Smith: The Blatant Betrayal of America

“I’m an ordinary guy burning down the house. Hold tight. Wait ’til the party’s over. Hold tight. We’re in for nasty weather. There has got to be a way, burning down the house.” ~ Joe Biden [just kiddin’ – lyrics from ‘Burning Down the House‘ by Talking Heads]

After watching the recent deal to fund both wars in Ukraine and Israel and even send aid to Hamas terrorists, without offering a hint at securing America’s borders, no one should be under any illusions that Republicans or a knight in shining armor are coming to save them, their families and America from the current destructive malaise that’s been allowed to overtake our country. We’re in deep shit up to our eyeballs and the fog isn’t lifting anytime soon that has so clouded the minds of so many of – I hate to even call them this – “our countrymen”, although I sure as hell don’t claim the damned sorry exceedingly stupid rat bastards.

Both the Democrats and the Republicans bring their own particular brand of betrayal to the table, as we recently saw Congress refuse to hold Mayorkas accountable for his high treason regarding our border security and the Democrats refuse to call his intentional malfeasance for the felony that it is. But not to be outdone, Speaker Johnson seemed unwilling to actually do the right thing and refuse to move funding for Ukraine and Israel until the federal government was compelled to stop this invasion by illegal aliens.

Both parties have now put America at risk on multiple fronts. In part, we’re currently at risk of an economic collapse in the not too distant future, and we are most certainly at risk of an unprecedented social and cultural change – The Great Replacement – by way of this massive illegal alien population making its way across our borders and cheered on by the opponents of assimilation. The consequences are dire and deadly to our nation, if the Democrats and their RINO allies can continue along their chosen path of wanton disregard of the Constitution and the rules that supposedly guide Congress, the President and our High Court.

Our political union is fraying to its core, and it may not be long before the tenuous cord that binds us finally suffers a complete break. There really exists no common ground between the two parties today, other than each party’s love for big spending bills and the expansion of their own powers. Isn’t it interesting that Speaker Johnson also betrayed America by backing the FISA Reauthorization bill? ~ J.O.S.

~ Burning Down the House ~

America’s house is being consumed by a raging hot fire of Marxist-Maoist, Islamofascist, anti-American Democrat Paty radicalism and Republican cowardly fecklessness and, too often, complicity. America can’t be “built back better”, when everything the Biden regime currently supports is damaging some part of Her infrastructure; and, the country sure as hell can’t be built back better or “made great again”, when a Republican Speaker, with the purse strings in hand, refuses to put America first over Ukraine and Israel, in order to secure the wide-open southern border, which further subverts traditional America and tells our enemies, both foreign and domestic, that America is ripe for a final death blow.

It’s well and fine to wish to help our Israeli allies, with whom we do have standing treaties that oblige us to send them a certain amount of military support each year, under a $38 billion memorandum that was signed in 2016. However, it’s like having a blazing, red-hot poker stuck straight up the taxpayers’ collective asses to discover that the U.S. is sending much more than required to Israel by way of a new bill put together by Speaker Mike Johnson, the Democrats and RINOs, on April 20th 2024, and $9 billion of the total $95 billion, for both Ukraine and Israel, is going to “humanitarian aid” for Gaza, which is the same as saying “more military armaments” for Hamas terrorists. And yet, these goddamned rat bastards in Congress couldn’t see fit to set aside money for actually securing our own borders or demand that our borders be sealed, secured and the alien invasion halted, before one damned red-cent is spent anywhere else.

It doesn’t matter that 112 Republicans voted against the bill. 101 Republicans voted for it, when there shouldn’t have been even one vote in favor, not until our own borders are secure, especially when Speaker Johnson and the Republicans could have used their House majority, slim as it is, as an effective tool to force the Democrat Party communists to agree to finally close the borders all the way down, other than necessary commerce, for a lengthy period of time.

Despite gushing comments from many Congressmen, that Johnson “did the right thing” – rest assured, he didn’t.

One cannot forget that only approximately ten percent of the Republican Congressional Caucus is comprised of fiscally responsible, liberty-loving, truly conservative patriotic Americans who actually do their dead level best to put America and her people’s Inalienable God-given Rights first every day.

With regular betrayals such as this from so-called Republicans and the continued destructive efforts by Democrats to “fundamentally transform America” into a full-blown authoritarian state, it isn’t any wonder that many Americans are looking for alternatives to both parties, to this system in fact. As good as our bicameral federal system has been, for the most part, our increasingly immoral populace has made possible for its subversion and manipulation, in such a manner as to create a new tyrannical government similar to the kind people feared most at the time leading up to our War for Independence, and it would appear that the concerns of the anti-federalists were well founded at the time of the Constitution’s ratification, since we now have a tyrant wannabe in Traitor Joe who acts every bit as tho’ he were King of America, without nary a fare-the-well.


And in the meantime, we have an ice-cream slurping fool assuring us in his typical arrogant fashion, on April 10th 2024, that “… we’re better situated than we were when we took office, where inflation was skyrocketing.”

I don’t know what delusion he’s under, but despite a slight dip in the inflation rate, the accumulated inflation since Biden first sat in the Oval Office is currently resting at nineteen percent. The stock markets may be doing great due to all the government spending, but the economy the average American faces daily is far from good for anyone, and still Bidenomics economists continue to blow smoke up every one’s ass and assure us all that things aren’t really more expensive, comparatively speaking, but the world we find just has a lot more zeros in the accounting ledgers.

By way of a heavy hand and very little urging from the Marxists and Maoists of his party, Biden has essentially restricted innovations and new development in every area that really matters, giving preference to his plans to destroy gas powered automobiles completely by 2035, replacing them with extremely unreliable and unwanted electric vehicles, even tho’ this has been shown to be a disastrous pursuit that is largely unsound and untenable in every way, especially given the current state of our electric grid. His attacks on fossil fuels are resulting in steep energy costs, while he now pursues oil from America’s enemies, placing us in a precarious national security situation. And adding insult to injury, he is now illegally forcing regular working men and women who didn’t have the opportunity to attend college to pay off $153 billion in student debt loans for 4.3 million students who, for the most part, were already of well means from wealthier family situations, tossing “equality under the law” out the window and promoting his supporters while taxing and hampering his opponents at every turn in the road, or the business world.

Today, our national debt is clipping right at $35 trillion and we keep spending nearly two trillion dollars more than we receive annually, raising our debt-to-GDP ratio to better than 120 percent, a level unseen since 1945. Even during our two front war during WWII, we somehow managed to keep our debt down to fifty percent of GDP.

The same groceries that cost consumers $100 as late as 2019 now cost about $120, while gasoline has jumped from between $1.86 in March 2020 and $2.38 in December 2020 to $3.63 on average under the Biden regime, expected to rise higher with Iran threatening to shut down the Strait of Hormuz over recent conflicts with Israel. And with rent hitting an all time outrageous high making it virtually impossible to find the most basic accommodations for less than $2000 a month, we also find the worst housing market situation since the 1990s with thirty-year mortgage rates most usually at around 7.5 percent today, or higher.

Wait for it – wait for it folks… The Biden regime is asking for only a mere paltry $7.3 trillion budget for 2025. With that much money, you could fill 550 Empire State Buildings with $10 burgers as noted in a recent cartoon from Goodwyn cartoons [which now seems to have vanished from the internet]. Along with it comes a five trillion dollar tax hike on corporations that everyone in their right mind knows without a shadow of doubt will be passed on to every poor and middle class working stiff in America.

Yes, our national debt sits at $35 trillion, and if the out-of-control spending, driven and advocated by Biden and the bulk of Congress, stays its current course, we could easily see our national debt hit $40 trillion before the next president is thrown out of office in 2029. Some experts project that our national debt will be well over $50 trillion by 2033. In the meantime, ol’ Joe Biden, ever ready and willing to take a good bribe, and his criminal cronies are robbing the nation blind at the expense of the everyday ordinary American.

Yes indeed. The Biden regime is for keeping the working man working; it has to keep him working in order to pay for all the new taxes coming down the D.C. pike straight into America’s heartland, without a bit of concern over the ultimate effects.

As noted early on by James Madison, on of America’s Founding Fathers:

“… power over the purse may, in fact, be regarded as the most complete and effectual weapon with which any constitution can arm the immediate representatives of the people, for obtaining a redress of every grievance, and for carrying into effect every just and salutary measure.”

But it doesn’t do any good when Republicans have this power and refuse to use it for fear of repercussions in the arena of public opinion, even when their cause is right and just. It’s as tho’ they’d rather take the defeat than actually win for all Americans and maybe take a few insults fro our enemies-from-within. More than this, too often it actually seems as if they too have grown to love their spending packages every bit as much as the Democrats, with everybody tossing dollars around like so much candy for their special interest buddies and very few supporters, never really benefitting the average American and the “little man” in America.

Just before Easter this year, the House passed a $1.2 trillion Omnibus spending bill that once again handed the Democrats virtually everything on their wish list.

Time and again, it sure seems as tho’ Speaker Johnson is prepared to just keep on betraying America, just as he recently did on America’s border security, surrendering to the Democrat Commies and the special interests in the D.C. Swamp as he holds out his hand to receive his silver, and in this sense, Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene is one-hundred percent right to seek Johnson’s ouster, no matter what chaos may ensue. Betrayals must be answered with swift accountability and consequences, and despite claims it will weaken the Congressional Republicans, I believe it will actually strengthen them by gaining them a bit or respect for their refusal to tolerate business as usual and any further dismissal of the situation on the southern border.

And hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens continue to pour across our wide-open borders, both north and south, surely to add several million more to the 30 to 40 million already here, before Biden is all said and done, with so many in their ranks so damned ungrateful and belligerent. Already the new arrivals are demanding better food than what the shelters serve, while they also loudly complain, almost to the point of rioting some days, over being removed from luxury temporary lodgings in local hotels to shelters, in the worst entitled manner, just like so many pampered, coddled Americans who currently support the Democrat Party demanding free stuff at the expense of other hard-working Americans. Most of them know very little English, if any, and so, we just recently saw illegal aliens from the Congo in Africa demanding aid workers speak Congolese – even tho’ it’s a requirement that anyone seeking residency or citizenship in America must speak functional English.

Currently, several U.S. cities are handing out taxpayer dollars to illegals in the form of cash assistance, along with the free food and housing. New York City has been handing out prepaid cash cards for several months now, according to Fox News and The New York Post, with each illegal receiving as much as $10,000. Fox News recently aired a segment where the New York City Council is preparing to vote on whether or not to hand their illegal alien population an additional $350 per week to each individual illegal, at a time when their own citizens – U.S. citizens – are struggling to make ends meet each day, or thrown into homelessness themselves; and to see this happening anywhere in America is beyond the pale and an unconscionable act that demands a future accounting from those who have perpetuated this manmade crisis to the detriment of all America.

We, the normal sane Americans who love traditional America of years gone by are currently facing the worst, most unhinged far left any American has ever faced in past decades, on our streets and in Congress. They tell us Biden is just fine and an excellent orator. They tell us that global warming is going to destroy us all in a matter of a few short years to scam us out of more tax dollars. They would also have us believe it’s perfectly normal for someone to chop off their testicles for a sex change, while suggesting that it’s a housewife, who can no longer afford all the groceries her family needs, needs a psychiatrist, because she complained about Biden’s terrible economy, or the fact that the flood of illegal aliens into the country has driven up the cost of rent in her neighborhood.

All those rag-head, kaffiyeh wearing fake-ass “palestinians” currently chanting “Death to America” need to get the hell out of America if they hate Her so much, and for any who also happen to be illegals, I have three words for the federal government and the American people: deport, Deport, DEPORT. For those who might actually hold U.S. citizenship: exile, Exile, EXILE.

No matter the issue one cares to inspect, from abortion to gun control, far too many of America’s so-called leaders are doing whatever they damned well please, no matter that their decisions may run contrary to their constituents’ expressed desire and wishes. Those charged with ensuring a strong currency and a thriving economy and a secure border, along with energy independence, are knowingly destroying it all in the name of their own short-term ambitions, and all patriotic Americans must come to terms with this and plan accordingly, because we aren’t soon going to see any sudden reversal after sixteen years of a hard-left Marxist-Maoist push by those traitorous radicals in all levels of government.

It’s worth mentioning again that our Constitution was originally intended to be implemented by a moral people, and given where we now stand as a society and all the manipulations that have turned the Constitution into more of a weapon against the people more than any defense of our rights, we are in deep, deep trouble as a nation. As the current coalition of minorities and special interests keep voting for corrupt people to perpetuate the pillaging of America’s resources and wealth for their own benefit, there will be no end in sight for this madness. We are not going to be able to vote our way out of this mess.

The only question remaining is how many more blatant betrayals of the American people and the country Herself will it take – how much more pain and suffering inflicted upon the American people will it take – before the American people rise up with rifles in hand and take to task those who have set America on the path to Her own destruction and set Her house on fire as if hit by a torrent of napalm.

April 24, 2024

Justin O. Smith ~ Author

~ The Author ~
Justin O. Smith has lived in Tennessee off and on most of his adult life, and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1980, with a B.S. and a double major in International Relations and Cultural Geography – minors in Military Science and English, for what its worth. His real education started from that point on. Smith is a frequent contributor to the family of Kettle Moraine Publications.

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