WTF?: Taxpayers Should Subsidize Trans Reproductive Surgeries???

A recent article in the American Medical Association’s AMA Journal of Ethics is suggesting taxpayers should pay the bill for biological men who choose to get a uterus transplant (UTx) from dead women.

Sounding more like something from a Frankenstein movie, the AMA paper says there are no moral or ethical reasons why you and I shouldn’t pony up our taxpayer dollars to help transgenders improve their “mental health.”

The paper says taxpayers should also fund facial and other cosmetic surgeries to help a man feel and look more like a woman, along with procedures that would allow men to actually menstruate or gestate children.

My friends, this is a dangerous proposal.

As Dr. Martin Makary, professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, told the Washington Examinerr, “The AMA has chosen activist positions on this delicate topic. Why don’t they fund a study on the 10-year regret rate of children who undergo transitioning surgery? What is the suicide rate among those who undergo aggressive hormone or surgical treatment versus long-term talk therapy?”

Makary added, “The irony of the AMA’s focus on promoting uterus transplants in biologic men is that other gender-affirming treatments they push for are making children permanently infertile. The AMA leadership belief that children can simply pick a gender as they do an ice cream flavor lacks scientific support.”

By floating these unreasonable and foolish proposals, the American Medical Association has basically exchanged the Hippocratic Oath for social and partisan activism. Americans have always expected doctors to follow the adage, “First, do no harm.”

Submitted to us from the American Family Association

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