Preparing for the Penile Transplant

Flaming Penile Asset Transplant

So, I’m at the bank today, trying to deposit a small check into my account, and I ask for a deposit slip because they no longer put them out for us. They prefer we use our debit card(conditioning for cashless society). I tell her I don’t use a debit card, just give me the slip. I write my info on the slip including my account #, memorized after over 20 years of being with this bank.

So, the girl asks me if this is my account, I said look at my ID I handed you. Then she asked me for the address. I gave it to her, since it’s different than on my ID, and she says I need something else, like an email. Then I realize, this isn’t about security, this is about gathering information for the federal government, at which point I said “NO MORE. Just deposit my money into my account that I’ve had for 20 years in my name.”

Why on fucking earth would someone go depositing their checks in someone else’s account? Is this even a problem? Ok, I can see where maybe drug cartels are laundering money in this fashion, but, between banks, government, and all the other daily bullshit I deal with, I’m so over this “civilized society.” IMO, it isn’t civilized. It isn’t polite. It is very demanding, nosy, invasive, and violent. I haven’t felt like a free human being since my teens. At least then, I preserved a little naivete about life and the true nature of our prison we live in.

It’s almost gloves off time, people. I feel the pressure mounting. I see it all around me. Zombies and other assorted useless eaters. I RARELY ever meet a quality person who is polite on the street or that I can converse with. It reminds me of 1984, and how people were so afraid to talk to other people, because they never knew when they were talking to an agent and so many things were politically incorrect. So many people simply don’t see it. I see the bars on the prison, and when I remind people or point it out to them, they want to kill the messenger, and I feel this undercurrent of hostility in almost everyone I meet, because most are stressed out and don’t know why. They are having a harder time making ends meet.

They feel it closing in on them but they can’t see it or are afraid to admit it. It’s little things like this banking bullshit that just set my mind on fire now. I know it shouldn’t, but it’s like death by a million paper cuts.

This society is going down, and it’s gonna be horrible, a huge sucking drain that pulls us all down to hell with it. I say “good riddance.”

David Lee Williams
October 31, 2019

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