Holy Sheetz Batman: The O’Brian Update

I just got back in from celebrating martial law by going out to the Yough river walking trail and trekking 3 miles. It parallels the CSX railroad on the opposite side. In another time, it was the Western Maryland Railroad, near it’s western terminus: Bowest.

Well, recall how we were supposed to have a shortage of staples? Well, the trains are rolling just fine and have been. I have a 24/7 webcam feed up from Belen, New Mexico, a major freight yard for the BNSF and they have been marshaling out trains without disruption all along.

The local pharmacy was a hoot as well the local 24/7 convenience store, Sheetz – No, I’m kidding, That’s its name…

I had to wait at the door inside with everything roped off at the pharmacy, getting my meds at the checkout with cheesy, worthless gloves on. You can’t pour your own coffee at Sheetz. They take your coffee order including what creams or sugars you wanted (coffee and cream styles limited) and bring it to you at the counter.

I caught hell by these folks when I told them this wasn’t about disease control, it was about CONTROL. If people are willing to knuckle under without a whimper so easily, based on a perceived threat, then just wait until the mark of the demo…………er beast.

Take a look around Jeff. 99.9% of the people you will never see again when you cross over. I hope they all enjoy their “Panic-demic.”


Bill O’Brian, RN

March 24, 2020

The author is a long time listener to the broadcasts of Editor and Publisher, Jeffrey Bennett, a friend and traveling buddy. ~ Ed.