Von Reitz: Operation Wet Back…

Back in the 1950’s, when Americans were not pre-programmed to be politically correct, General Dwight D. Eisenhower and his Staff conducted Operation Wet Back. They used US Army and Federal Agency personnel to sweep through the Southern and Western States and remove all undocumented aliens back to their countries of origin. If I recall correctly, more than a million people, mostly South American in origin, were ultimately returned home.

They were returned home and the home country got a stern warning: you are responsible for the care and conduct of your own people within the international community. We respect your borders. You respect ours.

End of communique.

And that was that. No crisis. No political Flim-Flam. No Mexican flags flying above the American flag in LA. No pretense that “treaties” signed by unhinged members of political parties have anything to do with us and our States and our People and our land and soil. No South American Gang Members being allowed to come here and cause trouble.

Threat to our security. Boom. End of that problem.

Eisenhower performed the duty owed by the Territorial United States Government and the U.S. Military and the Commander-in-Chief to protect and defend our land and soil against any kind of invasion – without fanfare, without apology, without political correctness, and without a nod to the Municipal Congress, either.

So now here we are, the actual States of the Union, flexing our muscle and making visitation upon our erstwhile Federal Employees. Consider it a Surprise Inspection after a 150 years, but here we are.

We find that Donald Trump is attempting to do his duty, but various members of the Joint Chiefs and PENTAGON are having difficulty understanding exactly what their duty is and who is owed Performance under the contracts, treaties, and agreements which allow their own existence as “Persons” and which delegates the empowerment they exercise in our behalf.

So here it is, boys, spelled out in black and white.

Your paychecks come from the States and People represented by The United States of America— not “the” United States of America and not “the” United States, either. The Queen and the Pope are both just acting as middlemen under our Delegated Power. Your actual duty to perform is owed to us— the American States and People. Period.

Anything and anyone that threatens us and our well-being, whether foreign – like the hordes of illegal immigrants — or domestic, like renegade members of Congress – you are under absolute obligation to protect us, our peace, and our well-being.

If that means building a physical wall, so be it. If it means telling South American Governments to back off, so be it. If it means rounding up illegal immigrants and arresting Municipal Officers operating unauthorized “Sanctuary Cities” on our shores, so be it. If it means arresting members of Congress who have violated the Public Trust, so be it. Deport them along with the illegal immigrants. If it means being politically incorrect, so be it.

Do your duty. Do it no matter what yelling and screaming it provokes. Do it no matter who snivels and cries in the New York Times. You don’t owe Performance to U.S. Citizens, but you do owe Performance to us: the American States and People.

So, as you can now see, it is all very simple. You all do your duty to the Public Law and the States and the People of this country, or – what good are you? Exactly what do we need you for?

We’ll fire your flat rumps and hire someone else who will do the job we hired them to do. We’ll suspend your pensions for Dereliction of Duty. We will Dishonorably Discharge the whole General Staff. And we won’t blink or be acting guilty or apologizing or being politically correct about it, either.

Better get on board. The Ship of State is sailing.

Written by Anna Von Reitz for A NAtion Beguiled ~ June 30, 2022

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