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Why sue your local public school district? That’s what the superintendent of schools in Harrisonburg, VA, is wondering. Like, what’s the matter with you people?

Chuck Schumer once said “The government is the only thing we all belong to.” Apparently the superintendent takes that literally. The schools are government schools, therefore the kiddies belong to the school, not the parents.

At issue in Harrisonburg is the schools’ “model policy” for kow-towing to “transgender,” drawn up and rushed into place by the state Dept. of Education just before Democrats got blown out in last year’s election. The schools are supposed to find out what “gender” a child “identifies” as, and what pronouns the child wants to be addressed by – and then enforce that. (Sorry for all those quotation marks. They’re necessary: ordinary English words take on some rather strange meanings when leftids use them.)

That’s bad enough – but wait, there’s more.

The school policy says that school staff are “not permitted to notify parents” when a child opts for gender confusion and delusion. That’s why parents and some objecting teachers are suing the school district.

Gee, what’s the matter with them? Who told these parents they had rights? Not in Harrisonburg they don’t.

There was another nifty lawsuit shaping up in Kiel, Wisconsin. There, “school officials” decided to *Investigate* three eighth-grade boys for committing “sexual harassment” by… wait for it!… “mispronouning.” Calling a he a she when he’s still a he but wants to be called a she. And so on. “School officials” cite Title IX of federal law as the basis for a full-blown “investigation”.

Oh, those “incorrect pronouns”! Break out the guillotine! Or at least build a couple of prison camps. Have these alleged educators nothing better to do?

Update: we are told the school is dropping its *Investigation*, possibly for fear of a messy lawsuit that will force them to defend, publicly, their inane policy on pronouns.

By all means, sue public school districts for stupid “policies” tantamount to fomenting racial hatred by teaching Critical Race Theory, grooming children for weird sex by promoting it in the lessons, etc. Sometimes a lawsuit convinces them to back off—

But only until the heat dies down. Then they’ll be at it again.

Can anybody reasonably expect teachers’ unions, teachers’ colleges, and nut-job school administrators to change? These people are maniacs. They want to change reality itself. And worst of all, they think they have a right to do it!

If they can’t sell the public on these policies, their fallback position is to practice them secretly: parents are not to be notified. “What’s said in this classroom stays in this classroom!” Parents are an obstacle to Fundamental Transformation, to be either run over or circumvented, tricked, lied to, or intimidated by the FBI. Thou shalt not question public educators. A lawsuit might scare them off, but it won’t change them. They can’t be changed, so they have to be defeated.

King COVID moved tens of thousands of families into homeschooling; but there are still millions of kids in public school classrooms for the educators to play with. The only protest they’ll ever understand is to take millions of children out of public schools and educate them at home. Let’s see how long they can keep their scam going when there’s nobody sitting in the classrooms.

Really, it’s the only way to save our country.

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Written by Lee Duigon for News With Views ~ June 9, 2022

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