The Intentional Destruction of America’s Border Security

Migrant families stand on the Rio Grande River bank as they wait for Border Patrol agents to escort them to a processing center after they illegally crossed from Mexico into Roma, Texas

I find it to be an indictment against our entire government that Americans don’t have a secure border or an real sense of security in our country.

This is precisely what these red, radical rat bastards voted to achieve and continued to support and facilitate, just as long as it was affecting and impacting only conservative areas along the southern border. Now these radicals who used to laugh at conservatives for being “racist rednecks” complaining of the invasion, want it to stop, because it’s begun to impact them, as they step around shiftless dope-smoking illegal aliens and MS-13 cartel members on the way to the grocery or to their children’s school.

But in reality, they don’t really want the invasion stopped or our borders secured. They simply want the Open Border policy to stop impacting their little niche of the world, because they see themselves as “progressives” who are better than everyone else, the “elites” destined to rule. Much like the Red Queen who screamed “Off with their heads”, the Marxist-Maoist Democrats are screaming for these illegals to be sent back to red state areas and the great unwashed, suckers who don’t live in gated communities or buildings with doormen.

Welcome to the party is all I have for them. They can either continue down this path of destruction or wise up to the reality of what their policy does to us all, even to them eventually. This is a lose-lose situation for all Americans if it isn’t forcefully corrected in a meaningful manner soon. ~ J.O.S.

~ The Democratic Party’s Criminal Houseguests ~

The future belongs to those few or many Americans willing to fight for this country in every way and every manner, especially when it pertains to the Democrat agenda to continue accelerating the release of millions of illegal aliens from all across the globe into the contiguous forty-eight states. Any failure to arise to this monumental task serves to further erode traditional American culture and the English language, through the influences of the barbarians, who refuse to assimilate and view our nation through a prism of our welfare state and receiving something for nothing and in many instances being supported by taxpayers’ money in better fashion than many Americans currently live.

America’s future lives or dies on the issue of illegal “immigration” and whether or not a majority will ever finally join together to actually force the closure of our borders, both north and south, to stop the current invasion of illegal aliens that is facilitated by the Biden regime and the Democratic Party Communists working hand in hand with a global network of communists within Latin America and Europe — driven by groups like Open Society, LaRaza, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the Catholic and Lutheran Charities, and the United Nations.

Once one factors in the “got aways” with those documented to have been released into the country, Joe Biden has brought over 10 million new illegal aliens into our country, on top of the forty million illegals already here — never mind that the far left has been saying there is only eleven million for the past fifteen years. And he and his communist anti-American regime have carried out this destructive attack on America and Her values in the most brazen and lawless manner imaginable that is still difficult to comprehend for many Americans, as Democratic Party supporters stay the course and toe the party line like children following the pied-piper.

The leadership of this attack against traditional America want us to believe that the sheer numbers make it so difficult as to warranting an abandon of actual immigration law and rule of order, as they regularly push reasons illegal aliens must be allowed to stay — to give up on restricting illegal aliens from moving across our borders at will and simply dismiss the notion of any further enforcement of our immigration law. Essentially, the Democratic Party demands amnesty for all, and incredibly, as in all their endeavors, many Republicans are not too opposed, if at all, to the notion, as we witnessed during the Trump administration with the many discussions and negotiations regarding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which was just recently called “unconstitutional” on September 13th, by Judge Andrew Hanen, federal judge for the Southern District of Texas.

Every Democrat supports “comprehensive immigration reform, which has always been code for “amnesty” no matter who utters the words. The plan never changes as they scream for “Amnesty Now” and make vague, ambiguous and meaningless promises to provide a secure border later; but later never comes. Essentially, the Democrats reward illegal aliens, who can’t even read or write in their own language, for illegally busting across our borders with a big Marxist-Maoist “thank you” and U.S. citizenship.

Yep … thousands of illegal aliens can’t read or write a word of Spanish or English, but you can bet your ass they’ll be voting in the presidential election and paying tribute to the commie who let them invade our country.

Just as Mayor Adams has suggested any continued onslaught of illegal aliens will destroy New York City, so too will the continued unrestrained illegal alien invasion destroy all America. But Democrats such as Adams aren’t really too concerned over the transformation these illegal aliens will force upon us all, since all of these Marxist-Maoist inner-city areas have named themselves “sanctuary cities” and have welcomed illegals with open arms to a point, up to seeing them trash entire sections of the city and standing idly on their streets drinking alcohol and smoke dope in plain sight, waiting for government funded housing and services rather than trying to help themselves by proactively seeking jobs and houses or apartments on their own. The mayors of these cities are only angry because they aren’t receiving as many truckloads of federal taxpayer dollars as they feel they are entitled to receive.

And so they cry about the strain on their social services. If illegals are as wonderful as they’d have us believe, these sanctuary cities would be counting a huge increase in their tax revenue and begging for more illegals to be sent their way. I guess they’re not so wonderful after all.

In the meantime, the Biden regime has ordered the release of hundreds of thousands more illegal aliens from U.S. Border Patrol and ICE detention centers, something that was recently revealed by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, who has obtained a copy of an August 8th 2023 email written by Pete Flores, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Acting Deputy Chief, detailing the plan for new proposed “bookout targets” to “bring in-custody numbers to a manageable level’. The actual release quotas were redacted for unexplained reasons, but given the speed of the current in-your-face flood of illegals, one can be most certain the floodgates are being flung wide-open for the home stretch of Biden’s last year in office.

Shortly after receiving this incredible news, Ms Moody stated:

“Biden and Mayorkas have become so brazen that they are now implementing mass-release quotas for immigrants surging into our country. As a federal judge already recognized, these releases are unlawful, yet the Biden administration is ordering Border Patrol to release even more immigrants into the interior. This latest email is further proof of the disastrous cycle created by Biden’s intentional destruction of our border with Mexico. Biden cuts resources, opens the border, and then releases detainees while claiming there is not enough detention capacity to prevent the unprecedented flood of migrants entering the country because of his terrible policies. With every passing day it is becoming more obvious that the border crisis is being intentionally orchestrated by the Biden administration. We will continue to do everything in our power to push back and let the American people know of Biden’s devious plan.”

The agents following these illegal orders should refuse to carry them out, and if they were men of honor, they would already be doing their dead level best to stop every single illegal alien from crossing. One can assume they wouldn’t have become border agents if they believed in an open border policy, but they are now trapped between following orders or being fired; so it’s possible that the bulk of their ranks are trying to ride out this storm ’til a conservative intent on upholding the Constitution and defending America’s borders gains the Oval Office.

Crimes have skyrocketed al across the country, since Biden enacted his open border policy, and the American people are suffering the consequences, but Democrats haven’t uttered a peep on the border crisis, not even Kamal Harris, “the border czar”. They don’t care, because all they see these illegals as future voters for Democratic Party Communist candidates.

America’s current crisis at the border is never going to end, so long as Democrats hold power and the people refuse to muster the will and strength of heart and mind to put an end to it. Treating illegal aliens like houseguests and letting millions more see all the incentives to come isn’t going to stop the invasion, not when they see thousands of their fellow travelers receiving free housing, “culturally appropriate” meals three times a day, Xboxes, televisions, popcorn machines and 24 hour snacks, ping-pong tables and phones for making free international calls — they’re not going to stay in their Third World shitholes and commit suicide or fight their oppressive dictators and they’re not going to stop rushing across our border.

We can’t afford to feed, clothe and house them for any sustained period of time, and we shouldn’t do so for one more day, not when we have our own homeless and poverty stricken and hungry population spread out across the streets of every damned city in America.

But, no one will ever be able to find a damned red, radical Democrat in the country who cares about Americans more than illegal aliens. Not one.

We for damned sure should be seeing to the real needs of our country and our people first, long before we even consider helping any other country or taking in new people who have vastly different beliefs and mores than most ordinary Americans. And closing our southern border becomes even more critical once we consider the transnational drug cartels whose goods are killing 100,000 Americans each year.

Under Biden’s regime, more than 50,000 pounds of fentanyl has been seized, and probably twice that managed to slip through with the thousands of illegals who got away; this is enough to kill the entire U.S. population 35 times over. And just as horrible, there have been 259 people on the terrorist watch list who have been identified, including 146 for the 2023 fiscal year, so far, which begs the question again of just how many slipped through undetected with our Border Patrol hamstrung by caring for and processing illegals already in custody.

There also isn’t any good reason for not designating the drug cartels and human traffickers as transnational criminal organizations guilty of terrorism, for the purpose of deploying the U.S. military across the border to secure and protect our country, as presidential candidate Ron DeSantis has suggested. Over the past five decades, presidents have rushed the U.S. military into harm’s way around the world, from Serbia and Kosovo to Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, but not one seemed to bat an eye over the state-sponsored terrorist organization right across our border in Mexico.

In the face of such lawlessness from all sectors of government charged with defending the border and stopping illegal aliens, any large segment of the American population — any and all patriotic groups and militias who love America and do not wish to see Her driven down and under — would be justified in going armed to the border to do what our Democratic Party Communist occupation refuses to do. Give the agents on the border an ultimatum to either do their damned job, as outlined by law, and help or get the hell out of the way. And then start firing warning shots at all who attempt to cross the Rio Grand and send them scurrying back to the Mexican side of the river.

If we can conquer and subjugate entire nations, like Afghanistan and Iraq, the United States certainly does have the power and might to gather up every damned illegal alien in the country, deport them, finish the damned wall and actually once and for all secure the southern border, while also turning more attention on our northern border where an increase has been observed in the number of illegal aliens crossing there. It wouldn’t be easy, and it requires the toughening of the American will and an adamantine resolve to get the job done. Deporting some 40 to 50 million illegal aliens can and must be done, if only the majority of good and decent Americans commit to traditional America, the immigration laws already on the books, and America’s founding virtues and values, as we seek to restore and renew America.

Behind the millions of illegal aliens already here come millions more, ravenously hungry like starving bears and locusts for what they believe is being given away here — the entitlements of America’s quasi-socialist state. They come to receive, and to take, and if we hope to have a thriving country into our golden years and pass it to the next generation of our children, we have no other recourse, no real choice, other than to stop them from ever reaching our sovereign territory by every means possible and refusing employment and permanent residency for those already here, as we remove every last illegal alien from American soil.

September 19, 2023

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