Smith: The American Economy’s Final Hard Fall

As I look at the incredible numbers we see in our nation’s budget, it becomes readily apparent that this is a shipwreck looking for a reef to hit and unsustainable as all hell. It has to be in their plans to destroy the economy. There’s just no other sound or sane explanation for it.

Biden’s policies do make one’s mind go straight to Alinksky’s Rules for Radicals and the manner in which one can bring a nation to its knees, ripe for a Communist takeover. It’s more than possible that it would succeed in America today, given the weakness that has spread throughout our society. Driven into the depths of poverty, the most dependent and weak-minded people will immediately cry out for more and greater government.

I wonder how many will go it on their own and try to survive independently, despite the country’s hard push into communism. I’m in no rush to see who arises to the occasion, but still it’s an interesting thought in these intriguing, curious and dangerous times. ~ J.O.S. (Continue Reading…)

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