Coincidence or MURDER?

Lots of folks have suffered from the HILLARY-CIDING – the true numbers will be forever Bleach-bit. Don’t ignore the recent deaths of GOP members in ARK and OKLA. Maybe that is why Obummer protected her to such a degree… ~ Jackie (Granny)

I never gave up an intrinsic desire as a supervising Detective Lieutenant New York City Police to attempt to formulate a reasonable conclusion to ongoing death investigations, even after my retirement. I like the challenge so, when something piqued my interest and curiosity today I had to enact that compulsion.

I happened to receive info from the NYPD today of the “suicide” death by gunshot to the head of two officers occurring within 24 hours of each other on June 6, 2019. Coincidence?…Perhaps, but then again I really do not have a strong belief in coincidences at the onset.

One officer was a Detective Calabrese attached to the 67th Precinct Brooklyn. He was found in his private auto parked on Plumb Beach in Borough of Brooklyn. The second, a Deputy Chief Steven Silks, due to retire in 4 days, was found in an unmarked police car on a Borough of Queens street. Both Boroughs border each other.

Nothing particularly peculiar about these shootings….yet.

In my recollection of Chief Silks, the salient act I attributed to him was that he was in charge of the investigation concerning New York City House of Representatives Anthony Wiener’s involvement with child pornography, trafficking etc and it’s connection to the Clinton Foundation. My intuitive nature began to take over and after a little research I found some very interesting information to wit: on June 4, 2019 former Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins-Smith was brutally shot to death outside her home. Matter currently under investigation. To wit: on June 6, 2019 former Oklahoma State (NOTE – border state to Arkansas) Senator Johnathan Nichols was found deceased in his Norman Oklahoma home, however, gun was found across the room from the body. Matter under investigation.

So what does this mean, you say? Excellent question and the short and sweet answer is the fact that Linda died a few days short of giving testimony against Hillary Clinton concerning a 28 million dollar loss (missing) of money from the Clinton Foundation slated to be used by the Department of Human Services Child Protective Services. Part of that testimony was to include the Wiener involvement.

Concerning Senator Nichols, it was found that Wiener’s laptop computer which contained all the damning evidence against Wiener and possibly the Clinton Foundation, had passed through his hands. I have not been able to find a connection to the death of Detective Calabrese but I will continue to ask around. Based on the information I have found thus far I think there is enough for you all to form your own opinion…..Coincidence or Murder? the interest of furthering justice I have forwarded the above information to appropriate authorities for whatever action they may deem necessary.

AS AN ASIDE..crime does not pay whether it be on a large scale or small as, for example, in the fraudulent deception of donated funds deliberately diverted, let’s say, from where it was advertised to go to a place where it was not advertised to go. BROTHERS, you know where I am going here!

See ya when I see ya! ~ Ed

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