The Anti-American Left is a Cult

Definition and Characteristics of Modern Leftist Cult in 2019

Ten simplified examples of the twisted-sickness of the enemy within…

1) A section of the population who have a religious-like belief in the group’s narratives and doctrine.

2) Doctrine over person. No individualism allowed. Individual’s experiences are subordinate to the group’s doctrine. All members must conform to the ideology of the group. Individual members must sacrifice themselves as martyrs for the advancement of the group’s doctrine.

3) Sacred science. The group’s doctrine is the ultimate truth. The science is settled by group consensus, not by actual science.

4) Controlling and censoring information to prevent questioning of the group’s doctrine and to shut down debate, since debate would expose the falseness of the doctrine.

5) Loading the language to accomplish brainwashing. Changing the meaning of words. Creating new terms such as “toxic masculinity”, “white privilege” and “TERF”.

6) Worship of self, worship of science. Man is the ultimate being because their is no GOD as in traditional religions.

7) Manipulation of experiences so that the experiences appear to be spontaneous but which are actually orchestrated by leaders.

8) Demand for purity of belief in the group’s doctrine. Escape from the group is not possible even for a moment. No privacy allowed.

9) Confession of sins against the group doctrine. White male heterosexualism is the ultimate sin. Admitting the sin by group members makes them guilty and shamed which allows easier domination and control of the members by leaders (priests) of the group. This is now happening to college students during college orientation week.

10) Psychological manipulation in modern mainstream news, colleges, television shows, Hollywood movies, internet social media.

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