Welcome Home Brothers…

I served with Delta Company 1 – 9 from Oct 1965 to 23 Feb 1966. It was almost an every day occurrence with someone being wounded or killed. We went over the side of the ship into a landing craft to make a beach landing at Chu Lai, Vietnam on 12 May 1965 with Lima Company 3 – 3 at age 17. I was later transferred to Da Nang in Oct 1965

I was shot in the leg (flesh wound) by a sniper 22 Oct 1965. Even with all the casualties each day, we just accepted our fate and went about our patrols and operations as we were trained. I have no regrets of my service in Vietnam and would do it all over again. I am proud of my service in the Marines. Finally at age 69, I filed for VA Disability and my Total
Rate is 220%

* 100% PTSD

* 80% Neuropathy

* 20% Diabetes

* 20% Cataracts

I did not file previously, I felt undeserving because I had other Marines I served with who lost arms, legs and had severe disabling injuries.

I thought that the only thing wrong with me was fat, old and lazy!!

I urge any veteran with disabilities to file for VA Disability as soon as possible.

Because of pride and stubornness, I cheated myself out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Dan Taylor

D E Taylor 0311 Infantryman
Corporal USMC