January 28, 2024: The American INVASION

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Biden Blackmail Intensifies: Won’t Shut Border Until Congress Coughs Up Ukraine, Israel Funds
As Republican governors circle the wagon around Texas, President Biden on Saturday doubled down on a reluctant agreement to secure the southern US border – but only if if Congress passes a bipartisan bill that would also allocate funds for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, and would still allow as many as 150,000 illegal crossings per month!

“If that bill were the law today I’d shut down the border right now and fix it quickly and bring a bipartisan bill that would be good for America and help fix our broken immigration system and allow speedy access for those who deserve to be here,” Biden said, according to Fox News’

Except, as many have pointed out, Biden doesn’t need Congress, or the bill, to do that right now… (Continue to full article)

Biden Sets Deadline as Half US Governors Support Texas
Biden has given Texas Governor Greg Abbott a 24-hour deadline to allow federal agents to clear out Eagle Pass or “face consequences,” according to Texas Congressman Wesley Hunt.

Half of US governors, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis are siding with Texas in the border dispute saying, “Biden is leaving country ‘vulnerable’ to illegal immigration.”… (Continue to full article)

Protest Convoy Headed to Southern Border Is Calling Itself an ‘Army of God
A trucker convoy of “patriots” is heading to the U.S. border with Mexico next week, as the standoff between Texas and the federal government intensifies.

The organizers of the “Take Our Border Back” convoy have called themselves “God’s army” and say they’re on a mission to stand up against the “globalists” who they claim are conspiring to keep U.S. borders open and destroy the country.

“This is a biblical, monumental moment that’s been put together by God” … (Continue to full article)

Feds Back Down, Won’t Remove Razor Wire at Border

Border Patrol has “no plans” to remove razor wire placed by Texas along the southern border, a senior Customs and Border Protection (CBP) official told Fox News on Friday, stressing a “strong” relationship with Texas despite an ongoing legal battle between the state and the administration.

But this BATTLE goes on… (Continue to full article)

The MAGA Truckers Are Back — And Heading to the Border
A convoy of Jesus-loving truckers will converge on the southern border next week in a battle to stop what they say is a migrant “invasion,” as Texas remains locked in a standoff with the feds over razor wire it installed along the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass.

But the event—called the “Take Our Border Back Convoy” and promoted by far-right media — is advertised as a “peaceful assembly” of active and former law enforcement, military, ranchers, bikers, business owners, and “Mama Bears.”… (Continue to full article)

GOP Governors Have Already Sent Troops to Texas Amid ‘Civil War’ Fears

A Texas Parks and Wildlife Warden stands next to a 30 caliber rifle as he patrols the Rio Grand on the U.S.-Mexico border.  (AP Photo/Eric Gay, Pool)

Multiple Republican-led states began sending personnel and resources months ago to combat increased migrant encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border, with one state saying “nothing is off the table” as tensions bubble between Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the Biden administration.

Abbott has voiced displeasure over Monday’s 5-4 Supreme Court decision, which vacated an injunction from an appeals court and allowed federal Border Patrol agents to remove razor wire installed at the border by Texas officials under Abbott’s direction. It does not prevent Texas from erecting new wire… (Continue to full article)

Supreme Court not done with border issue while Texas vows to ‘hold the line’
Monday’s decision in which the U.S. Supreme Court sided with the Biden administration against Texas efforts to secure a lengthy section of southern border won’t change those efforts in the short term, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott vowed.

It’s a topic the nine justices could face again with deciding if President Joe Biden’s refusal to stem to flow of illegals crossing the border constitutes an invasion or is a question of immigration.

For now, the Supremes reversal of an appellate ruling means federal Border Patrol agents can cut concertina wire, installed by the the State of Texas to stop illegal immigrants, while litigation continues… (Continue to full article)

Biden endorses emerging deal to give US new power to clamp down on border crossings

Senate negotiators have agreed to empower the US to significantly restrict illegal migrant crossings at the southern border, according to sources familiar with the matter, a move aimed at ending the migrant surge that has overrun federal authorities over the past several months.

Under the soon-to-be-released package, the Department of Homeland Security would be granted new emergency authority to shut down the border if daily average migrant encounters reach 4,000 over a one-week span… (Continue to full article)

A city of 710,000 struggles to cope with 40,000 migrant arrivals
Nearly 40,000 migrants have arrived in Denver over the past year, making a city with a population of just over 710,000 the top destination per capita for newly arrived migrants crossing the U.S. southern border and traveling north in buses from Texas.

The influx is taking a toll on the city’s public safety net. Starting Feb. 5, Denver will limit the number of days migrants can stay in shelters and send those who exceed their stay out onto the streets… (Continue to full article)

Denver Officials Conduct Two Sweeps of Migrant Encampment in One Week
Denver city officials have conducted two sweeps of a migrant encampment located at 51st and Emerson streets within a span of just one week. This move is part of efforts to enforce the camping ban on Denver-owned park property. The actions have sparked discussions about the challenges posed by increasing migrant arrivals in the city.

The initial sweep took place last week, and on Monday, Denver Parks rangers discovered unattended items, including tents, still occupying park property. In response, a 48-hour notice of removal was issued to address the presence of these items… (Continue to full article)

As seen from an aerial view a U.S. Border Patrol agent supervises as immigrants walk into the United States after crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico on September 30, 2023 in Eagle Pass, Texas. John Moore/Getty Images

Ex-FBI officials warn Congress of ‘new and imminent’ border danger: ‘The country has been invaded
A coalition of former FBI officials has issued a warning about a “new and imminent danger” for the U.S. at the southern border, suggesting the country has “been invaded” by military-age foreign nationals.

In a letter sent last week to congressional leaders in the House and Senate, the retired officials “express our concern about a current, specific threat that may be one of the most pernicious ever to menace the United States.”

The letter warns “the United States is facing a new and imminent danger”… (Continue to full article)

Many Fear We’re on the Brink of Civil War as GOP Governors of 25 States Stand with Gov. Abbott
The border policy standoff between Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the Biden administration has reached a new level of intensity, drawing support from a coalition of 25 Republican governors who back Abbott’s efforts to secure the state’s border.

The joint statement by these conservative leaders emphasizes Texas’ “constitutional authority to defend and protect itself” against what Governor Abbott has labeled a migrant “invasion.” The situation has sparked concerns among some observers who fear that it may be escalating towards a civil war (Continue to full article)

After Landing on the Beach in San Diego, Illegal Immigrants Vanish

(Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images)

Before officials could capture them, more than 20 illegal immigrants were seen on camera entering a San Diego beach by boat early on Thursday morning and then fleeing into the streets of La Jolla.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reports that at around 5:30 a.m., the Joint Harbor Operations Center alerted CBP law enforcement agents about “two suspicious vessels” bringing suspected illegal migrants towards Ocean Beach, and about two hours later, Windansea Beach.

However, when CBP Air and Marine and U.S. Border Patrol agents arrived, all they discovered were the abandoned boats… (Continue to full article)

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