Those Who Know Cannot Sleep

I grew up in a small rural community. I went to a small school with mostly the same people from kindergarten to graduation, thirteen years later. You’d think going to school with the same forty peers for thirteen years, in the same small community where everyone’s parents kind of knew everyone else’s, there wouldn’t be too much to catch you by surprise – at least my youthful mind thought so.

But I kept my own secrets. No one knew about the trouble in my own home. I didn’t talk about it; my parents were reputable in the community, successful, well liked and respected. No one would believe me, and it would bring shame on the family…

It was late in my high school years when police visited our small high school. It seemed Jayce* had been being molested by her step-dad. It was a bit of a shock – even to her long-term boyfriend Rob. Seriously no one would have guessed. She seemed fine.

Some time later our small community was rocked when a girl I played basketball with, a great athlete and scholar, quiet and respectful, was the center of a horrible scandal. It came out a couple years earlier that Cassie had told her mom that her dad was messing with her. Her mom dismissed it. Her mom headed out of the small town to the city to do monthly shopping, but a few miles out realized she forgot something and returned home to find her husband in the act of raping their daughter. The police were called and a scandalous story of Cassie being repeatedly raped by her father for years came to light. Again, we were all shocked. The family seemed so normal.

You know the stories. You’ve known people you were surprised to find out were enduring horrific suffering at the hands of other people. You’ve been shocked when the “stories” surfaced. Some of you/us have suffered ourselves.

One of our daughters was severely bullied by a girl in her middle school. The girl, Gina, had targeted our daughter and was increasing in hostility. I began taking our daughter out of school a day or two a week just to break the stress. We’d go to lunch to let her breathe a little. It wasn’t our first bout with bullying, but it was the most severe. I had told her, “Hurt people hurt people. She must have some pain she’s inflicting on others because of pain she feels herself. Pray for her,” I said. I still remember the lunch several months into the school year when we were eating our burgers and my daughter told me she had found out Gina had been raped by her mom’s boyfriend when she was just six years old. While her mom watched and did nothing. We both sat there crying for Gina, unable to finish our burgers.

Then there is my friend, Linda, who when she was a small child would go visit her grandmother. She’d stay the night and slept on a couch downstairs. Sometime after they went to bed her grandmother would call her son in a city an hour away, who would drive in the night, let himself in and rape a defenseless five year old. This went on for a few years. The grandmother arranged this.

Or there’s the family in our state’s capital city who were good friends with a judge and got approved to be foster parents. Only girls were placed with them, young girls. The husband would rape the girls – over decades. They partnered with an unwed mothers’ home and took in baby girls from the unwed mothers. They kept them and began the horrendous abuses from the youngest of ages. Some girls even ended up missing. No one knew what became of them. Did they run away, or were they killed and disposed? When unwed mothers went to the authorities to get their stolen babies back they were sent to which judge? You know — the same one who was partnering with them. No one got their babies back. This was in the 40s-60s. How many people were complicit in the abuse and cover up of abuse in this racket? This went on for decades.

Another friend’s mom was an ambassador to a Caribbean country. You’d think she was lucky to get to travel with her mom to island life and the lifestyle that goes with an ambassador. Except that when her mom was in meetings, she was traumatized by male visitors in expensive suits with impressive titles by their names who raped and abused her. The trauma was so severe she still suffers the consequences physically, mentally and emotionally fifty years later.

Excluding the police accounts I’ve already mentioned, no arrests were made in these horrendous crimes. Lives were stolen, shattered and altered, and nothing was done. The “foster” house I referenced still stands right across the street from the local college. It shows up on police scanners every once in awhile now, for reports of “ghosts” – sounds, moving furniture, doors opening and closing. I’ll let you make your own deductions.

In her book, Sleeping Under the Bandstand, Enola Handgis tells the stories of her own traumatic upbringing in the 40s. Besides the childhood abuse she suffered, her accounts of various abuses and rapes, she recounts the season in her life she was groomed (not a term known then) by a man who tricked her into an abduction that left her an unwilling prostitute for a madam in a small town. If it weren’t for the sympathy of a “regular”, she would not have escaped. Trafficking was happening in the 60s.

It’s important we recall these stories we each know: people in our hometowns, people in our local communities, people in our own families, sometimes these people are us. Remember the shock and utter disgust and anger you felt when you heard about it. Don’t dismiss it, and try not to pretend these are isolated cases. They are not.

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft, daughter of John Aschcraft, has been publicly testifying that her father sold her to Tom Hanks for his personal sex uses when she was thirteen, and that she was the victim of repeated occult rituals, one of which Hillary Clinton was present and participated in 1988 in northern California. She claims to be the victim of MKUltra programming (CIA mind control) and repeated ritual abuse, both occult and trafficked. Interestingly, she has been testifying to the details since 2016, and as she has pointed out, no one has sued her for defamation, slander or libel.

Hollywood actor, writer and producer Isaac Kappy has been outspoken recently of the rampant pedophilia in Hollywood, indicting Seth Green, Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, and a whole lot of other names. [Of course there’s a counter-move in that Paris Jackson and Seth Green have accused Kappy of harassing and choking (Jackson).] These accounts seem all very unbelievable if you operate from the mindset of a Brady Bunch or Leave it to Beaver America. However, it is sadly believable if you’ve been researching pedophilia, human trafficking, and high crimes in the elite circles. [An excellent overview of Kappy’s accusations can be read here.]

Pedophilia and trafficking arrests in 2017 alone supersede anything from prior years. For (obvious) reasons, the mainstream media chooses to turn away from pedophilia and human trafficking cases and reports. (They lead to and implicate their purse strings.) Consider the data points in this article, and the implications of this article. As the first article projects, either there is gross incompetence in the law enforcement in prior years, OR there is cooperation and/or complicity of law enforcement and the actual criminals.

The depth of depravity in these individuals is simply horrifying to the average human who conducts his or her life in a somewhat normal scenario with a healthy level of conscience. Our normalcy bias rejects the idea that there are whole groups of people who engage in activities they deem recreational in which children are stolen, kept in captivity, then abused in the most horrific ways, repeatedly and mercilessly. That these people gain great pleasure from these activities is almost unthinkable. That these activities are considered sport, recreation and even religious is mind-numbing to most of us. That some of these people use their own children, in fact breed children for these purposes, is unconscious able. How can this be true? How can this be happening in a sophisticated society?

Tuesday of last week a Grand Jury presented its report. Three hundred and one priests in the Catholic church were indicted for abuses of well over a thousand children – that they knew of and had evidence for. Some victims were as young as seven and eight when their abuses started. One young boy was so violently raped he had permanent spine damage and later died of an overdose of pain medication. Five sisters in the same family suffered over several years.

Not only were the crimes covered up by the priests themselves, but their superiors, bishops and even the Vatican, concealed their crimes. Local law enforcement refused to investigate some of the crimes. One policeman told a young victim when they went to file a police report, “I don’t want to hear it.” An attorney general refused to prosecute. (When questioned on his reason, he said he wanted the favor of the church for his political campaigning.)

So when reports come in that your favorite movie star, your favorite pop singer, your favorite athlete, or the politician you just “love” are engaged in heinous crimes against children, don’t put your fingers in your ears and don’t turn away. Don’t excuse it, pretend it couldn’t be true, or ignore it. Of course it can be true. There’s a high probability it is true.

Don’t dare to utter the words, “I just don’t believe (so-and-so) is involved in anything like that.” First, you probably really don’t know that high profile entertainer or politician. How can you vouch for their character? Secondly, if the nice family down the street has these secrets, what makes you think your idols don’t? Lastly, and most importantly, be more interested in truth, in shielding, protecting and bringing justice for the innocent, than in defending some person you have on a pedestal because you like their movies, their music, or have some other fondness for them.

The pedophile rings that are being exposed and targeted for justice are high crimes of despicable acts like child rape, torture and murder. They are being done by elite politicians, corporate executives, media moguls, Hollywood and other entertainment famous persons. They are organized crime rings. They have hired kidnappers/child abductors who get paid for literally stealing children. Children are trafficked to designated locations where they are sold to individuals for prostitution, personal slavery, or worse. They are flown out of the country or trafficked across state lines and the Mexican border.

These “elites” host parties for rituals where victims are gang-raped and abused, and some are offered as sacrifices. As Isaac Kappy said Seth Green explained, there are rooms with multiple children for the “choosing”. As the confiscated CCTV shots of Eppstein Island depict, children are placed in holding rooms and experimentation rooms. There are rape and torture rooms.

This is not the half of it. The American government is directly implicated in programs for breeding and recruiting children (some from birth) for programs that engage in mind control for the purposes of human slaves for drug trafficking, couriers, sex slaves, assassins, and other roles. The techniques they use to produce these useful tools in their hands were learned from WWII Nazi war criminals when they brought them over, changed their identities, and employed them in top secret military and CIA programs. (Research Operation Paperclip, MKUltra….)

In order to produce humans for these agent roles, they have to first break them down by torture and horrific abuses to get their personalities to splinter. Once a splintering has occurred under extreme trauma, they program the new personality and train it for the purposes intended. These victims usually have multiple personalities for multiple assignments. When the victim has served his or her usefulness, they kill them off.

No, this is not a Hollywood movie (though they have made movies about this), and this is not science fiction. This has been occurring in our nation and others for decades and has taken the lives of tens of thousands of people.

Before your normalcy bias dismisses this as unbelievable, recall again the stories you know of people around you who have been victims of horrific abuses, like the people I know and have cited as examples. These are not isolated cases. It is within the human psyche to commit such horrors.

James 1:14-15 tells us, “… each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his own lust. Then when lust has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and when sin is accomplished, it brings forth death.”

The process of sin is enticement of lust, literally translated in the Greek as “a longing for what is forbidden” – and when that lust is aided, it births the sin. The corrupted thought that is unchecked produces the action that brings destruction. That action ultimately brings forth death, death of conscience, death of right thinking, acting and living – then ultimately death of the soul.

Unchecked lust brings sin. Uncorrected sin brings death.

The father who rapes and abuses his child is the baseline. He gave into a lust, a longing for what is forbidden: sexualizing what he should be nurturing and protecting. When he did not check this lust and correct his thinking, his thinking led to destructive action. When unchecked sin continues uncorrected, the sin and lust grows.

Lust for money and power that goes unchecked leads to actions that bring destruction. Many of these people in high places traded their morality for temporary indulgences of lust, whether it be sexual lust, notoriety lust, material lust, or whatever. The process is the same. The end result is the same.

There is a Herculean effort right now to expose these crimes against children and humanity. People in positions of power able to bring these deeds to the forefront have been working diligently to do so. Equally, people in positions of power that need these deeds to remain hidden are working violently to keep them hidden. Carefully crafted stories are being presented even now; defenses to normalize these crimes are working overtime in the media, academia and elsewhere.

Determine to know the truth, to expose the darkness, to not rest until justice for the victims is reached. Do not close your eyes. Do not make excuses. Do not let this scourge continue in our land and on our watch. Do it for the children!

*All names have been changed for privacy. All stories are factual.

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Written by Ms. Smallback for News With Views ~ August 21, 2018

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