Benson: Public School Revolutionaries At Work!

Just yesterday I read an article by Lee Duigon on News With Views about the continuing leftist revolution that goes on daily in those government indoctrination centers we refer to as public schools. He referred to two public school systems, one in Boston, the other in Sacramento, California.

Of the Boston school system he wrote: “An ‘academic dean’ in the Boston Public School system has pleaded guilty to racketeering. One Shaun Harrison, 63 years old, shot a student. It turns out Mr. Harrison belonged to the Kings street gang and was using his position in the schools to recruit more members for the gang.” Sounds unbelievable right? Then Mr. Duigon asked some penetrating questions. He wrote: “Did no one in that school district, know, or at least suspect, that this dean might be of a dubious character? Who interviewed him for the job? Who checked his record? Who voted to hire him? What in the world is a confessed racketeer doing, ‘helping problem students’? And was he the only one?” These are all questions that need answering – though I doubt any reasonable answers will be forthcoming.

Mr. Duigon then wrote: “Inderkum High School in Sacramento (we’re going coast to coast) had a ‘teacher’ who bragged about having pledged allegiance to Antifa, displayed an Antifa flag in his classroom, along with posters of Mao Tse-tung and other communist all-stars, and proclaimed to the nooze media, ‘I have 180 days to turn them (his students) into revolutionaries.’ The school board that hired him paid him almost $200,000 to resign and go away without a lawsuit..People go to work, pay their taxes…so they can have this wacko ‘teach’ their children?

Again, Mr. Duigon asked penetrating questions – this time addressed to parents. He said: “What do the public schools have to do to convince you that they want to break up your family and wreck your country? What have they left undone, that you persist in sending your children there?” This is basically the same question I have asked so many times before. I have yet to get a satisfactory answer from anyone. I get a shrug of the shoulders, or the reply that “the public schools were great when I went” or someone says “My public school really has a great band program” or some other such inane reply that really evades the issue. Parents, even Christian parents, don’t seem to grasp the concept that someday they will have to account to the Lord for how they educated their children.

Duigon mentioned R. J. Rushdoony’s excellent book The Messianic Character of American Education. He noted that the “termites” we call educrats have been “gnawing away at the foundations of our country.” And they have – at least since the 1830s. And Duigon states openly, and I totally agree with him here, that “There’s no hope of repairing the damage. Our only meaningful response is to remove our children from the public schools. We don’t need our public education system anymore.” Sam Blumenfeld, in his book Is Public Education Necessary? contends we never needed it to begin with.

Folks, make no mistake about it. The public school system is your adversary and it is in the business of making your children your adversaries! That is what it is all about and what it has always been all about. The good teachers in public schools have helped to stem the problem to some extent, but they can’t stop it. That’s why so many have left the system. They have seen the problems and know they can’t be fixed, so the only solution is separation. Would to God more Christian parents would begin to grasp this instead of being bemused by glitzy band and sports programs that blind them to what really is being taught in public schools.

Submitted to Kettle Moraine, Ltd. on August 12, 2022 for publication by the author.

~ The Author ~
Al Benson Jr. is the editor and publisher of “The Copperhead Chronicle“, a quarterly newsletter that presents history from a pro-Southern and Christian perspective. He has written for several publications over the years. His articles have appeared in “The National Educator,” “The Free Magnolia,” and the “Southern Patriot.” I addition to that he was the editor of, and wrote for, “The Christian Educator” for several years. In addition to The Copperhead Chronicles, Al also maintains Revised History.

He is currently a member of the Confederate Society of America and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and has, in the past, been a member of the John Birch Society. He is the co-author, along with Walter D. Kennedy, of the book “Lincoln’s Marxists” and he has written for several Internet sites as well as authoring a series of booklets, with tests, dealing with the War of Northern Aggression, for home school students.

He and his wife now live in northern Louisiana.

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