Dickens: Naivete ~ Beaucoup Dien Cai Dau

It’s another day like every other – exactly the same but different. It began like every other day… except today, there was frost on everything.

Winter has finally snuck into the Valley of the Sun while no one was watching.

I can hear the sardonic sighs emanating from the north – poor baby… I feel the same when local temperatures break the century mark, everything is too hot to touch, and your car’s interior is 170 degrees.

It must be Global Warming… Maybe Al Gore and John Kerry are inconveniently correct… AND perhaps the DemoSocs are destroying America for our own good… Both are equally plausible in today’s parlance and are ironically preposterous.

What’s the world coming to…

But can we blame global warming for America’s frosty political situation?


We’ll blame anyone for anything.

Can we blame the world’s reaction to our government’s spineless misleadership on political distractions and obfuscations of America’s blatant incompetence?

YES!!! Why not?

Americans don’t understand the complexities of destroying a country. It’s a tedious process to ruin a functioning republic. Just ask the Roman Empire. It took them over a thousand years – 1,101 – to be precise… we’ve only been at this for 247 years.

It’s not about the climate, the earth, or some other issue; it’s about money… and control… and being willing to do anything to obtain it – Sell your soul to the Devil!

Like all the manufactured crises in our republic, global warming is a mere distraction from the DemocSocs’ and the UN’s true agenda. This administration is hiding behind all of the disasters it created. The DemoSocs don’t want you to know that they will reduce our republic to an empty shell of its former self.

When they complete the socialist metamorphosis and hand us over to their partners, the Sino-Russian alliance and The New World Order, they earnestly believe we’ll all be better off. They certainly will – they’ll be running everything. Look around you… How well are they doing now?

You did know that Russia and China allied against us… Didn’t you?

I’ve considered at least a dozen themes and titles for this post, but this one – Naive – stuck with me.

* Naive:

* adjective

i. having or showing a lack of experience, judgment, or information; credulous: She’s so naive she believes everything she reads. He has a very naive attitude toward politics.

ii. having or showing unaffected simplicity of nature or absence of artificiality; unsophisticated; ingenuous.

iii. having or marked by a simple, unaffectedly direct style reflecting little or no formal training or technique: valuable naive 19th-century American portrait paintings.

iv. not having previously been the subject of a scientific experiment, as an animal.

After several readings of navies’ definition, I realized that this one word epitomizes America and most probably is its epithet. – Naive

“The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.” ~ Thomas Szasz

I’ve pointed an accusing finger at the people in this country, insisting that stupidity and ignorance are our biggest failing. They are, but after considering this title, my observations tell me that the pernicious issue is education – programming.

People believe what they’re told. Case in point, “the border with Mexico is closed and secure.”

Yes, we’re brainwashed to trust these habitual liars. No one questions them or their message. We accept it because they are our elected representatives in the DC Swamp and, therefore, to be trusted.

How incredibly naive…

I think a little skepticism is in order in light of current events. Learning to question what you hear and read is healthy – NOT un-American – it is truly in keeping with the foundational concepts of our republic. We, the people, take responsibility for running and guiding the republic. Sound familiar?

Even plants know enough to grow toward the sun. Why is it so difficult for Americans to grow toward the truth?

Are we not more intelligent than plants?

Don’t answer…

Either we’re too stupid to know any better, or we are more intelligent, but we choose not to care. I believe it’s the latter…

What does that say about the species that invented the airplane, split the atom, and created the internet?

What possible rationale is there when we embrace lies telling us that we’re worthless pond scum for using capitalism to create a vibrant economy that is the envy of the world.

Where is the logic in accusing half of America of being anti-democratic and anti-American for exercising our constitutional right to free speech – questioning our government’s decisions?

Biden warned, “American democracy stands at the precipice because of a decidedly different threat — one that comes from within the country’s borders.”


Bertrand Russell wrote: “In all affairs it’s healthy now and then to hang a question mark on the things we have long taken for granted.”

In my latest article – BOHICA – I admonished readers to “Learn to think for yourself because everything coming from the DC Swamp is a LIE!

We MUST ask – does this sound truthful?

Can this be possible?

Does what I hear make sense?

What do I see that makes me wonder?

What do opposing sources have to say?

Is 2 + 2 really 5?

Is maintaining $173.4 Trillion in unfunded liabilities, increasing our $31.5 Trillion national debt, and dumping trillions of dollars into the failing economy a sound fiscal policy?

Let me put this another way. If you have $2,000 in the bank and your monthly bills are $3000, will you write $3000 in checks to cover your bills?

How long do you imagine you can keep this up before the bank cuts you off?

How long before the sheriff pounds on your door?

Why do we tolerate this from our government?

The caveat here is that the government owns the bank.

Are we that naive?

Thinking is the process of using one’s mind to consider or reason about something, but it’s not taught in our indoctrination camps – in fact; it’s discouraged. We’re programmed to regurgitate memorizations. We rely on what we’re told rather than what we comprehend.

“Man is a credulous animal, and must believe something; in the absence of good grounds for belief, he will be satisfied with bad ones.” ~ Bertrand Russell

Maybe we’re overly docile. We surrender when challenged. We back down from our comments because they are indefensible – we can’t back them up because we haven’t thought through the premise. Anything we do say is a canned response we’ve heard from the MMM or the NSSMP.

We have no original thoughts.

Our replies come from someone else because we’re nothing more than barely sentient parrots.

Is America on the Roman road to ruin?

Here’s the list of events that caused the fall of ROME:

1. Invasion by Barbarian tribes

2. Economic troubles

3. The rise of the Eastern Empire

4. Overexpansion and military overspending

5. Government corruption and political instability

6. The arrival of the Huns and the migrations of the Barbarian tribes

7. Christianity and the loss of traditional values

8. Weakening of the Roman legions

If I replace a few select words in these eight sentences, I could draw a direct parallel between the fall of Rome to the fall of America. Further, I could predict the same outcome for America.

The Sacking of Rome is starting to resemble what we’re seeing in America’s cities.

Let me be more specific with this parallel.

1. Invasion: According to FAIR, as of 2021, 15.5 million illegal aliens are living in the United States. The additions of 2.76 million so far in 2022 move the total to over 18 million. The semantics of this situation is moot – this amounts to an invasion.

2. Economics:

a. Our National Debt = $31.5 Trillion

i. Spending for 2022 = $6.27 Trillion

ii. Revenue for 2022 = $4.90 Trillion

iii. Interest payments = $300 Billion annually

b. Our Unfunded Debt = $173.4 Trillion

c. As of August this year, inflation is 8.3%

3. Eastern Empire: China intends to supplant America as the world leader. All indications are that are have already done so. The following points directly impact our economic situation stated above.

a. US trade deficit with China = $73.3 Billion

b. US Debt to China = $970 Billion

4. Spending and Expansion: The US government will spend $6.27 trillion in FY 2022, with an expected revenue of $4.9 trillion, creating a deficit of $1.37 Trillion.

a. Since this parallel is based on the Roman military budget contributing to the empire’s collapse, the US DoD budget is $1.64 trillion – the highest in the world.

b. We’re spending $68 billion to support Ukraine with a promised $37.7 billion in additional funds. That’s $105.7 Billion in support to a foreign frenemy. Although we enjoy amicable diplomatic relations with them, Ukraine is NOT our friend or ally. We are the rich parent of an out-of-state college student.

5. Corruption: is a complex case to prove because it depends on your political stances and how you attribute the decisions and direction of the parties involved. Since this entire article is based on my opinion, I’ll proceed from my point of view. We are center-stage of the biggest scandal in our history. It is a contributing factor to our demise. “This is a government of laws, not of men.” ~ John Adams

a. Election rigging – tampering through various avenues, processes, and partners.

b. The weaponization of the FBI, DoJ, IRS, and Congress are excellent indicators of the iceberg-like problems facing America. Twitter and other NSSMP accounts are being censored at the direction of the DemoSoc party through the FBI.

c. The CIA is implicated in the assassination of President Kennedy, yet all records related to the Warren commissions investigation are being sequestered to obscure any clarity or discovery. What are they hiding?

d. I could go on for pages, but I think you all know how money from corporate entities and Political Action Committees impacts the decisions of the voting public; if you don’t see it, you are complicit.

6. Migration of the Barbarian Tribe: This is the most concerning of all since this began two years ago with the installation of the new Caesar, who immediately opened the US border with Mexico. Since that day, America has been inundated with migrating hoards from 150 countries entering our country illegally. Ninety-eight are on the terrorist watch list, and some have been captured multiple times. Why do they come to America? For the free shit, of course. And… The New Caesar invited them!

a. 2021 > 1.7 million encounters

i. 700,000 that got away undetected

b. 2022 > 2.4 million encounters

i.900,000 that got away undetected

ii.When Title 42 is removed, the number of encounters is expected to double.

c. It isn’t just the unsustainable number of people straining social services in the US; it’s the illegal substances they carry. CBP has seized enough Fentanyl to kill everyone in America at least three times over. Officials attribute over 170,000 death to this one drug since the border opened. Other drugs like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine are among those seized or found abandoned in the desert near crossing sites.

d. The drug cartels have made $500 Billion so far from this folly.

7. Religion: Rome fell due to the new Christian faith that replaced the traditional values of the Roman republic. America is fighting multiple cult-like beliefs that replaced the Judeo-Christian values that formed our constitution and society. Here are a few of our new religions –

a. The New Awareness – WOKE – “Aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice).”

b. CRT – “Critical race theory is an intellectual movement and a framework of legal analysis according to which

i. (1) race is a culturally invented category used to oppress people of color and

ii. (2) the law and legal institutions in the United States are inherently racist insofar as they function to create and maintain social, political, and economic inequalities between white and nonwhite people.”

c. The Environmental Movement – The Greeniacs – Save the earth at all costs, even if they have to kill the inhabitants. It effectively transfers decision-making to proponents exempt from following their mandates. Do as I say, not as I do…

d. Virtue Signaling – “the public expression of opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one’s good character or social conscience or the moral correctness of one’s position on a particular issue.” It usually involves – Do as I say, not as I do…

Hypocrite comes to mind immediately.

i. John Kerry, the US climate envoy, uses his private jet to attend world climate conferences. His aircraft emitted over 300 metric tons of carbon, 30 times more than the average vehicle.

8. Weakening Military: The deterioration of America’s military began with the decline of national pride, was exacerbated by the mandates, and concluded with a want of patriotism.

People that refused this mandate were repudiated and forced out of federal service. These mandates impacted other professions like doctors, nurses, and law enforcement that suffered from these mandatory firings.

a. The real issue diluting our military was the adoption of WOKE and CRT ideologies that demanded equity across the branches.

b. These ideologies created complications where none existed. Sensitivity training and racial awareness training reinforced imaginary tensions in the ranks.

c. Pentagon data shows that 77% of youth 16 to 24 years old aren’t qualified for military service without waivers. Almost 44% are ineligible for military service for multiple reasons, the most prevalent being obesity. Gen Z isn’t interested because they misconceived what military service involves.

d. The new Sino-Russian Cold War deter many from considering military service. No one wants to volunteer to fight a war they don’t believe in. The impacts are palpable.

This newly invented conflict is affectionately called “The New Cold War” and the “Return of History” since it marks the steps from the last disaster with Russia in Cuba. This instance has our Commander in Chief toying with worldwide nuclear conflict involving the three superpowers and several lunatic-fringe countries like Iraquistan and North Korea. No one in their right mind would sign up for that. (except for me…)

e. There is a negative impression of patriotism and nationalism. People no longer see or believe America is a great country worth defending. Our values and morals were stripped away by CRT and WOKE ideologies. Socialist doctrines supplanted Americanism by blaming the nation’s ills on white supremacy and capitalism. Who would fight for a country built on the lies emanating from the socialist indoctrination camps? We believe what we’re told.

I’ll close with destroying the American idea of loyalty and duty to the country.

The government indoctrination camps spread hate and discontent about everything America stood for. The efforts to deride and malign our values are insurmountable when ingrained in children’s minds – I consider college students in that collective since the human brain is still developing up to age 25.

These susceptible young minds consume what they’re fed without question. They don’t know. They are naive. If socialist ideology and doctrine are their main intellectual diet, we can only expect them to become socialists.

The Hitlerjugend (Hitler-Youth) was established in 1933 to perpetuate the Nazi fighting force and leadership. It indoctrinated children in the Nazi ideology with a strong emphasis on the superiority of the German race as superhuman leaders by birth.

Our children, the DemoSoc Youth, are taught that racism is endemic and systemic in America. The entire litany of problems facing America is the White Race’s fault. The only way to achieve equity is by taking what belongs to someone – the white majority – and giving it to those they purportedly have wronged.

In reality, it is pure socialism, but we now call it Reparations – an extremely oversimplified lie built on falsely adapted history, ignored facts, and the socialists’ emotional interpretation. You need to understand the history of slavery from the very beginning of time to appreciate how our naivete supports this deluded assertion and the DemoSoc’s direction for America.

“Do the gods light this fire in our hearts, or does each man’s mad desire become his god?” ~ Virgil

Yes, America is that naive!

December 21, 2022

~ The Author ~
Charles R. Dickens was born in 1951, is a veteran of the Vietnam war, for which he volunteered, and the great-great grandson of the noted author, whose name he shares.

He is a fiercely proud American, who still believes this is the greatest country on the planet, with which we’ve lost control and certainly our direction. He grew up in moderate financial surrounding; we’re not rich by any stretch, but didn’t go hungry – his incredibly hard working father saw to that. As most from that era, he learned about life from his father, whose story would take too long to tell, other than to say that, he is also a fiercely proud American; a WWII and Korean war, veteran Marine.

Charlie was educated in the parochial system which, demanded that you actually learn something, and have capability to retain it before you advance. He attended several universities in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree, and chased the goose further to a master’s, and has retained some very definite ideas about education in this country.

In addition, Charlie is a retired blues guitar and vocalist – a musician. This was his therapy career. Nothing brings him as much joy as playing music, and he wishes that he could make a living at it… but alas… life goes on!

That’s Charlie… a proud, opinionated, and passionate American.

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