Dickens: They’re Transplants?

“They come here to live and bring their baggage with them, transforming their new home into the place they just left.”

                      The Amalgamated Heavy

April 4, 2024 ~ I’m genuinely amazed by the source of my inspiration. Sometimes, it is a book or story, and often, it is a simple word that triggers my creative thoughts, so it is with this commentary.

My wife and I began watching the TV series Yellowstone again. We enjoyed it the first time, but I wanted to watch it again from a different perspective. It had been a couple of years since our previous encounter with the series, and I have a deeper understanding of the use of color and music in films, especially in advertising. But art and color are more overt in advertising – they’re more in your face because they only have a short time to hook, coerce, and program you.

Film is a different medium because they have more time to develop the story and the supporting programming elements. They can take you on an expedition of indoctrination using color, location, and music to enhance the message.

In one episode, a young indigenous boy remarked that the tourists in town didn’t look like they belonged there. His dad responds with… “They’re transplants… They leave their home to come to somewhere new and bring all their old ways with them. They want to make their new home, just like their old home.”

The boy responds… “Then, why did they leave?”

Ah, youthful insight.

“Then why did they leave… indeed?”

That’s the essence of this opinion piece.

As seen from an aerial view a U.S. Border Patrol agent supervises as immigrants walk into the United States after crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico on September 30, 2023 in Eagle Pass, Texas. John Moore/Getty Images

Why bother moving or leaving if you drag baggage behind you? Baggage, in this case, is all the things that make you who you are, including all your accumulated ‘stuff.’ A primary component of this accumulation is your ingrained partisan political cult alignments and affiliation.

Military Veterans know there are only two great bases, stations, or locations: the one you’re going to, and the one you just left. In the military, you have no choice. You go where you’re sent; even if they ask your preference, you can bet on never going there, and all too often, in the opposite direction.

At least, that’s how it was when I was still on active duty.

I can’t imagine it changed much…

I came to Arizona in the early 1970s on a military assignment and was stationed in Tucson for several years. At that time, Tucson was a quiet town in southern Arizona, with a diametrically opposite population of retirees, college students, and a smattering of military folks like me. The political climate was predominantly conservative, with a few progressive-liberals among the students. All was well in Arizona in the early 1970s.

When I was reassigned to the big city of Phoenix after an eighteen-month hiatus in South Korea, I became aware of the political climatic changes. Arizona was drifting left.

A few years later, I left the military because of a difference of opinion. I wanted to continue to fly, and the Air Force said no – I suppose they had their reasons! I’ll save that story for future articles, but let’s just say that my acquired skills, experiences, and personal convictions took me in a very different direction.

I began to realize why Arizona was drifting left… It was all the transplants from the northeastern states, the Snowbirds. Snowbirds fly south when winter weather arrives, then fly home when summer returns.

The drift accelerated with the addition of Californians and people from the northwestern states. They brought their political baggage with them. It was more prevalent in the Californians: ‘ They were the ultra-liberal… These people brought tons of money from selling their over-inflated properties and moved to Arizona, bearing their ultra-liberal political views, and proudly wearing them like badges of honor.

Not only did they pollute the existing conservative values, they utterly destroyed the housing market. They created bidding wars by paying up to 30% more than the asking prices for homes. It was a great deal for the sellers, but a real kick in the financial genitalia for the first-time and future buyers. Arizona endured the national home sale reset of the 2008 through 2010 recession. Californication continues today as disgruntled Californians move to Arizona for political relief, only to bring their socialist values and expectations along with them.

They want to create a new home, in a different place, with the same values.

Why do they bother leaving?


Why did they leave?

This is why I called it “The Californication of Arizona!”

The Californication of Arizona is a minuscule example of the problem facing this country, with the recent addition of twenty-plus million invaders from other countries, loaded down with their political and ideological baggage from wherever in the world they originated. But you can be sure, that it was some socialist ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ in a very poorly educated country whose population is all programmed to HATE everything American, especially Americans.

Rather than calling this a migration, I’m calling it the “Relocopulation of America.”

* They move in and screw everything up! Just like the Californicators did to Arizona. Except this time, on a national scale!

According to recent studies, there are an estimated 45.1 million legal and illegal immigrants already in America. This does not include the estimated 15 to 20 million who have crossed the border recently. If this best guess is even close, there are 65 million immigrants in our country.

Many came to America for freedom, but hauled along their ethics, morals, ideologies, politics, fears, prejudices, and hatred of America. They ferry their ingrained ‘programming’ with them, just like the transplants from the Northeastern and West Coast did to Arizona.

When I arrived in 1972, Arizona’s population was just over 2 million. This year, 2024, the population is 6.4 million – an increase of 4.4 million people. Consider the impact that 4.4 million people had on the state of Arizona, then imagine the effect of 50-plus million people on our republic.

Oh, by the way… this is precisely why the Obama-Biden administration, the Nationalist American Socialist Party (NASP), opened the border to begin with… It’s all part of Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation of America” through “Relocopulation.”

Once upon a time, in the America of the past, immigrants came here to assimilate – to become Americans, to become part of America, to join with America. When some of our dissatisfied and disgruntled citizens began demanding individualism as a right, many younger radical immigrants followed along, mimicking these discontented citizens.

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These Relocopulators believed this was the real meaning of freedom, and they wanted to participate. Before they came to America, they were punished for voicing an opinion.

Today, America is a group of ethnically hyphenated tribes at war with the republic and each other for recognition, and their freedoms, as they’ve come to interpret them. This bickering spilled over into sexual, political, and religious fringe groups, all demanding their place at the table; the same table at which ALL had seats from the very start, but back then, they were Americans, united by the country where they came to live intentionally. They gained all the advantages when they became citizens. But since then, we/they have corrupted our laws, pandering to these potential “New Americans,” giving them more and more legal leeway and privileges that were reserved for citizens.

Some realized that these new privileges – accommodations provided an opportunity to become politically involved and interject their ingrained hatred for America into the already fractured liberal partisan political parties. The effects become more evident as the Corporate Media Complex gives them catchy nicknames like “The Squad,” making their political fringe ideologies synonymous with specific hyphenated ethnic groups.

That’s where the Relocopulation comes into play.

They learned about our freedoms, but not about their responsibilities as guests and citizens. They learned about America from other Relocopulators and partisan politicians who recognized them as a ticket to power in a representative republic.

An unflattering remark about the King in Thailand will get you arrested.

Hate speech in the UAE is punishable by imprisonment.

These ten countries are highly censored, and offenders are severely punish:

* Eritrea

* North Korea

* Turkmenistan

* Saudi Arabia

* China

* Vietnam

* Equatorial Guinea

* Iran

* Belarus

* Cuba

America should be on that list, but that would be an overt violation and admission of censorship of our free speech. Instead, we use the power of the CMC to covertly manage the information we’re allowed to consume.

Unscrupulous partisan politicians used the Relocopulators’ ignorance of our country to gain more control. This process splintered our republic into smaller and smaller ethnically, and ideologically hyphenated tribes. Where there was once a united republic, there are now fifteen major political parties, each with its own fragmented fringe alliances pandering to the ideological desires of the individual and their ethnically, sexually, morally, ecologically, and religiously hyphenated tribe. Each has its champion, and a dedicated following of cultists, with a unique and special need that absolutely must be satisfied.

Everyone neglects that this is one country, not several hundred fiefdoms or colonies of disconnected and autonomous tribal inhabitants. We are a representative republic. It used to work when everyone was a proud American, but now that each fringe and splinter fiefdom insists that their needs and identities are unique, we have a diluted resource pool. Their selective memory overlooks the cost of supporting and attending hundreds of Special Interest Groups. 2001 was the last year America had a financial surplus; since then, this new dogma or Relocopulation has increased our national debt by $30 trillion, which is accelerating.

Fracturing any system necessitates more of everything required to keep it viable; it’s simple math. We remain oblivious to the simple fact that favoring this rationalization damns us to repeat the same mistakes. Consequently, we ignore the past, rushing to the obvious and expedient solution – individualism.

The end justifies the means.

When there is a sufficient influx of similar values like hatred or racism, differences disappear, and homogeneous hatred for the American-way, becomes the norm. The same is true of the Californication of Arizona and will be true of the Relocopulation of America.

America will lose what and who we were; we will become the ‘cesspool’ of a country that shaped the people who invaded us.

Am I against legal immigration?

Absolutely not!

I am pro-legal and carefully managed Immigration!

I am a Patriot, not a Nationalist.

Patriotism encompasses devotion to the country as a whole – including all the people who live within it. Nationalism refers to devotion to only one group of people over all others.

America was Patriotic; it is now Nationalistic.

America was a country of immigrants who came here to become Americans, not members of hyphenated-ethnic tribes. They came to establish a new life in a new country and contribute to this marvelous experiment. The operative word is contribute.

They came to be part of the great experiment, not suck it dry for everything they could get, send money home, to the shithole they left to support failing ideologies that foster American hatred or intend to bring it down.

They came seeking a better way of life, not to infiltrate the country to destroy it.

This new America is the dumping ground for every undesirable, criminal, and unwelcome resident of our enemies. Just dump them at our border and let them infest America with their brainwashed and programmed hate for everything we represent to their Oligarchs, Dictators, and Religious Zealots bent on eradicating “The Great Satan.”

Welcome to the birth of Nationalism and the demise of Patriotism by Relocopulation.

For the Amalgamated Heavy. I Unabashedly am,

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