Memorial Day or More-War-ial Day?

The Memorial Day holiday gives Americans a chance to honor those in the US Armed Forces who fought and died to protect our freedom.

Unfortunately, the wars created today no longer serve a purpose other than to advance the interest of power-mad globalists and their Deep State Swamp functionaries who control our country. The endless wars also funnel taxpayer money into the pockets of the military industrial complex and the military. The latest budget battle excludes the military. Of course! That’s to be expected. Defense spending goes up no matter what.

America is now fighting a proxy war in Ukraine. The war mongers have poured well over $100 billion dollars to keep Zelensky’s meat grinder in operation. Ukraine is a corrupt, money-laundering country that does not serve America’s interest. It has long been under the influence and on the doorstep of Russia—and they don’t want Ukraine to become a NATO member. We risk sparking nuclear war by continuing the insanity.

If we really want to honor our war dead, it can be done by ending all the useless wars started by the US. Instead, use the money spent on death and instead spend it on improving America’s infrastructure. Use it to help solve the homeless problem. Use it to fund the police to help stem the rising tide of crime. America needs to protect its borders, not the borders of countries on the other side of the planet.

Cutting the defense budget and ending the insane wars would be a great way to honor those who have died in America’s many wars. If we stop sending Zelensky money he will quickly demand peace talks with Russia.

Ben Garrison
May 28, 2023

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