President Ford and his Viet Nam PROBLEM CHILD

In 1975, President Ford was left to manage the difficult ending of the Vietnam War.

President Ford went to Congress for a relief package to allow American personnel and our allies to evacuate. However, there was ONE US SENATOR who opposed any such support. The result was the embarrassing and hurried evacuation from the roof of the American embassy in Saigon.

This senator reveled in the embarrassment and did everything he could to leverage it politically against Ford. Despite the efforts of this U.S. Senator – President Ford managed to rescue 1,500 South Vietnamese allies prior to the country’s fall.

Had President Ford not acted quickly, these people would have been targeted and slaughtered for their support for America.

When they arrived in America, President Ford asked Congress for a package to assist these refugees to integrate into American society. That SAME troublesome SENATOR TORPEDOED ANY SUPPORT for these shell shocked, anti communist, Americans and our helpers, refugees.

Instead, President Ford had to recruit Christian organizations to offer assistance on a voluntary basis. As he did so, the Senator belittled those efforts.

What kind of person would oppose President Ford’s tireless work to do the right and humanitarian thing? Who would want to play politics with the well-being of innocent people who stood by America in the tragic Vietnam War?



When the Center Held” by Donald Rumsfeld in his 2018 biography.

2 thoughts on “President Ford and his Viet Nam PROBLEM CHILD

  1. Laurel Barrick

    Jerry Ford was a genuinely good man. Always was. His motives would have been doing the right thing.
    Beware now that our country not Gail the people of Afghanistan who have worked with the US these last 20 years.
    If we let our government abandon them, they and their families will be killed by the Talaban
    Guaranteed. These are people who dont have the money to pay off our greedy politicians. The Biden / Obama administration did a piss poor job of supporting our own troops, our native allies don’t stand a chance without our support.

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