What the Hell Happened to America?

It is the study of history that teaches us to hope.” ~ Robert Edward Lee

This equestrian statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee was removed from downtown Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017.

It is Monday night (Labor Day 2018) and the first time I have been away from the home/office since Friday night. Much has been accomplished relating to website updates and the continued merging of several aspects of the ultimate goal, but some things have happened that I have become aware of – other events which I have been following.

Let me provide you with some background for the purpose of this post…

This first part of our story began on July 11th of this year when I had finally reached the end of my rope with all of the hatred and anger in this nation, so much of which has been stirred up by the so-called ‘media.’ I had made a decision to begin shutting down many of my efforts – efforts which I had launched seven weeks before 9/11.

If you have not read my commentary, please do so, as I believe that you will have a better understanding of the direction of this lengthy commentary. (Seventeen Years and No More Counting) Other projects had launched in June of 1995, but the questions remain – “what the hell good has any of this done?” “What difference have we made in the lives of our readers and listeners?” I had made decision that the end was here and I was finished, and then…

Saturday night, September 2, 2018: As I was reviewing and reading comments left on several of our sites, I decided to click on a link which one of our readers had left. Given the War ON the South that we are witnessing today, the title alone was of interest, Who’s the Racist? – and it hits a home run – but then Charlie always hits a home run in his writings. After all – it IS in his blood.

I had not been to Charlie’s blog in a while, so I took a few minutes to catch up with his postings and got my first shock of the evening. Published three days after my “Seventeen Years…” column, the following was published: Fini!. Charlie instinctively knew what was going through my head and my heart. This is the first opportunity I have had to say, Thank you old friend! Let’s just say that it took “the Blues” out of me for the night (private joke).

The evening wore on and I had a smile on my face for the first time in a long time, but then of course I had a lot of notifications from the Zuck A. Booger Foundation (Facebook), so I decided that it was time to see what was going on. It was much of the usual, new images and posts from Louis, notifications from family, musician friends, some invitations to become “friends’ from those who I refer to as “the Facebook Sluts”. Funny isn’t it – they are all hot babes, but their only friends are guys. Well they say, sex sells.

Due to issues and ‘organizations’ that we have witnessed come on the scene over the past few years, beginning with the “Occupy” movement, the “whiner and snowflake” crowds which are still crying and throwing tantrums over Hillary’s loss. Oh, let’s not forget “Black Lives Matter,” “LGBQT Matters,” “Pedophiles Matter,” “Child Kidnapers Matter” (for the purpose of the pedophilia and sex-slave crowds,” “DACA Matters,” “Illegal Invaders Matter,” and of course – the Socialist ANTIFA crowd – who causing major issues wherever Soros’s money is sending them… I have connected with a sizeable group of my Southern Brothers and Sisters. No, no, no – as my brother Kino and I have joked for years, “My Daddy was a Jockey and he taught me how to ride. Son – you got to get it from side to side!” Well, Dad never got around THAT much. Well, maybe once in Tokyo after MacArthur signed the treaty with the Emperor of Japan ending WWII.

Am I boring you here? Well stick around – because the best – and worst – is yet to come… but even though Summer nears its end – it’s about to get much hotter in America.

When I talk about my friends in “the South” – I am speaking of those who grew up within those states which rightfully seceded from “the Union.” Let us begin with a history lesson and then we’ll continue, for in many respects – THIS is where it all began: Lincoln: the FINAL Word

I could post many more links as relates to what is commonly known as “the Civil War,” but as I have stated many times over the years – “no war is civil“, but then – that’s not really what it was – was it? There are far more tales of the misrepresentation of this war and what the REAL causes were for it, many of which can be viewed on the pages of Metropolis Café – most of which can be found in the category, Mr. Adair’s Classroom.

Over the past several years, we have witnessed the destruction and relocation of many of OUR Memorials for those who led and fought for the Confederate States of America – the so-called ‘Rebels.’ Most recently many of us watched in horror as ‘Silent Sam’ was defaced and torn down by a MOB of between 250 and 300 Socialist demonstrators (apparently led by a Professor from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill – who is a member of Antifa). The University has done little if anything to combat this racist action.

Racist? You are damned right! The Offenders and Destroyers are the ones who are racist!

The Police were ordered to stand down, and they, and the University authorities have done next to nothing, but discuss “where to move” the offending statue to – including the Chancellor of UNC-CH. Do you KNOW the history of Sam? If not – you are one of the sad human beings who have been mis-educated about anything having to do with this particular period of American history.

Has the education system in this nation stooped so low that today it is controlled by administrators, professors and other “educators” – all of a Socialist bent? It would appear to be so. (In many respects – it was the reason that Metropolis Café was born) I for one, have no interest in spending the rest of my life in a Gulag, but the number of ‘people’ running for politcal office during this year of strife and anger – who are avowed Socialists (polite word for Communists) must be an eye-opener for many – and yet we read nearly everyday that the young and uneducated in the nation believe that Socialism is the way of the future – and they are demanding it.

We need more memorials. We yearn for more reminders of how far we have come and the obstacles we have overcome and the long journey. Eliminating memorials will not change yesterday. Learning from them can change tomorrow. ~ James “Bud” Robertson, August 2018

Let us read more of what Mr. Robertson has to say – and he minces no words: A Lesson: Confederate Monuments and the Destruction of a Nation’s History

The above is too important of a read to ignore. It sets the stage…

Shortly before I went to bed Sunday night while – once again closing my night off with another check-in at Sit-on-my-Face-Book, I was looking over the events of the day as REAL Southerners – people who ‘GOT IT’ – and I came across several posts by the Spivey family, who had gone to the Memorial site from which Silent Sam had been torn down. Cleaning up the area and paying reverence to its – and their history – and in many respects OUR history – they were approached by a number of people, who had also come to the site – most of who were ‘friend,’ while other could be looked up as ‘foe’ – or as I prefer to call them – ‘the unenlightened.’

But our story extends beyond “just a bunch of old statues“…

The Second Smile
I’ll not spend more than a minute or so telling you about the following, for no one but the author – who was on-site with his family at the ‘Silent Sam’ Memorial throughout that day – can tell it. Yes – I smiled – and even learned some things from his writing. You see my friends – we can ALL learn something new each day – if we have open minds and hearts – and an amazing teacher such as Lance. I have never met him – but through that which you are about to read – you will ‘meet him’ in the same way that I did – and I am proud to know him and call him a friend. So let me ask you the question that was asked of him, What does that flag mean to you?“.

So now – the ground-work has been laid.

Early Monday evening I discovered that I was getting overloaded with FB notifications to ‘friend‘ some people (yes – even a couple of ‘FB Sluts’) and more folks from the Southern region of this nation – possibly due to the postings I have been making on our web-sites and Facebook, and the support which we have shown to many of our Southern countrymen and women – and then the third smile – as I received several notes of thanks from Lance Spivey about having posted his heartfelt piece on Metropolis Café. After we “chatted” back and forth for just a few moments – my smile was erased – and my face went into a gray color of doom (well – at least it was Gray – appropriate – huh?) as I came across the following post from another member of the Spivey family, to which I responded (my response to their all below this screen-snapshot).

It is real Simple dear readers – THIS IS WAR!!!

Having no Twitter account – I did not know how to get more information. I was able to gain access to the DestroyThisStatue (@destroystatue) home page – it is mortifying. They are providing maps (and images) as to how to get to every single Confederate Memorial statue in existence in America – to DESTROY each of them. Although I am sure that there are some (Supremacists) in every state in the nation – but what does the history of the Confederacy and/or the South and/or the variations of Confederate flags – battle or otherwise – have to do with ‘White Supremacy”? ONLY evil groups such as these can devise such a sickness.

The time has come to stop sitting at home with your tail between your legs waiting for someone else to do something to make you safe, or to maintain this nations history and/or Heritage. Whether one believes in the good, the bad or the ugly – or what side of ANY issue one might stand – THIS WILL BE THE DEATH OF AMERICA!. There is no more safety in America. Each of the individual “Matters” groups that we referenced earlier in this commentary are “getting more” attention paid to them than we are – and WE are losing, because we are just a bunch of nice, genteel folks sitting around sipping on our Mint-Juleps.

Remember THIS: The Hard Left Builds Nothing, Tears Down Everything Worthwhile


I’ll see you at Sundown,


~ the Author ~
A veteran of Viet Nam, student of history (both American and film), Jeffrey Bennett has broadcast for over 24 years years as host of various programs and has been considered the voice of reason on the alternative media – providing a unique and distinctive broadcast style, including topics such as health and wellness, news, financial well-being, political satire (with a twist), education and editorial commentary on current events through the teaching of history. In addition, he is the CEO of Kettle Moraine, Ltd. For more information on Jeff’s educational background and love of the Southern history and heritage, please read Introduction to ‘Words & Deeds’ on Metropolis Café.

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