Witnessing the Abortion Holocaust

Do you have the courage to witness the slaughter of innocent human beings…

These videos show the victims of ‘choice‘, a euphemism for killing our own young.

CLICK the IMAGES to awaken your conscience…

Abortion of a 17 Week Old Child

Murder by Selective Reduction this atrocity

Feminism Killed This Little Girl

Pro-Choice Legacy

Abortion Tears Life Apart

A Grotesque Act of Inhumanity

The Silent Scream

Our Greatest Failing as a Species

The Hard Truth About Abortion

You Can No Longer Say You Didn’t Know

WATCH this video to hear from Planned Parenthood.

Now that you have seen the reality of abortion, will you share it?

Together, we can end this atrocity

Written for and published by Culture Shift ~ November 22, 2017

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2 thoughts on “Witnessing the Abortion Holocaust

  1. veteran

    woe, woe to these people for what they have done.
    God has judged them for this atrocity. it wont be pretty for them in the near future.
    if there is any hope in any of this, just know that these little one’s are with God now and forever !

  2. David H Christie

    Thank you for your efforts to fight for Life God’s life that He gives to each of us and these wonderful little children. The enemy is snuffing out the human race anyway that he can.
    What recommended groups preferably Christian based groups are there to fight this scourge?
    I would like to fight against this abortion curse in our country.
    Thank you

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