Wallace: Woke or Awake

It’s difficult to make sense of so much that is happening today in our country – values, morals, civility, personal responsibility. We are living in a world where right is wrong and wrong is right; morals are immoral and immoral is moral; good is evil and evil is good.

While Americans have been busy scooting their children off to school, hustling to work, enjoying dinner with family and friends, and getting their children tucked in for the night – the masterminds of a subtly building mindset have been taking over our culture using a convincing belief system that is incompatible with what it means to be a free citizen of a Republic.

This repackaged ideology is now called WOKE. Now, I realize this term carries much with it, so I want to start with Merriam-Webster’s definition which is to be “aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues.” Personally, I believe it’s of utmost importance to be aware of what is happening in society when it comes to issues of racism, hate, inequality, and injustice, and anything that is harmful to humanity, community, and our future generation. By definition, this is exactly why I am writing this book. But this ideology has been hijacked and somehow become the founders and CEO of “woke-ism” – abusing what the term itself means. Furthermore, with the fuel of guilt and peer pressure, it bulldozes over anyone in its path leaving no room for common sense to stop it and hold it for questions. And when someone tries to, they are given a label that society quickly believes is true – and considered canceled.

I believe this underlying ideology is far too much like and rooted in Marxism, which when institutionalized, and fully implemented, will deny the current and future and way of life that our country has been founded upon, dwindling the very liberties we hold near to our heart. And yes, our country, every country, every human – has gotten it wrong – very wrong. But that does not mean we need to burn down everything and everyone who has gone before us.

The ugly uprising of forced lockdowns, protests, and all manner of civil disobedience resulted in $2 billion dollars’ worth of property damage, seven hundred injured law enforcement officers, and many deaths. In what appears to be the first wave of unbridled realignment of power at every level, the question is: Who will prevail? And what will be the consequences?

In the world that most people live in, we are created beings – not the creators of life itself, children are important, the weak need protecting, and we all are tasked with making wise and personally responsible decisions for our lives – keeping in regard for the lives around us. those that want to upend that world. It is one thing to erase the stigma of single parenthood, bi-racialism, or different sexual orientations, it is another thing to portray such changes as representative of our entire society. If we listen to the loud and dominant voice of this ideology, things like traditional marriage and family, the freedom to create, work and make money (which has funded most organizations doing good in the world), and a faith in God – seem “old-fashioned, likely corrupt, and probably harmful – so beware.” So, we lean in, hesitantly believe, look for signs, see a few – and buy in. And we have not yet seen where it will lead us to. In a dramatic way, it reminds me of another mindset that abused power and lied to innocent people, loading them up willingly by the droves to their own slaughter camps.

It doesn’t seem right that the well-being of a few should take precedence over the well-being of many. The downward spiral of America is gaining momentum and our freedoms are being stolen each day. Our Children are being exploited, our civilization is imploding, our cities are sinking into third world crime havens, our borders are like torn sieves, and most importantly, the sovereignty of the God who created us is being replaced by a belief that we are all our own gods. And that has never and will never end well – for any individual or an entire generation of humanity.

The attack on our culture and freedoms inspired me to learn more about these radical groups attacking our way of life. In that educational journey, I realized I can no longer be silent. Therefore,

I am no longer saying “sooner or later“, because later is now sooner…

Ron Wallace

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