Dickens: Twelve Months

Since the end of the War of Northern Aggression, American’s have been conflicted. When this nation armed itself to proclaim that ‘might makes right,’ even at home, we entered a perpetual battle for our country. The actors change, but not the stakes. This civil war fractured this country irreparably. Just as then, the ultimate goal is control, and the DemoSocs are about to have it all.

In that war, the opposing sides used crude weapons by today’s standards. Thank God we’ve evolved; now, we use technology to lay waste to our country and each other.

Any tool is only as good or moral as the person using it, and the DemoSocs are masters of most high-tech media forms and formats, especially the people who control them. Technology is a massively powerful tool and will be the ruination of America. Actually, I can say the same for both major parties. They’re like sixteen-year-olds with a bottle of Bourbon and the keys to a Corvette.

It’s taken years of finagling, cheating, hallway dealing, back-room shenanigans, corruption, and Quid Pro Quo, but the DemoSocs now have what they’ve lusted for all along. They are our government, and they are power-drunk.

There are, of course, checks and balances built into the system, but who could foresee the moral capitulation and collapse of so many elected representatives? How can five-hundred-thirty-five people that claim to love this country hate us, the people, so much?

They took the forty pieces of silver when they sold us out.

This past year has to be the most devastating twelve-month period in our history. I can’t believe that one group could wreak this much havoc and destroy so much in a short time as the Democrat party. I know it took them years to plan and execute this dastardly plot, and now that they have power, they will do everything possible to strip America of anything not nailed down and turn it to their relentless advantage.

The looting began in the streets and continues to the halls of our government.

Anyone familiar with my commentaries knows that I frequently reference the fall of the Roman Empire. It’s said that Rome ruled the world for over a thousand years, but the Empire officially endured five-hundred and three years.

There are eight primary reasons for Rome’s demise. Here’s my interpretation of how we parallel Rome’s failures.

1. Invasions: America was once a place of refuge for millions of disenfranchised people needing a home. They became American – they assimilated. Now we’re inundated with people that insist on retaining their origins and changing America into the shit-hole they just left.

2. Economic Troubles: Our National Debt is $29 Trillion and climbing every minute. Our Tax revenue is $4 Trillion. I know math is a weak point in education, but this is pretty simple. We’re $25 Trillion short. And if these massive spending bills materialize, we’ll reach nearly $40 Trillion, and we keep writing checks on an empty account. Any questions?

3. Rise of the Eastern Empire: The Middle East and China have been a thorn in everyone’s side since the beginning of time. Bungles the Clown gave Iraquitastan $85 Billion in high-tech weapons, 5,000 highly motivated ISIS and Taliban fighters, a fully operational airbase, and now is brokering deals for the oil we could produce ourselves. He gave China trade deals and most of our manufacturing, allowing them to choke us into submission.

4. Over expansion and military spending: The FY 2021 budget is $753.5 Billion. America is nearly 15 million persons in our military in 80 countries, with 750 bases. Why? We’re not imperialists or colonialists. Are we an Empire or just the world’s uncompensated police force? A big Thanks to NATO and the UN for playing along.

5. Government corruption and political instability: This would take more pages than you would care to read or than I intend to write. Let’s just ask if San Francisco really needs the $200 Million Pelosi Park or if $174 Billion for Electric Vehicle Charging stations across America make sense for only 0.003% of the registered cars in America. Oh, we can’t forget the Wuhan Virus fiasco and tissue of lies used to crater the economy, confuse, and control us, but to add billions in revenue to a few lucky big-pharma companies.

6. The arrival of the Huns and the migration of barbarian tribes: Look to our open southern border and appreciate the parallel. This also plays into point #2 about slave labor/economic troubles. This onslaught of tacitly invited but undocumented cheap labor and their reliance on welfare and other social support systems will decimate our proposed $253 Billion leaving their maintenance, care, feeding, healthcare, education, and subsistence on the states where they are dumped.

7. Christianity and the loss of traditional values: Christianity was replaced by newer insidious religions like The Green Movement, Inclusion, Diversity, Wokism, Critical Race Theory, White Supremacy, Antifa, BLM, and LGBTQIA+ there is no end to the list of ideologies diluting our traditional values. The needle on our moral compass is spinning, searching for a center that few people acknowledge or even miss because our lives are full of attractive distractions leading us astray from a traditional moral base. We are sheeple searching for a shepherd ready to follow any feel-good doctrines and charlatans with a sob story.

8. Weakening of the Roman legions: Sensitive, Self-aware, Self-actualized, and CRT-ready volunteers now stand where actual soldiers once stood. That’s not to say they are not well trained or dedicated to our country, but their leadership is more concerned with racial awareness and overcoming White-Supremacy than building or leading a fighting force. I admire anyone who takes this oath of service as many of us did; however, I question the political leanings of those in charge. These are America’s fighting forces and should not be aligned with any political party.

Does this look even remotely familiar? Can you see the parallels in our lives, in our country? Rome lasted for over one thousand years; We’ve abbreviated this cycle to two-hundred forty-five. This is because we Americans are so efficient.

Karl Marx wrote that “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” This was witty but far from true. History is never repeated, but it borrows, steals, echoes and commandeers the past to create a hybrid, something unique out of the ingredients of past and present.”

This quote points directly to our current situation that the power-brokers, The Cabal, knows history and use its lessons to wrest – extort what they want – America. Right now, we are ripe plum ready for picking. See the list of eight Roman failings above as a reference. They’ve played this Chess match brilliantly.

There’s not much left for us moderate or conservative citizens. We’ll be the minions for the DemoSoc Party. They know just how to handle us. They’ve been doing it for decades. You can’t win every skirmish; you have to lose a few to win the war. It’s like the game of Chess, where you sacrifice pieces to gain an advantage. This war has been strategic all along, and the DemoSocs are close to victory.

I’ll make this short…

The parallels to Rome’s fall are painfully obvious. America is about to follow, and short of a miracle, there is little we can do to stop it. Many pray, awaiting the midterm elections as potential salvation. Don’t think for one minute that the DemoSocs will give up one congressional seat without a protracted battle. They honed their election-rigging skills in the 2020 presidential contest and now stand ready to engage.

They have proven that they are masters of manipulation and subterfuge. Look at who occupies the seat of American power. We have the most ineffectual puppet on the planet, Bungles the Clown, as our president and his laughable Clown Posse as a cabinet. He found himself in the endzone and actually thinks he scored a touchdown.

He’s clueless, and that’s precisely what The Cabal wants!

Just in case you’re wondering, the Cabal is The DemoSoc Party. They have the money, tools, and power to do whatever they want, and they want this country.

By the way – They are very close to having it.

February 8, 2022

~ The Author ~
Charles R. Dickens was born in 1951, is a veteran of the Vietnam, for which he volunteered, and the great-great grandson of the noted author, whose name he shares.

He is a fiercely proud American, who still believes this is the greatest country on the planet, with which we’ve lost control and certainly our direction. He grew up in moderate financial surrounding; were not rich by any stretch, but didn’t go hungry – his incredibly hard working father saw to that. As most from that era, he learned about life from his father, whose story would take too long to tell, other than to say that, he is also a fiercely proud American; a WWII and Korean war, veteran Marine.

Charlie was educated in the parochial system which, demanded that you actually learn something, and have capability to retain it before you advance. He attended several universities in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree, and chased the goose further to a master’s, and has retained some very definite ideas about education in this country.

In addition, Charlie is a professional (struggling) blues guitar and vocalist – a musician. This is his therapy career. Nothing brings him as much joy as playing music, and he wishes that he could make a living at it… maybe some day!

That’s Charlie… a proud, opinionated, and passionate American.

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