Terry: I’ve Been Diagnosed as Delusional!

I went to see my Doctor at the Hershey Medical Center. I proceeded to explain to him that there was no law requiring most people to pay Federal Income Taxes. Dr. Richard Levine got all upset and called the Emergency Room. He then asked me to go to the emergency room and talk to a psychiatrist. Dr. Levine said to me that he did not know if the Psychiatrist would Hospitalize me or not for stating that there was no law requiring most people to pay Income Taxes. He said that a few days in the Hospital might do me some good. I did not go to the Emergency Room I went home because I did not want to go to the Psychiatric Ward. When I returned to Dr. Levine’s office for a follow-up appointment, I told him that I did not go to the Emergency Room. Dr. Levine called my boyfriend into his office with us and told my boyfriend that I was having Delusional thoughts.

He then proceeded to ask me if I still thought that there was no law requiring most people to pay Income taxes.

I said “No I thought about that and it would be impossible for the Government to fool the entire Nation.” I had to say something or he probably would have had me locked up. I hated saying something existed that I knew didn’t.

I felt like George Orwell’s Winston in 1984. Dr. Levine prescribed Seroquel for me. Seroquel is an Anti-psychotic pharmaceutical for Schizophrenics. He told my boyfriend to make sure that I take the Seroquel and to make sure that I set up an appointment with Dauphin County Mental Health/Mental Retardation so that I can see a Psychiatrist as soon as possible. At Dauphin County Mental Health/Mental Retardation one of the first questions they asked me was, “Do you think that the FBI or the Government are after you?”

I have come to find out that that is a standard question that they ask everyone. I guess I have now been diagnosed a Schizophrenic by an M.D., who is not even a Psychiatrist, because I said that there is no law requiring most people to pay income taxes. Since there is no law, hasn’t Dr. Levine committed Malpractice? If I sued Dr. Levine wouldn’t he have to produce the Law in order to prove that he has not engaged in Malpractice? And, since there is no law and Dr. Levine believes there is, even though he’s never seen it, doesn’t that make him delusional?

Last summer there was a full page ad in the USA Today. Through the ad, I found out about a man by the name of William Conklin who was offering $50,000 to anyone who could produce the statute in the Internal Revenue Code that made the typical worker liable for the income tax. I went to the Law Library and couldn’t find it. I then called the IRS and asked the women on the phone what statute made me liable for the income tax. She screamed at me and hung up. I wanted the $50,000. But there is no such law.

I do not know what to do about this problem. I do know that if I don’t do as I’m told I will be locked up. Is there anyone that knows a remedy for this? I was not singled out. This sort of thing has happened to other people in this area. There was a 17 year old boy here in Central Pennsylvania, who got caught with an essay on State Citizenship. Early one morning, while sleeping in his bed, several police officers barged into his bedroom. They took him to a Psychiatric Ward in Lancaster. He was only kept there for about two weeks because he was intelligent enough to agree with them and not argue. They kept questioning him about the essay. They released him from the Hospital because he agreed with the Psychiatrist that he didn’t have any rights.

There are numerous Psychiatric Facilities in this area. There are several on Front Street alone. Right now they are at full capacity and are turning people away. The largest facility in the Harrisburg area holds several hundred “patients”. There are tens of thousands of people in this area being treated for mental illness. It is a huge industry. Private Mental Health Companies are even contracted by the Government to provide services. The easiest way to be locked up here is to not except a contradiction. They are real big on getting people to except contradictions. And once they got you locked up they make you accept contradictions or they will not release you.

Pennsylvania is very strange. Pennsylvania was the first State to adopt the Uniform Commercial Code, first to have a Public School System, State Police, Drivers Licenses and the Erie and Clearfield doctrines originated here. The most shocking document that I have seen pertaining to Pennsylvania is Resolution No. 5 in which the Legislature and the Governor rejoiced with and congratulated the Communists for taking over Russia. This Resolution can be found in the Laws of Pennsylvania 1917 on page 1242.

I have come to find out that Communism was born in Beaver County, Pennsylvania and that is why the Government of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania rejoiced with the Communists who overthrew Russia. It also explains the behavior of the majority of the people here. To read about the behavior of the people here in Pennsylvania for yourself go to www.prisoners.com

There is no remedy for my problem in the Courts here. My case would be dismissed immediately. They would admit there is no law, then they would declare that I needed to be hospitalized because I don’t believe the Law exists, even though they admit that it doesn’t. Here in Pennsylvania 2+2=9 and red is blue. If anyone knows of a remedy please contact me.

Nicole Terry

Published on the first generation Federal Observer, February 28, 2002.

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