Smith: The Continued Invasion of America Subverts Our Society

Illegal Aliens Demand “the Right” to Invade America

America’s borders are being breached and the country invaded by hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens each month, which constitutes an attack on our country, especially when one sees all the cross-border violence engaged in by the drug cartels that has left much of the U.S. Southern Border beyond the control of the U.S. government. And it is the direct result of an intentional policy employed by the Biden regime and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, traitor to America, that has utilized law enforcement personnel and National Guardsmen to facilitate the processing and release of these illegal aliens into the country rather than stop them from crossing over, and as such, Joe Biden and all those who do his bidding in this matter have violated U.S. immigration law and committed a criminal act on such a grand scale that it is tantamount to treason.

Policy cannot go against standing law, and when it is used to issue orders that countermand or abrogate existing law, those orders are illegal. But for the moment, the Biden regime is breaking U.S. law with impunity, because every federal agency that would normally address such high crimes is in his hands and run by co-conspirators in this scheme to flood the country with new blood most likely to see the Democratic Party Communists in a favorable light, essentially giving Biden safety in numbers.

And so, it is left to the States and the American people to stop Biden, much as they are doing in Texas, thanks to Governor Greg Abbott’s efforts and the deployment of extra manpower from the Texas Highway Patrol and Texas’ National Guard, backing up those Border Agents who are still intent on doing their job right, despite Biden’s criminal orders. But all of Governor Abbott’s neighbors along the border are working at cross-purposes to him, so much so that he has had to have his law enforcement monitor the border between Texas and New Mexico and erect barriers along that border too.

For decades we have had the political “elite” explaining to us what a blessing multiculturalism and diversity is for our country, as they threw “E Pluribus Unum” and “One Nation Under God” out the window and into the trash heap of history. Mind you, I don’t care what race or cultural heritage one claims upon arrival to America, but I do expect those people to make a modicum of effort to assimilate, learn to speak English and support and defend those same ideas, virtues and principles held by our founders that made freedom and liberty the norm for all in America, unlike what we experience today for a litany of reasons associated with the Far Left’s abandonment of common sense and reason, in matters of immigration and border security, starting with the closing of Ellis Island and their refusal to properly vett newcomers for radical anti-American beliefs and ideas antithetical to Christianity and the principles of Western civilization.

The 1965 Immigration Act was a massive swindle of the American people and a subversion of our culture, our way of life, our traditions and our entire system, despite assurances by the early traitors who ran the halls of Congress, such as Ted Kennedy, and it wouldn’t have mattered so much that they were people of color, if only so many weren’t arriving in hopes of setting up little microcosms of the miserable systems they had left behind and hadn’t been brainwashed by their own communist and fascist leaders and Jesuit priests, like Pope Francis, to believe America had always been an oppressor of their people. More than wanting to exert new-found freedom in a new land, they wanted the U.S. government to take care of them, even if it meant growing government larger and giving up their liberty.

It isn’t an outrageous notion that a people should have the absolute right to scrutinize and choose who they allow into their country, in order to assure that new immigrants at least hold a worldview that aligns with that of their host nation and won’t be subversive and disruptive to that society’s system and people.

Through the 1970s and 1980s, the world saw one communist movement after another blaze through South and Central America, in Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala. Many of their citizens fled to America to escape the violence and civil wars, but even some of their numbers were sympathetic to the communists and simply left because they chose not to fight. Today, descendants of those communist sympathizers, as well as descendants of Islamofascist sympathizers from the Middle East, are the ones who created the seismic shift in our country’s politics and brought us to the point we see now. They are the very ones pushing the fundamental transformation of America for the Democratic Party Communists in cooperation with the descendants of America’s earliest communists who reared their ugly heads as early as 1877 with the creation of the Socialist Labor Party of America, although there were many loose Marxist associations prior to this date.

Now Americans are witnessing hundreds of thousands of supporters of Hamas terrorists raising hell across our country calling for the destruction of Israel and America too, but they shouldn’t be surprised, since the country has allowed enclaves of Muslims to grow to enormous numbers in every major city, such as San Diego, Trenton, Minneapolis and Dearborn. And this has given way to seeing representatives elected to the House, such as Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, who act and speak like Hamas spokeswomen or terrorist event planners.

Along with the 200 illegal aliens currently roaming America, who have known ties to Islamic terrorists, and the 70,000 illegal aliens “of interest” to the FBI and the U.S. State Department, there remain millions of escaped illegal aliens whose identities and intentions are completely unknown, with a large number of them quite likely criminals, terrorists and otherwise bad actors and evil people capable of anything, including mass murder, much like what the world witnessed on September 11th 2001 in New York City and on October 7th 2023 in Israel. And in conjunction with this, as if this isn’t bad enough, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents, over 24,000 Chinese illegals have been caught along the Southern Border, with many thousands more escaping or being released into our countryside; the concern being that many may be Chinese spies and military personnel taking advantage of our Open Border and the Biden regime’s weakness.

Addressing the possible Chinese infiltration through the Open Border, Rebecca Grant, a national security analyst with IRIS Independent Research, told Newsweek:

“Is it one person, is it a hundred, is it a thousand – we don’t know. But the fact that we have to ask this question is outrageous.”

One recent Chinese border jumper stated:

“I was released only after three days and three nights. I got lucky because the border policy has been good lately.”

Since October 30th 2023, Americans have watched as a new caravan of illegal aliens has made its way into southern Mexico, growing well in advance of 10,000, with many of them coming through Panama’s Darien Gap, guided by apps provided by the U.N and many different NGOs. Incredulously, on November 8th 2023, after reaching Huixtla, Mexico, they decided to block the main road and demanded transit or exit visas to reach the U.S. border. But they need not fret, since Soros funded NGOs, Catholic Charities and the Biden regime too have long been providing for supplies and means of transportation for many previous illegals; it’s being conducted just like an assembly line in a manufacturing plant, except this line processes and ships illegal aliens of unknown origins and character straight into America’s heartland, making every town a border town.

One should note that Colombian smugglers alone have ushered 420,000 illegal aliens through the Darien Gap and on their way to Mexico and the United States.

But the brash, bold arrogance of it all, these people act as if they have a right to invade our country, regardless of what the majority of Americans might actually want.

President Johnson’s screwing of America never would have passed, if Americans of 1965 could have foreseen any hint of what was to come their way, a calculated immigration revolution that had nothing to do with immigration reform and everything to do with changing the face, the politics and the very nature of our republic. That year, only a mere seven percent of Americans wanted to increase immigration, a preference that runs true today, despite contrary notions suggested by the many pundits, U.N. kiss-asses and Marxist-Maoist policymakers who are always quick and ready with some obscure fact sheet of dubious origins.

Along with this 1965 Immigration Act, the ever-incessant push for Americans to be more sympathetic to the plight of “those poor illegal aliens” and open to passing one amnesty after another followed, with Democrats always acting as if it was a foregone conclusion. All this did over subsequent decades was to ensure that the illegal aliens kept on coming in droves. Even now, the Democratic Party continues to advocate for giving legal status and legal residency to some 40 million illegal aliens currently residing in America, and in so doing, giving them a “right to vote” in all of our elections.

But that’s always been the plan, hasn’t it?

Looking back, the years between 1960 and 1979 seem like paradise, as we realize the monumental demographic shift that took place over the past sixty years or so and the manner in which it drove a prospering white-majority nearly to its knees today, as the Biden regime and the racist blacks of Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers and other related groups now treat white people on the whole as racists, “white supremacists” and an untouchable minority of second class citizens to be controlled under a one-party rule. The Democratic Party Communists grow stronger with each new wave of illegal aliens, as the Biden regime accelerates this process of demographic replacement and the marginalization of whites — especially white conservatives and Christians – like nothing ever seen before.

People across the land are being slapped awake from their daydream that our society had become a multiracial utopia, through the efforts of the Democratic Party, In fact, legal and illegal immigration both have heavily contributed to America’s current deep divides. Our country is splitting into factions and groups – balkanizing to some degree – and America’s politics have become more radical and violent than anything seen, since the country’s descent into Civil War, as the browning of America has weakened the Founders’ vision for America, strengthened antithetical worldviews and created an entire demographic that is sympathetic to America’s enemies.

Izzat Joe Biden?

Biden could stop this border madness today, in a few heartbeats, not that he has too many to waste, if he wanted to do so. But he doesn’t, because doing so hurts him politically.

All it will take is a president willing to deploy the U.S. military along the border, for a length of time that sufficiently brings the situation under control and places the areas on our side of the border back under our control. For the naysayers who want to bring up any number of reasons this is supposedly “unconstitutional”, I point to General John Pershing who patrolled the Mexican border with his cavalry in 1916 in order to stop Pancho Villa’s border raids. The next president not named “Biden” could place several battalions on the border and all illegal crossings would stop practically overnight.

In the meantime, I would state again that those Border Agents who are following Biden’s policy orders are complicit in his treason. For the life of me, I still cannot understand why the bulk of their ranks didn’t simply refuse to follow those illegal orders and set forth to do their duty and halt the hordes of illegals.

To date, “Broken Borders” Joe has allowed a minimum of six and a half million illegals into America without conducting any background checks, but by my accounting, it’s closer to ten million. If only a few hundred are of the same demented, violent mindset as John Allen Muhammad, the D.C. sniper, just imagine the havoc and destruction they could bring if given an order by some handler or just on their own volition. Imagine the chaos if a mere thousand such animals decide to band together and go berserk. Don’t say it can’t be done or won’t happen; I believe the instantaneous violent protests of Hamas supporters numbering in the thousands exhibit it is a very real possibility.

As I draw this to a close, anyone who has followed my writings know that for many years now, I have called for the use of force, even violent deadly force, if need be, to stop this ongoing invasion. And lo and behold, two Republican presidential candidates – Vivek Ramaswamy and Ron DeSantis – jumped up and showed enough backbone in the debate recently [Nov 8th] to say they too would use the military and force. Trump promised as much in 2018, but never really had to follow through, since he found other ways to stop it, mainly with the cooperation of Mexico.

                            Ron DeSantis

Drawing cheers in Miami, Ron DeSantis stated:

“We’re declaring it a national emergency on Day One. I’m sending the U.S. military to the border. And I’m going to stop the invasion cold. I am going to deport people who came illegally. I’m even going to build the border wall and have Mexico pay for it like Donald Trump promised. We are going to designate the drug cartels to be foreign terrorist organizations … And we’re going to authorize the use of deadly force. We’re going to have maritime operations to interdict precursor chemicals [for fentanyl] going into Mexico. But I tell you this: If someone in the drug cartels is sneaking the fentanyl across the border when I’m president, then that’s the last thing they will do. We’re going to shoot ’em stone-cold dead.”

Like a horde of ravenous locusts, the international brotherhood of border jumpers has bled every town in their path, leaving entire regions worse for the experience, as towns are overwhelmed and services crashed. All the way from Panama’s Darien Gap to the Rio Grande, they’ve dumped their trash from one end of the region to the other, while many of them have also threatened and abused the people of those communities en route.

And, until such time as a good and decent man or woman wins the presidency and makes the right call to end this mess, this is our land and immigration laws are still in effect that are being abrogated by this traitorous regime. As such, good and decent men and women of stature and some standing and every regular patriotic American – especially those thousands of capable and skilled Veterans – has the right and the duty to themselves, their families and this country to organize and take control of the border, in the face of lawlessness, however we can and must, to stop the bleeding of the nation – Americans killed by drunk illegals, robbed and murdered and raped by illegals or killed by inadvertently coming into contact with fentanyl in a fluke of chance.

Left unchecked for too much longer, this one issue – taken in conjunction with everything else this regime has purposefully gotten wrong – will result in massive outbreaks of violence. We will see many numerous shootings along the border, when Americans finally understand their country is being purposefully destroyed through illegal immigration to strengthen the Democratic Party Communists’ hold on power, and our military and law enforcement needs to decide whose side they’re really on. This is a border war that won’t just sit on the border, and when it finally breaks wide-open like an uncontrollable firestorm, guns will blaze from Murfreesboro to New York and Seattle to Portland and L.A and on to San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis and Miami and all points in between, all across America.

As Biden continues to betray America and the U.S. Senate and House dither about and fund wars in Ukraine and Israel, let’s just hope and pray that their incompetence and lack of will to follow the set immigration law doesn’t manifest itself in a biological or chemical terrorist attack, or worse, in one or more American communities.

November 13, 2023

Justin O. Smith ~ Author

~ The Author ~
Justin O. Smith has lived in Tennessee off and on most of his adult life, and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1980, with a B.S. and a double major in International Relations and Cultural Geography – minors in Military Science and English, for what its worth. His real education started from that point on. Smith is a frequent contributor to the family of Kettle Moraine Publications.

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