winded” when I write.

There were about fifteen of us (and about seventy of “them”) at Chapel Hill that Saturday, many of us out for the first time, and the hate, attempted intimidation, and assault that we experienced was more intense than in any of my previous experiences. I learned three things that day:

1) ANTIFA has no respect for anyone or anything, themselves included,

2) they won’t act until they have you outnumbered by at least three to one, and

3) we were sorely unprepared for their tactics.

I won’t lie, I still get a bit pissed-off when I think about some of the things that happened that day. We were pushed and shoved, hit, tripped, and screamed at, sometimes through a megaphone literally three inches from our ears. We were crowded in upon, pressed apart from each other and then assaulted. We had personal property destroyed. And through it all, officers of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Campus Police and the Chapel Hill Police Department watched and did nothing; not until we pushed back, and then they were quick to intervene. The assaults took place both on the campus and on the public sidewalks, and neither police force did anything until we defended ourselves, even when asked to. That fact lead to the decision to better organize ourselves; to do what we need to do to effectively defend ourselves from now on. Now, CHPD has asked us to postpone the event we have coming up on Saturday, 16 March, because other events happening in the city that weekend (basketball games and such) will have them spread too thin. Many of our people are saying, “Spread too thin for what; to protect us? They apparently aren’t going to do that anyway, so what’s the difference?” I have no answer for that argument. We have decided to as CHPD asks and postpone the event, but there are people already committed to going, and are still so, if not more so, because they are upset about CHPD’s lack of action on 23 February, and I can’t stop them should they go; I so hope the irony in that isn’t lost on me. One last note on Chapel Hill: To the young lad… Sorry, she was no lady… To the young Yankee female and her comrades who told us to “get off [their] campus,” why don’t you get off our campus? To the best of my knowledge, the campus of a State-funded college is public property, hence it is our campus, not yours. Also, as many of our families have been in this State since before this nation was born, we have an even stronger claim on it as “our campus.”

Two weeks later we attended the Confederate heritage ceremony in Raleigh, hosted by, I believe, the North Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans. There was a huge turnout, especially of card-carrying Sons. The one bunch that stood out were the riders of the 2nd Battalion, Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry, who provided security for the parked vehicles of those in attendance, among other things; my thanks go out to you, gentlemen. There was a large crowd of ANTIFA there, also, but their numbers weren’t anywhere near to proportionate to those in Chapel Hill, although some of the same ones were there. After the ceremony, they blocked the path back to the parking lot, screaming obscenities at women, children, and elderly folks. The police forced an opening in the crowd with horses, knocking down at least one ANTIFA member who apparently thought that she could successfully chest-bump a horse; and she did it twice. I think the ratio of us-to-them might have made them a little less physically aggressive, but the Raleigh Police Department, the State Capital Police, and the North Carolina State Highway Patrol did a magnificent job with security and crowd control, so we didn’t have to find out. My hat is off to the ladies and gentlemen of all three agencies; thanks for doing your jobs.

The point of all this is that the behavior of these people who call themselves ANTIFA (anti-Fascist) is not that of civilized human beings. Their ideals are anything but anti-Fascist; they are the very definition of Fascism. As I watched and listened to them on these last two occasions, I came to realize that they are no different than the mob of ancient Rome; blood-thirsty (or so they think themselves; they don’t realize that most of the blood that will be spilt should they succeed will be theirs), unruly, disrespectful, and vulgar. I also realized that the fault lies with us, their elders. We, as a nation and generally speaking, have raised a generation of children, again generally speaking, of which some are simply ignorant, others are just plain stupid, and far too many of them do not understand the concept of Honor. They are fanatically anti-American because we have allowed them to be taught lies propagated by Socialist and Communist teachers and professors; persons that should be, in my humble opinion, led straight to the gallows for High Treason. We have allowed these same teachers and professors to completely eliminate the ability of our children to think freely for themselves. We have allowed the media to aid in this unholy endeavor. We have been lazy; we dropped the ball. Yes, the beginnings of the problems we are experiencing now can be traced back fifty years, give-or-take a few, to the activists of the late sixties and early seventies, but that is not a valid reason for our laxness; it is an excuse, nothing more. We, and we alone, are at fault for letting this happen, and we are responsible for cleaning up the mess we have allowed such people to make of our country. Nero is rosining his bow, and very soon, he shall begin to play. Will we let Rome burn, or will we extinguish the blasphemous flame of Marxism that resides within the vulgar mob? Will we fight for the righteous ideals that America was founded upon, or will we just sit back and let evil prevail once again?

As for myself, the path is clear. My mother asked me recently, after learning of what happened at Chapel Hill on 23 February, “Lance, are you willing to die for these things that you believe in?” My answer was unhesitatingly stated, “Yes, mama, I am.” And I am willing to die for what I believe; I am more so ready to kill for it. Mr. Jefferson himself said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Let me make it perfectly clear that I am not condoning violence, except in self-defense, nor am I making any suggestion of sedition, I am merely stating fact. I am, like so many others, an American patriot in the truest sense of the word. My ancestors, like many of yours, fighting under a flag bearing thirteen stars upon a field of blue and thirteen stripes of red and white, shed blood to create this nation and for the right to live as free men, and almost one-hundred years later, their grand-sons, fighting under another flag, one bearing thirteen stars laid upon the blue Cross of Saint Andrew resting on a field of red, shed blood in an attempt to preserve the ideals upon which that same nation was founded. My family has served this nation and its founding ideals since its inception. I shall never do or say anything to slight their memory or that of those things for which they so gallantly fought, nor shall I ever cease to believe in those things with all my heart and soul. Honor… That is what we, as a nation, have lost, and it is that which we must regain if we are to stay free; and make no mistake, what is left of our freedom is exactly what is being threatened by ANTIFA and those like them; not just Confederate monuments, and not just the truths of American history, but what freedoms we still retain. It is time to return this nation to its Founding Ideals; freedom for all and States’ sovereignty with minimal interference by the Federal government, and it is time to stand up and protect our national history and our monuments and memorials to fallen Americans from every era of American history. The question is, “How?” The answer to that question may be for those more wise than myself to decide, but I can tell you how I would answer it…

In order to answer the question at hand, one thing that we have to understand is that ANTIFA and other hate groups like them are not our largest problem; that distinction falls upon the shoulders of those Americans who are apathetic to these things going on around them, and those that are afraid to take a stand. At least the hate groups out there believe in something, no matter how misguided they may be, and are willing to stand up and make themselves heard; there’s nothing un- or anti-American about that; as a matter of fact, it’s about as American as a person can be. Those who are apathetic or afraid, however, well, theirs is a different story altogether. People who are apathetic are so consumed with “me” that all else escapes their attention; they are fools who think that the problem will just go away and have no effect upon their lives; they don’t care which way it goes, they just want it gone. Those who won’t take a stand because they are afraid that they might get hurt should be ashamed of themselves; their cowardice is sickening. These people, the apathetic and the afraid, are as un-American as can be; real Americans stand up for what is right and just, no matter what the price, and we don’t back down.

Another thing we have to understand is the attitude of ANTIFA, and the type of tactics that they employ. They claim to be anti-Fascists, but they apparently do not understand the meaning of the word; in fact, they seem to have it backwards. “Fascism” is defined as “a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.” Nothing could be further from the truth when speaking about most of those involved in pro-Confederate/Revolutionary activism, or even those that prescribe to the same beliefs that most of us do. However, it describes ANTIFA and other hate groups to a tee. Another word that accurately describes them is “bigot,” defined as “a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.” Once again, this is a word that they use inaccurately to describe us. We are perfectly willing to accept that others have opinions, and to have a civil discussion on whatever subject we may disagree on. ANTIFA members simply are not capable of conducting such a conversation; when you speak, they begin to chant, often through megaphones that they don’t mind putting right in your ear, which brings us to their tactics. As I’ve said, they won’t act unless they have their quarry outnumbered at least three to one, although they really prefer a larger ratio. They push and shove, hitting people from behind, even the elderly. They scream in your face (megaphones again) but if you go at them, they disappear into their crowd. They are cowards, afraid to face even this broken-down old man one-on-one. They favor things like pepper-spray, not as defensive weapons, but as offensive weapons. They like to use smoke-bombs to mask their actions. They are aggressive and violent in order to, I suppose, intimidate those who have the cojones to stand up to them. What they don’t understand is that we are not that easily intimidated. Pissed off? Yes. Mad as hell, even, but intimidated? Not so much.

The next thing we need to understand is that we are under assault from foreign invaders, also. Not just illegal migrant workers and such who tax our public assistance programs far too heavily, but by radical followers of a religion that is nothing less than a “theocracy,” defined as “a system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god.” Yes, I am speaking of Islam, which, unless practiced strictly as a religion and left out of government, is in and of itself an unconstitutional institution. Sharia has no place here; it was for this very reason that the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America forbids legislature by religion. It is my opinion that all attempts towards the instituting of Sharia Law in the United States should be treated as Treason. The influx of radical Muslims must be stemmed, and those already here must be ferreted out and deported or tried as enemies of the United States. Those Muslims here who are not radicals should be let be. And do not misunderstand; radical Christians can be just as dangerous as radical Muslims. Radical anything is dangerous; period. As for illegal immigrants who harbor no ill-feelings towards America; they must also be stopped at all costs; if the negative impact of these people on our economy isn’t enough to convince you, take a look at the number of heinous crimes many of them commit each year, and the way in which those statistics rise year after year. If that isn’t enough, give some thought to the diseases many carry, such as tuberculosis, measles, and God only knows what else. These people are being welcomed into our country by people who would see the Constitution destroyed and our system of government replaced by Socialism, Communism, and/or Islam; yet more cases of High Treason that should be met as all such; with a short rope and tall tree.

The final thing we must understand is that our governmental officials are not all there to help us or our nation; most of them, Democrat and Republican alike, are there to help only themselves. The majority of them are self-serving, greed-filled elitists, many of them dumber than a bag of burnt hair, who deserve to be tarred and feathered and run out of Washington, D.C. Corruption runs rampant, and Lincoln’s legacy of imperialism is, one-hundred and sixty years later, still killing our children in wars which are being waged for nothing other than economic gain. It is time to make politics unprofitable again; that is the only way to get good, honest, sincere men and women who truly want to help their country and their countrymen in public offices. It is time for us to return the power of governing to the governed.

So, how do we return this nation to its Founding Ideals; freedom for all and States’ sovereignty with minimal interference by the Federal government? We do it by biting the bullet and pouring a great, big bottle of figurative bleach into the cesspool that we call our nation’s Capital. We use the ballot box, and we take whatever measures are necessary to keep those who have no right to vote in this nation out of the polls. We do it by deporting any Muslims that are pushing for Sharia Law in this nation. We make it clear through whatever means are necessary that America will never be an Islamic State. We take whatever measures we must to insure the security of our culture and our country, not to mention our lives. We do it by sealing our borders against illegal immigration, with lethal force if necessary. We arrest anyone who is in our country illegally and put anyone convicted of illegally entering our nation in prison for no less than twenty-five years, and we bring back hard-labor and chain-gangs. We give those with “Anchor Babies” a choice; take your “anchor(s)” and go back where you came from or go to prison and relinquish all rights to your children for life. If we do that, I swear to you, we’ll find out how many of them are really serious about giving their children “better lives” and how many are full of bovine excrement.

How do we protect our national history and our monuments and memorials? We do it by demanding, in States that have monument protection laws, that the State governments enforce those laws, and we insist that they prosecute all who break said laws to the full extent of what the law will allow. In States that have no laws that protect monuments, we push for legislation that will do so. We do it by educating our children ourselves, so that they have all the information they need to make informed decisions on their own. We teach them how to think for themselves, openly and freely. We do it by finding something, anything, which will encourage the apathetic to care. We find a way to help those who are fearful to conquer that fear and take a stand with us. We do it by fighting back when attacked, especially if the police do not do their jobs, and we respond not with equal violence, but with excessive violence; we hurt them worse than they hurt us. We define the words that ANTIFA uses to describe us for them; we use megaphones to broadcast the definitions of words like “fascist” and “bigot.” We find ways to turn ANTIFA’s tactics against them, and we use defensive weapons of our own. We SHOW UP for events in larger numbers and we make ourselves heard.

Now, that last one is a touchy subject, one that I have visited on more than one occasion; showing up and participating. There are those with valid reasons for not participating in events. I speak of those who have families to support and/or simply cannot afford to miss work. I speak of those who want to come, but either live too far away or don’t have reliable transportation, and can’t get a ride; to those of you that fall into this category, let us at Heirs to the Confederacy know, and we will do our best to find a way to help get you to the events and back home again. I will say that at least once, we have had folks from as far away as Florida to come to North Carolina to attend an event, and there are those of us that attend out-of-State events all the time. I speak of those who have health issues that prevent them from attending, although I have to say that many of us have similar issues, and show up anyway. I myself, among other things, have survived a massive stroke, broken my back, my entire body is riddled with both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, and I have severe anxiety issues that are caused by brain damage sustained when I had the aforementioned stroke. One of our members, a man I am most proud to call my friend, is in his late-seventies and has heart problems, but he shows up unless I tell him to follow his doctor’s orders and stay at home. Even then, he helps in other ways. He designs and builds portable flagpoles, he provides us with defensive weapons, he advises us on tactics, and he researches ANTIFA members; all on his own dime. I guess what I’m trying to say is, if it is at all possible for you to attend any given event, there is no excuse not to. If you can’t possibly make it to events, there are other ways to help; recruiting, researching, sharing information, fund-raising, educating people, etcetera. There are many ways to help, but remember this; there is a very deep chasm between a valid reason and an excuse… Boots on the ground are what is needed most; those with courage enough to make a stand for what they believe.

In closing, let me say this: I have grown extremely tired of those of you who are what we call “Keyboard Commandos,” folks who talk the talk, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, are afraid to walk the walk. I have no more use for a coward than I do any member of ANTIFA or any other group that preaches hate, and I definitely do not ever again want to hear the words “If I was there” from anybody that doesn’t have the guts to actually show up. And make no mistake, we are discovering who is who when it comes to such things. To those who have valid reasons for not physically participating in events: I would ask that you find another way to help; to those in this category who already have found a way to help I would like to say thank you. To those who have actually been in thick of the fight: Thank you for taking that stand; you have my undying gratitude and I will proudly stand beside you anytime, anywhere. To those who have been by my side in the thick of it: Thank you, also, for taking that stand; we may not share bloodlines, but we are family, and I love you all. To those who stand down because of fear: Grow some balls; you’re Americans, damn you; ACT LIKE IT! To those who gaze upon this war of ours with apathy, I would say only this: You had better decide which side of the fence you’re going to stand on, because sooner or later you’re going to be forced to make that decision, and riding that fence will give you nothing but a sore crotch. To ANTIFA and those like them, I say this: We will not surrender, we will not quit; not ever. We do not fear you; you will have to kill us to stop us, and we will not go alone.

K. Lance Spivey
12 March 2019
Chairman, Board of Directors
Heirs to the Confederacy
Natura Sanguinis Gloriosum… [x]

~ The Author ~
Lance Spivey is the son of a Quaker preacher (also a United States Navy veteran). Born at the height of the Vietnam War, he is a twelfth generation North Carolinian and a descendant of Revolutionary and Confederate soldiers. Spivey grew up in a little community named Belvidere in Perquimans County, who has been remarried and re-divorced, and is now married to the woman God made just for him. He has kids and grand-kids, and now lives in Randolph County, where his family settled so long ago. Being a preacher’s kid, Lance have engaged in much more than his share of stupidity in his life, and, by way of the results of said engagements, has developed a very strong distaste for stupidity.

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