The Seese Chronicles: Low Water Mark in History

…redefining all relationships!

The ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah had one bad reputation for their personal relationships, but at least they weren’t confused. The Romans, particularly the emperors and their elites (the rich and powerful) kept stables of sex slaves and thought nothing about indulging their most perverse lusts. But they weren’t confused. They knew the difference between lasciviousness and marriage. The fact they didn’t care was a matter of immorality but it didn’t interfere with their consciousness that marriage was man/woman, all else was just self gratification in various forms.

Every civilization has had its perversities, but they haven’t been confused about one thing: marriage. As heathen as some of these empires and mini-empires were, marriage was an institution, a bond (however distasteful to both parties) of one man and one woman. Even the religions of those cultures that permitted polygamy recognized a “first wife” and the first heir of that wife.

Marriages of convenience were made for the sake of political alliances, advancing family status and a hundred other reasons, right down to the bottom line of procreating and maintaining the human race.

Now the debate in the United States, which is following the liberalist manias accepted in other western cultures, is questioning whether marriage should be between any consenting parties … woman with woman, man with man, or the old man/woman bond. Or human with any party, other human, adult or child, or beast.

If either political party had a half-ounce of integrity and a quarter-ounce of respect for the natural order of things from the beginning of time, they wouldn’t be selling out all human dignity for the sake of the votes of those who want to redefine all relationships as a garbage dump of meaningless human existence. The very notion that marriage is any union makes formal marriage unnecessary, the home devoid of its status as the basic unit of human society, and takes us deeper into the tar pits of the rulership of the state as the basis for all human existence and the authority on every matter pertaining to life and death.

Perhaps the next debate will be whether several parties in some type of union can be considered “marriage” if all are agreed that such a union exists between them.

Why this attack on the institution of marriage? It should be an obvious outcome of a system that has made divorce easier, marriage optional even for man and woman living together, and children born to a mother and a sire who might or might not be known to the mother the equal of the child of traditional marriage. Home is a house or any other place one calls a residence, but it is no longer the support system for the social order.

Need it be said at this point, in view of all the evidence supporting it, that “when anything goes, everything goes?” And that everything includes all our institutions, all things once held sacred, and all things not controlled by the state. The family, as it has been known throughout recorded history, has now been trashed in favor of the individual beholden to the state. And that is precisely why things have reached a low water mark in human history.

Summarily, the world has now rejected all God-given institutions, all sense of accountability other than to the state, and the discarding of all things sacred. The states, various nations or sovereign entities, have decided to declare God null and void, an act of extreme hubris that will not go unnoticed or unpunished.

Since no one is buying bridges to Manhattan these days, satan has reverted to his oldest and most successful lie of all time: “…and ye shall be as God.” It worked on Adam, it worked on Nimrod, and it is ingrained in the sinful nature of all mankind to want to be the master of his fate, as is stated in the poem Invictus. The problem that is being overlooked, of course, for political expedience and social control, is that the natural order of things (regardless of the cloning fad) is inviolable. That is, the natural order of things is inviolable in the sense that violations do have consequences, a word now out of favor in a liberally-indoctrinated society.

All civilizations, all cultures, have had a form of religion. The acceptance of a Higher Power has been part of all social orders since the beginning of man’s existence, which was not in a puddle of goo but by a direct creation at the master hand of God Almighty. The order of the universe, the finely tuned ecosystems, the exact mathematical relations between the planets of our solar system and the galaxies around us, all testify to not only intelligent design but a Supreme Creator. (As to advocates of the “puddle of goo” they never explain how the goo came into existence, they begin with it already created.)

The abuse of religious authority in organized religions has been no more heinous than the abuse of state power, but we’re told about the outrages of the religionists and the beneficience of the state. Those who are willing to believe anything that comes from a self-established “credible” source, like major media and professorial posts, have no problem accepting changes to the social order as part of a changing world, without ever giving a thought to the idea that it is the duty of man to preserve those elements of the social order that need preservation, and destruction of those elements that tear down society.

It is further incumbent on the population of a political unit, such as a county, state or nation, to preserve their cultural order by removing unfit and perverse leaders in the most effective manner.

For that reason, it is absolutely inconceivable that people will adhere to their party affiliation rather than seek out a party that has standards whereby the old social orders and the basic units of society will be maintained, preserved, and changed only within the boundaries of the natural order.

Whatever else western civilization has done for the world technologically and even artistically, it has now reached low tide in ethics, morality and even self-preservation.

Beware the “storm surge” of repercussions from violating the natural order of things. No tsunami will be so destructive, no cyclone so devastating, as the backlash from placing the state in control of that which God has created. We have been warned of the coming end to this world system, which is the surge of divine authority over those things that God has created for His own purposes. The fact that evil exists and has mobilized to give the world its heaviest blows in order to end the notion of God only testifies to the fact that what was foretold by God is coming to pass, and when all has come to pass, there will be no author of evil or followers of his deceit.

It could happen sooner than we think.

June 8, 2006

~ The Author ~
Dorothy Anne Seese was a child actress in Hollywood, most well known for her role as ‘Phronsie Pepper‘ in the Five Little Peppers series of films. Later in life, she became a freelance political writer for Patch Work papers and a regular contributor for the first generation Federal Observer. At the time of the above post, Miss Seese had been retired after 25 years as a legal secretary/assistant and, prior to that, over 15 years as a business systems and procedures analyst. Her hobby was freelance writing. A native of Southern California, Dorothy A. Seese resided in Sun City, Arizona until her death in December of 2015 of cancer.

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