Posting TRUTH

I’ve experienced a lot in my 70+ years on this planet. A lot of good things and bad but I never in my life have been exposed to the level of political tyranny I experienced yesterday afternoon!

Some foolish person espoused some very nasty and truly disgusting comments about former President Trump and anyone who supports him. He than posted prices for airline flights to Russia and suggested we all should go there.

I made a comment and I quote… Stupid Americans should read The Declaration of Independence.”

BAM! 30 days in FB Jail! It’s seems that they judged that comment to be against their so called community standards! I believe in my Heart that this country will soon be an unfit place for honest hard working, and God fearing people to live!

I’m also glad my time on this planet will soon pass as I will, and I’m sad that I brought no children into this world! But in retrospect what our posterity will suffer through, it’s not so bad! All we can do is Pray for the slim chance that this Evil that is right now coursing it’s way through the life blood of our once great nation will be somehow by the grace of God the Father and his merciful son Christ be defeated!

We all need to get down on our knees and Pray hard!

Thanks you for perusing my rant!

The Hippybiker

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