BOOM! Governor Takes Action and Officially Bans Ȼrt From Public Classrooms

Quite possibly one the greatest threats that our nation is facing right now is racism.

This used to not be the case until liberals and the mainstream media started pushing this crap once again before the elections just like they always do in order to pick up votes. One of the ways that racism is being spread though among the younger population is through the teaching of Ȼritical RaȻe The0ry. It may seem like it’s not, but the ideas that are a part of this ideology as well as the potential impact it will have on our children and the future of this country is catastrophically harmful.

There have been several parents across the country who have stood up to the school boards who are wanting to introduce this indoctrination into our schools. We have had professors and teachers speak out against it as well, even going so far as to telling parents to pull their children from the schools if they are truly serious about raising children who are not racists.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken the initiative to shut this thing down before it goes anywhere and has officially banned ȻRT from being taught in public classrooms.

The Florida Board of Education (BOE) on Thursday approved a rule initiated by Gov. Ron DeSantis that specifies public schools teach American history based on “universal principles stated in the Declaration of Independence” and bans “critical race theory” from being taught.

Amid protests, attempts to disrupt the board from voting, and emotional public testimony from more than 30 opponents and proponents during the hearing at Florida State College’s downtown Jacksonville campus, the BOE adopted an amended rule that specifically bans “critical race theory” (CRT).

The original proposed rule barred teachers from attempting “….to indoctrinate or persuade students to a particular point of view” but never mentioned CRT specifically.

The amendment sponsored by board member Tom Grady in a split voice vote of the seven-member BOE prohibits “fiction or theory masquerading as facts, such as critical race theory.” The amended rule was subsequently adopted unanimously.

This is definitely the right move to make from Gov. DeSantis. This is a poison that liberals are trying to infect our children with and it must be eliminated quickly.

Written by Thomas Gallatin for Just the News ~ June 15, 2021

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