Will the REAL Southerners Please Stand Up!

“If I ever disown, repudiate or apologize for the Cause for which Lee fought and Jackson died, let the lightnings of Heaven rend me, and the scorn of all good men and true women be my portion. Sun, Moon, Stars, all fall on me when I cease to love the Confederacy. ‘Tis the cause – not the fate of the Cause, that is glorious!” ~ Maj. R.E. Wilson, CSA

That’s my question. Where are the REAL Southerners and would y’all please stand up. To those of you who have been sending messages asking if I’m OK, or expressing concern at my silence on the page, or what I think about recent events of these past weeks, let me assure y’all that I have received them all.

While I appreciate the concern, I will confess, I find myself somewhat confused…

It would appear that my SILENCE is much more noticed than my posts that showcase our history and heritage. WHY? Continue to post, to try and fulfill my Oath, Charge and Duty as given to the Daughter’s by our Kin, when the vast majority go un-read?

I’ve said before and I will again: YOU CAN NOT DEFEND WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW. These are NOT just fictional, “pretty stories” from the past. These Men and Women lived it, suffered it, bore it . . . Their LIVES MATTERED.

… yet there is more at stake than just the monuments!

We need be reminded: It’s the CAUSE – not the fate of the cause that is glorious

February 12, 2020 was a dark day for our Beloved Dixie. I liken it to watching Atlanta burn AND receiving news that the Southerner’s Cause for Independence was lost. Of course that they BOTH happened on the same day as the Northern Tyrant’s date of Birth, which was an additional sting. For those who haven’t been paying attention, didn’t know or simply don’t “give a damn” . . . it was the day that the Silent Sam settlement was reversed, the day that the Monument Protection clause was reversed, allowing our monuments to fall to “local control”.

If your picking up my anger, GOOD. I’m NOT trying to hide it. As a Daughter, I openly and publicly call SHAME to the Son’s of Confederate Veterans. You have FAILED in your charge and duty. You have dishonored their names and memories by your lack of action and in your greed.

While you have told loyal Brother’s to “stand down” because “there was the bigger picture” to think of – YOU have allowed our enemies to gain more than a foot hold . . . but, by God, you still collected your ill-gotten “dues”. Some went on Social Media and acted the part of a fool. SHAME on you. You are disgrace, you have NO HONOR, you are NOT worthy of their blood sacrifice or to be called their Sons. You have SOLD your heritage for money. I’ll not name names – you KNOW who you are!

Our Kin came together, stood, shoulder to shoulder from all walks of life, some with little or no education, some without proper clothing or shoes for their feet, with pitch forks, clubs and their bare hands to wage war on OUR behalf. Those Men took on an ARMY and came within ONE Battle of winning our Cause . . . Answer then, if you dare, HOW… HOW could their Son’s do less?

Allow me to remind y’all of your Charge – your DUTY . . .

“And is there any message we would give to the States we loved, and on whose behalf we drew swords, more than a generation ago? As we have sorrowed over your devotion, we now rejoice in your prosperity. We chose for you the fortune of war, rather than a shameful peace. We battled for your principles, rather than yield them, not to conviction, but to force. With breaking hearts we bowed beneath the stroke of fate.

We chose the only course worthy of Americans. Better defeat than dishonor; better the long, bitter story of reconstruction than tame surrender of the convictions we received from our fathers, the principles which we cherished as the basis of our liberties. We leave our motives to the judgment of posterity

In the choice we made we followed the dictates of conscience and the voice of honor. We sacrificed all that men hold dear for the land of our birth, and, while we have no fear that history will record our deeds with shame, we do not regard even the verdict of posterity as the equivalent of a clear conscience; nor ought we to have been false to our convictions, even to win the eternal praises of mankind. If our children shall praise us, it is well; if our own hearts tell us we have fulfilled our duty – it is better.

. . .

To you, Sons of Confederate Veterans, we will commit the vindication of the cause for which we fought. To your strength will be given the defense of the Confederate soldiers’ good name, the guardianship of his history, the emulation of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principles which he loved, and which you love also, and those ideals which made him glorious, and which you also cherish. Are you also ready to die for your Country? Is your life worthy to be remembered along with theirs? Do you chose for yourself this greatness of soul?

Not in the clamor of the crowded street,
Not in the shouts and platitudes of the throng,
but in ourselves in triumph or defeat.”

~ General Stephen D. Lee

Too long has the call for help gone out without so much as a response. To long have people like Lance Spivey, Howard Snow, Rodney Seiler, Danny Martin, Danny Aye, Jeffrey Bennett, Dutch Michael, Jenna Stoney and other’s sounded the alarm. We have posted rallies, NONE but a handful show up, We have posted petitions, only a handful sign them let alone share them, We have posted opportunities to come together and train, to prepare . . . with only TWO responses. Yet, on any given day, go to FaceBook and you can find “SOUTHERN WARRIORS” galore.

To those who fall into that category, let me repeat the ending of the charge: Are you also ready to die for your Country? Is your life worthy to be remembered along with theirs? Do you chose for yourself this greatness of soul?

The answer from where I sit and especially for the organization known as the SCV . . . the answer is NO! Too many are worried about being the next General Lee, Jackson, Forrest or Stuart. You sit in your fancy club houses, go through the motions, say the words . . . but it means nothing. You are to busy fighting among yourselves, wondering who the next Bobby Lee is gonna be or who has the biggest d**k among you . . . whatever your doing, YOU are NOT honoring your Oath, duty and charge.

By NO means do the Daughters get a clean pass either. Yes, we are strong, yes, we are independent, fiercely loyal and we stand between the World and our families with unflinching, unconditional love.

That being said, OUR role as Daughters and Sister’s is DIFFERENT from our Brother’s . . . WE stand behind them, encourage them, strengthen them. WE don’t need to stand out in a crowd screaming obscenities and letting it all hang out simply because we can. We are descended from STRONG Women, who could and often did stand as tall as any Man, but it was done with grace and with honor. We should NEVER be in front of a Son or Brother, that is NOT our place.

Back in the day, Southern Men were given charge over their Women. A Father, Brother, Uncle, Cousin often spoke on or acted on behalf of their Women Kin. How do you dare represent the honor and traditions of the South, when you have proven that you can’t even represent yourself?

“To you, Daughters of the Confederacy, will be given the loving service of remembering the Confederate dead, and of ministering to the living, who were dear to him, and are in need of your help and tenderness. Worthy daughters, you shall be of the immortal women, your mothers, who gave to womanhood a new perfection of heroism, and a more divine expression of sacrifice and devotion.” ~ General Stephen D. Lee

Collectively, WE now stand at a cross road. WE either stand up and remember WHO WE ARE. STAND – and honor our Oath’s, charges and duties, PROTECT and DEFEND our history and heritage or we resign ourselves to watching our glorious heritage be lost to the pages of time.

I can not speak for y’all, but as for myself, When at Sundown I am re-united with those who have gone before, I will NOT face them with my head hung in shame.

Will YOU be able to do the same?

I ask a final time: Will the REAL SOUTHERNER’S PLEASE STAND UP?

February 14, 2020

…an Angry Daughter of the Confederacy