Confirmed: Joe Biden Paying Illegals $2,200 a Month Plus free Travel, Housing, Medical Services

U.S. officials are giving huge monthly payouts to illegals along with free travel, free housing, and free medical services. In fact, Illegals are getting more than natural-born Americans on Social Security get far less in government support each month.

Americans on Social Security average just $1,781.63 a month, according to federal data. but Biden is doling out $2,200 a month plus a long list of other freebies to criminal aliens who have broken our laws to get here.

“The Biden-Harris administration is giving more money to illegal immigrant invaders, than to our own U.S. citizens” said William Gheen, president of ALIPAC, according to KTRH. “Once a person understands that, then that person will always be on our side of the illegal immigration debate, which is very simple. Keep them all out, send them all home.”

“In an important story out of Arizona” Gheen added, “The Biden-Harris administration has ordered the border patrol to weld border gates and fencing open, and that should tell them everything that they need to know about illegal immigration is happening.”

Gheen’s report on the matter seems to match information form the State Department:

The sponsoring resettlement agency is responsible for placing refugees with one of its local affiliates and for providing initial 30 to 90 day services after arrival. The Department of State’s standard cooperative agreement with each of the resettlement agencies specifies the services the agency must provide. The Department of State provides a one-time payment of $2,375 per individual refugee to the local resettlement affiliates, of which $1,275 is available for agencies to use to fund the critical direct assistance needs of refugees, such as rent, food, clothing, and furnishings.

The remainder of the per capita funds is used to fund the delivery of services by resettlement staff, such as locating and preparing housing, cultural orientation, enrollment of youth in school, assistance with access to employment, medical and legal services, and case management during refugees’ first three months in their new communities.

Ads noted, the straight cash payments to lawbreaking illegals are not the only tax dollars flowing into their pockets.

They also get all sorts of other “benefits” for breaking our laws.

Written by Warner Todd Huston for iPatriot ~ September 8, 2023

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11 thoughts on “Confirmed: Joe Biden Paying Illegals $2,200 a Month Plus free Travel, Housing, Medical Services

  1. Eleanor

    What document can I pull up off a dot gov sight to Prove that illegals are receiving $2200 a month plus free medical, housing and travel. So I can send the link along with this story to others. I need documented proof

  2. Kate

    Where is the citation? The article claims it matches the state department but I cannot find that information. Please source your claims so people can actually argue them effectively.

  3. Ruth Dale

    The USA old people and others should get the money not these illegals. We have worked all of our lives and don’t get this. Help the homeless and Vets first. these people need to be sent back and not come here to live off of our tax dollars. Obiden is doing this to destroy our Country and to get them to vote (which is illega, but all things Obiden does is illegal). The UN giving them this much money shows that they (NATO) want America destroyed by all these people, criiminals, drug addicts, murderes, prostitutes and Cartel and gangs to come here to destroy. Look how crime has took a higher jump in the past years OBiden has been in office. The USA will not be a free country for very much longer with all the stench we have let into our Country illegally. Get rid of the Democrats in every state before it is too late

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