Take out the Snakes…

Crested Serpent Eagle (Spilornis cheela) takes on a rat snake (Coelognathus spp.) at the Keoladeo National Park in Rajasthan, India. Photo: Ashish Inamdar.

These past months I have become angrier and angrier. Some of my issues are family related, but most are what is going on in this nation.

Earlier today, a friend on Facebook posted the following statement:

As many know I am Pres. of Confederate Free States, but if you are a Confederate and don’t believe you want be part of my group – there are others out there too. It’s not about me or my Group it’s about helping the Cause. Find a Confederate Group that suits you and help it grow.

My response was as follows:

ALL of the groups had better cut the crap and band together. The enemy is taking over – and they are winning – while “the groups” sit around and talk about it. The time is long past due to UNITE for one last battle….

I never know how folks will respond to this kind of response – but I am long past worrying about it. It is time to band together – North – South – each of us – Americans – and who the hell knows – we might finally get retribution for that SoB, Sherman.

Does my response to R.J. offend you? Does his original statement offend you? Frankly – I don’t really care.

My point is this… look at the image at the opening of this post…  THIS is what we MUST become in this nation – Crested Serpent Eagles  taking on the rat snakes.

They are winning, we are losing.

See you at Sundown…


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