What In the World Has Happened To The America We Grew Up In?

It has been but just a few months since I put pen to paper and wrote and posted the following, and yet it seems to grow in importance with each passing day. Read it for the first time, or read it again. The end draws near. People, get ready… ~ Ed.

To Granny and Cat…

April 9, 2019 ~ I have been in a state of proverbial ‘funk’ for nearly a year now. You’ll remember last July when I had made the decision to shut down Federal Observer after seventeen years of publication – only to slowly change gears for God knows what reason. Over these past nine-plus months, the site – although looking much the same – has taken new directions – or in some cases readdressing old topics – which still drive me to this day. I’ll not draw you a map today – you may review the site on your own time and come to your own conclusion… and that is where I stand at this point – conclusions – or more specifically – the Conclusion of this once great nation. MAGA? Forget it – it will never happen. We near the end of the journey.

Several days ago I re-posted an article from 2015 by the Rebel Madman, Michael Gaddy, which seems to have greater importance today than when he originally penned it. If you have not read it thus far – I invite you to do so, for in many ways – it spells out the predicament we in America find ourselves today [ADDICTED to our own DESTRUCTION] – and much of it brings me to my conditions of perpetual frustration and depression.

As I do nearly each day, I publish the best of our four active web-sites on Facebook – and sometimes they land me in Facebook Jail – or bring about the deletions of numerous posts which I have made – usually within five minutes – hence the recent publication, April 4, 2019 ~ The Facebook Chronicles… and once again this week they violated my freedom once again as relates to anything of a Health & Wellness nature coming from our oldest extant web-site Dr. Kelley’s ‘Victory Over Cancer’.

Allow me for a moment to lay out a map for you… When I posted Gaddy’s article on Facebook, I received the following question from a dear lady who I have become FB ‘friends’ with – we’ll just refer to her by the name I have affectionately given her – ‘Cat’, who asked “Why is it so hard to do what is right?“… to which I replied,

As I sit at my desk each night preparing posts for my various Blogs, and going through this THING called Facebook – I am now convinced that it can never be again… not in our lifetime Cat. I have never felt so down and depressed in my life as I do today. People just do not know right from wrong today. The schools, entertainment, the media and the lack of parental involvement (if there are parents in their lives anyway) have all contributed to the demise of the Empire.

I prepare for my journey Cat. I am tired and worn out…

Her reply to the above was the ONE thing that gave me pause to smile yesterday, “That is the right step – to prepare Jeffrey. You have done all you can do and you did it well. The die has been set. Very few will change their minds at this point in time. They have been blinded. I’m happy you are part of the remnant.

Cat’s follow-up comment to me was in Private Messenger when she stated,

“Jeffrey I am sending out (contact information) to a select few friends that I value and trust in case of emergency. I may need to tell you what’s going on in my part of the country or you may need to tell me what’s going on in your part. I can hardly stand Facebook anymore so don’t know when I will be bailing.”

The die has been cast my friends and her feelings, as well as mine and millions of other people are tired of the games. As I stated in my “Facebook Chronicles” article, “…Facebook is no longer a social network – but a Socialist Network… Apparently America is no longer a Nation that tolerates Free Speech – other than for certain people.”

Interestingly enough, the title of this column you are now reading was actually the sub-title of a column from Michael Snyder that I finished posting just over an hour ago, “I Cry When I Think Back to How Things Used To Be.” Not only do I strongly recommend that you read and share it with others, but also give serious consideration to the one single (lengthy) comment left by one a reader who calls him or herself, Mucky Littel Me – BUT – what the author states merely lays out the road map as to how we got here…

Understanding the World and How and Why We Got Here

It is not just the US but right across the West because it is the same globalist social engineering program.

Political correctness is a major tool of that social engineering program, it is top down fascistic authoritarianism and was introduced a couple of decades ago under the guise of “liberalism” and promoted through all the usual suspects – fake news MSM, the establishment, and all globalist institutions.

Another major tool is mass immigration which has been engineered and was outlined in UN agenda 21 (1993).

Just consider the very term, “political correctness”…

Our politics are opinions and as such there can be no correct or incorrect subjective stance, it can only be agreed or disagreed with and either position is viable so long as our sensibilities and intellect determine the opinion we hold.

This is exactly what tyranny and the totalitarianism of communistic collectivism most fear because it requires us to seek opposing points of view and contrasting information before coming to our own individual conclusions.

What they need is drones, not thinkers.

Now consider who would want a system as intellectual dishonest, morally bankrupt and politically stifling as political correctness – a system where one thought is deemed correct and any that dissents with that fraudulent absolute is incorrect and banished?

The people who get to arbitrarily decide what is correct and incorrect of course and naturally all thoughts that enrich and empower them are correct while all thoughts that dissent against them are incorrect.

There is no such thing as political correctness other than in the minds of tyrants, what it is in reality is enforced political homogeneity and that homogeneity is  a top down collectivist tyranny entirely designed by the elite and controlled by the elite (a few dozen global financiers and corporate heads who now own more than half the worlds wealth).

We can name that enforced political homogeneity communism or fascism or a corporatocracy, a kleptocracy or a plutocracy, in truth it has facets of all because all these systems are top down domination that demand a servile underclass, something the useful idiot left excel at, no more so than Brexit and demanding we give over our nation, culture heritage, rights and democracy to elitist tyrants because otherwise we are “fascists”

The whole premise is to destroy the national cultural identity, social cohesion and ultimately sovereignty of Western nations.

We can see a manifestation of this with the political schism caused by Brexit, the polarization of the politically correct brainwashed remain, who as Huxley wrote embrace their slavery by desiring to give up self determination and overturn democracy in favour of totalitarian technocracy, and the instinctive grass roots reaction to the tyranny by the populist uprising across Europe and in the US.

Once the fiber that holds a nation together, its cultural identity, is destroyed then the people can easily be separated from their nation, their heritage, the right to self determination and ultimately their rights by an unaccountable centralized plutocratic elite who run the technocracy overseeing it all (EU for Europe, NWO or Global forum for the world [UN is a blueprint only, the real global governance will be run by technocrats themselves run by plutocrats, not politicians]).

The EU is but one of 5 pillars of global governance which will all make their own centralized governments for their regions (North American alliance for example) and these regions will then themselves be brought into alignment to create one global government.

The branches of political correctness are designed to vilify and censor opposition and create constant division so that people cannot unite behind a common cause.

Far from being indiscriminate and unbiased it is discriminatory and unfair by design to create privileged sub-classes which themselves will be superseded by new sub-classes – this is made manifest in the current victim culture.

Take Identity politics which proclaims to be about equality yet if we are all equal then our identity is naturally individuals and not as groups if we are measuring equitable society – that is real equality is that we all have the same rights and opportunities from birth regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality etc.

Thus the very act of separating people into these groups and labeling them is one of discrimination and to campaign for women’s rights, or gay rights or any other rights and not equal rights for all people is self evidently campaigning for privileges of one group over another.

This is deliberate and why clearly prejudiced and fascistic policies such as affirmative action, which promote one group over another… are pushed as equality and combating “privilege” when they are in fact the opposite.

Examples of this are women’s rights are trumped by transsexuals rights to use their bathrooms.

Christians rights to follow their religion are trumped by gays rights to freedom of expression.

The right to freedom of expression is trumped by “minorities” rights to be offended.

There are dozens of example of this hypocrisy and victim-hood Olympics which have been created by design and at the bottom of the pile is the straight white male who is a patriot – they are designated “Nazis”

It cannot be emphasized enough that this is an engineered plan.

The reason white men are so vilified and classed as privileged no matter their standing or social status, a homeless white man is privileged but black millionaire celebrity such as Smollett is a victim, is because across the West the indigenous populations that built Western civilization and the liberal wealthy nation states with all their national cultural diversity are the people who recognize they and their culture and their nations are being destroyed (they may not understand why but they instinctively feel it) and it is they who stand in the way of the collapse of these nations because they are their beating hearts.

The globalists and the useful idiot left are not targeting whites because of their skin color but because of their culture. Any blacks or other ethnicity that has integrated and become a part of these great nations and adopted this culture is equally hated and despised, indeed if their number were large enough they would be the main target of the globalists because they above the vilified white man can unite all behind a common cause of fighting this great tyranny and evil.

This is why “minorities” that speak out against globalism and political correctness are rounded upon so viciously by the naturally authoritarian left and globalist puppet masters while those who play their roles as victim and oppressed are showered with gifts.

Mucky Little Me
April 3, 2019

It is quite rare that one of my columns rambles on as long as this one, but there are things, frustrations and feelings which one must get off their chest at times. Maybe it is for YOU or for future posterity – you know – when someone, someday many thousands of years into the future asks, What in the World happened to the America they grew up in?.

Or maybe I post these rants just for my own peace of mind…

To be called a part of the Remnant is an honor for which I had never considered that I was worthy of, but remember these words my friends – Gird up your loins and prepare for the battles which lie ahead – but FIRST – make your amends with those who you love – and even those who you have not spoken to for many years – and most specifically and pointedly – to the Lord up above.

April 9, 2019

I’ll see you at Sundown…

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