The Final Dig! Was John McCain a Traitor?

Special Message to Meghan McCain… “SHUT UP!”

~ Foreword ~
UPDATE: August 24, 2018 ~ It was announced today by Senator  ‘Songbird’ that he is no longer being treated for his brain-cancer, as he realizes that his time is up. Have a better journey McCain than you provided for others, for It can not be soon enough that your final “dig” will take place – and you will be placed underground, which will bring you closer to your Father – Satan!.

The following was recently discovered on the blog of a colleague. As an Arizona resident for forty-two years – I have had no use for him. As a Viet Nam veteran – I have had even less use for the continued lies and deceit of John McCain.  This column deserves the modified title of, “The Final Dig.”  McCain died the day after this forward post. ~ J.B.

Americans left behind in Vietnam

Having recently accused president Trump of “treason,” the biggest traitor in Washington D.C. might be none other than Senator John McCain.

Disturbing information continues to emerge about his direct ties to Muslim terrorists and the London bomber, and how he’s owned and funded by Saudi terrorists and George Soros.

Ever since Trump got into office, McCain has done everything in his power to subvert the President of the United States, which is a federal crime.

As McCain continues to garner the sympathy of many Americans who still falsely believe he’s a Vietnam “war hero,” it’s time that we finally set the record straight about the unbelievable things McCain did during his time in the military, before McCain dies and nauseating tributes are made about his “service” in Vietnam.

It’s important to note that due to McCain’s familial ties to high ranking Naval commanders during his time in service (his father and grandfather were both four-star admirals), the majority of McCain’s massive catastrophes and scandals in the Navy were completely buried, and his military records sealed.

Of course there is the cover up that John McCain was solely responsible for the horrifying atrocity aboard the USS Forrestal Aircraft Carrier on July 31, 1967 where his cocky maneuver of doing a “wet start” of his plane would kill 134 sailors, in the deadliest loss of life the Navy has ever seen. But because of McCain’s daddy being a 4-star admiral, the entire incident was buried, and the Navy never officially put blame on anyone for the tragedy. Astonishingly, McCain would not only be allowed to continue serving in the Navy, but would go on to be responsible for the deaths of numerous other men, in a scandal that has been successfully buried for decades.

Three months after the bloody tragedy on the USS Forrestal Aircraft Carrier, John McCain was sent on a bombing mission over Hanoi in October of 1967 when he was shot down and captured by the North Vietnamese, where he’s go on to be a prisoner of war until 1973. After being released from captivity, McCain would use his POW story and veteran status to rise to political prominence, where his image as a “Vietnam war hero” would go on to propel him to be elected as a United States Senator.

“Songbird” McCain is welcomed back as a hero by President Nixon

John “Songbird” McCain was welcomed back as a hero by President Nixon. But a “hero” is the last thing that John McCain was or will ever be. What most people don’t know is the massive government scandal that McCain helped hide, as he’d go on for decades to tirelessly work to bury stunning information about American prisoners over in Vietnam who unlike him, didn’t return home. Using his position as a senator, McCain would be behind the scenes quietly pushing and sponsoring federal laws that would keep the most damning information about our POWs buried through classified documents.

The secrets that John McCain has sought to hide about Vietnam POWs are massive. Despite sworn testimony by two Defense Secretaries of “the men left behind” in Vietnam, McCain continued to push the massive lie that there were no survivors, much to the horror of POW families who were frantic to know the truth about what happened to their loved ones.

Enormous amounts of government documents indicate that hundreds of prisoners held in Vietnam were not returned when President Nixon signed the peace treaty in January of 1973. Only 591 in Hanoi were released, among them, Navy combat pilot John S. McCain.

After the war, President Nixon promised the Vietnamese a $3.25 billion in “postwar reconstruction” aid “without any political conditions.” But there was a catch to this promise, where Nixon had included that Congress would have to approve these funds; approval that never happened. Furious that the American government had double-crossed them, Hanoi decided to keep the remaining hundreds of American prisoners, because their ransom money (post war provisions) never came.

CIA whistleblowers said that the government wanted to keep these missing men a secret, because as more years passed, it became more and more difficult for the government to admit that it knew about the prisoners that were left behind. Years later, CIA officials admitted that their intel indicated that the remaining POWs were eventually executed by the Vietnamese, as they were no longer useful bargaining chips.

McCain seems to have forgotten them.

After the Pentagon’s POW/MIA office was publicly shamed by internal whistleblowers that there were in fact still men in Vietnam being held as POWs, the pressure from the families and Vietnam veterans finally forced the government in 1991 to create the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, to investigate these allegations. John Kerry was made chairman of the board, and McCain became its most pivotal member. In the end, this committee became part of the debunking machine, and McCain would become paramount to sweeping the entire atrocity of these forgotten POWs under the rug.

But what people don’t know is John McCain’s vital role in keeping this story about these abandoned POWs hidden from the American public, as a traitor who completely turned his back on his brothers-in-arms who had remained in captivity by the Vietnamese.

In the 1990s, legislation was proposed to Congress called “the Truth Bill” that would’ve provided complete transparency about these prisoners and missing men. But the Pentagon and McCain bitterly opposed the bill, and it went nowhere. People were predictably outraged over the bill being shot down, so in an effort for McCain and crooked Pentagon officials to cover their asses, the McCain Bill,” suddenly appeared several months later.

This bill eventually became law in 1991, but would only create a bureaucratic maze, making the truth for the families completely impossible to discover. The provisions of the law explicitly states why the Pentagon and other agencies are justified for not releasing information about prisoners held in captivity. Later that year, the Senate Select Committee was created, and McCain and Kerry would work together to bury the last renaming evidence on the missing men.

The American Conservative reported on the other ways McCain screwed over the POWs, by authoring a crippling amendment to the Missing Service Personnel Act, that stripped away the obligations that commanders were previously held to of speedily searching for missing men and reporting these incidents to the Pentagon.

The American Conservative reported:

“McCain was also instrumental in amending the Missing Service Personnel Act, which had been strengthened in 1995 by POW advocates to include criminal penalties, saying, ‘Any government official who knowingly and willfully withholds from the file of a missing person any information relating to the disappearance or whereabouts and status of a missing person shall be fined as provided in Title 18 or imprisoned not more than one year or both.’ A year later, in a closed House-Senate conference on an unrelated military bill, McCain, at the behest of the Pentagon, attached a crippling amendment to the act, stripping out its only enforcement teeth, the criminal penalties, and reducing the obligations of commanders in the field to speedily search for missing men and to report the incidents to the Pentagon.”

“About the relaxation of POW/MIA obligations on commanders in the field, a public McCain memo said, ‘This transfers the bureaucracy involved out of the [battle] field to Washington.” He wrote that the original legislation, if left intact, “would accomplish nothing but create new jobs for lawyers and turn military commanders into clerks.'”

“McCain argued that keeping the criminal penalties would have made it impossible for the Pentagon to find staffers willing to work on POW/MIA matters. That’s an odd argument to make. Were staffers only “willing to work” if they were allowed to conceal POW records? By eviscerating the law, McCain gave his stamp of approval to the government policy of debunking the existence of live POWs.”

What’s even more sick is how McCain demonized the two Pentagon chiefs’ sworn testimonies who testified under oath about the men left behind, while insisting that all the evidence – to include documents, witnesses, satellite photos – be completely buried. He would go on to paint the entire story as an “unpatriotic myth” calling the testimony of anyone coming forward Vietnam’s POW’s the “bizarre rantings of the MIA hobbyists.” To this day, McCain regularly vilifies those who try to get their hands on these classified documents (that he’s worked for decades to conceal) as “hoaxers,” “charlatans,” “conspiracy theorists,” and “dime-store Rambos.”

Ironically, the very same man who who for decades has been propped up and hailed a POW war hero and crusader for the interests of other POWs, is the very same man responsible for their deaths. It’s absolutely sick how this man, despite his murdering and treasonous and crooked antics for decades, is to this day regarded as a “hero” in the minds of millions of Americans. It’s finally time that we set the record straight on who John “Songbird” McCain truly is before he dies of brain cancer, and nauseating tributes are made about his “patriotic service” to our country.

The author, James W. King is the Commander of Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #141 in Albany, Georgia.

NOTE: The above post was originally published on the Federal Observer on July 29, 2018 and has been subsequently updated on several occasions. ~ Ed.

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  1. Mary


  2. Sharon

    To the author of this article: would you please get a copy of your article to our wonderful President, Donald Trump, so that he can declassify McCain’s military records to reveal the truth about the man. It was sickening that our country allowed this charade of a funeral for a foul mouthed, bad tempered, bitter, traitor to take place for an entire week. McCain is so damn egotistical, that he spent his final year planning his own funeral down to the pallbearers all to take place on the Govt’s dime. Liberals hated him until his thumb down to repeal Obamacare, which he hated. But only did it to spite Trump. McCain was a bitter, spiteful man (along with his family) until the end. The truth needs to be told. Thank you.

  3. food for thought

    Speaking of treason,
    what do you think of this story I found on I bet John McCain was involved with this as well, right?


    QUNEITRA, Syria (PNN) – August 4, 2018 – A Syrian Arab News Agency reporter embedded with the army in Quneitra province in the Golan Heights came upon a warehouse containing large stocks of weapons and ammunition used by the militants.

    Among the haul were Fascist Police States of Amerika and Israeli-made weapons, Israeli food products, and a collection of supplies thought to have belonged to the White Helmets, a controversial rescue group that has fabricated chemical attacks by Syria in order to justify FPSA attacks against Syria.

    Weapons included FPSA-made rifles and missiles, ammunition of various calibers, mines, sniper rifles, and machine guns, as well as military communications equipment. The find includes at least 9 anti-tank missile systems, including the FPSA-made TOW.

    The search for warehouses containing weapons used by militants continues, with the jihadists believed to have hidden large stocks of weapons in underground caches in local villages and adjacent plantations before fleeing.

    Last month, Syrian troops seized a separate arms depot in neighboring Daraa province, where they discovered a large stock of FPSA-made TOW anti-tank missiles.

    On Thursday, the Russian General Staff confirmed that the Syrian government had successfully reestablished control over the provinces of Al-Suwayda, Daraa, and Quneitra in southern Syria. Thanks to the efforts of the Russian Center for Reconciliation, the majority of the so-called “moderate” militants laid down their arms without a fight, and joined government forces to liquidate Daesh (ISIS) and Nusra Front militants. Others were evacuated with their families to Idlib province in Syria’s north, which remains under opposition control.

    The Syrian-controlled portion of Quneitra, delineated under the 1974 military disengagement agreement with Israel, borders on the Israeli-occupied portion of the Golan Heights, a strategically important elevated territory on the Syrian-Israeli border that Tel Aviv seized and annexed following the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. The United Nations Security Council rejected the move and called the 1981 annexation and decision to impose Israeli laws, jurisdiction and administration over the Syrian territory, “null and void and without international legal effect.”

  4. Virginia Kautz

    I believe every word of this. My neighbor was in the service the same time as John McCain. He would tell stories about McCain and I did not believe them but I didn’t tell him that. As time went on I realized the storied my neighbor had told me about John McCain were TRUE. McCain was not the hero the people had tried to make him. He has been a liar all his life and people have allowed him to keep lying. he was never held accountable for his crimes and the many deaths he has caused. Soon he will meet his maker and there will be no more excuses. Accountability will be had one way or the other.

  5. Publisher

    Wayne – it is great to hear from you. I’m around. Also have a couple of other sites, and I have one more thing in the works – but it hasn’t happened yet. Stick around…

  6. Wayne

    Hi Jeff
    Have listened to you since 2001 when you were on WWCR , lost track of you for some time, until a couple of years ago when with some searching I found the micro effect and your webcast, it is good to hear you again!, although you are going to shut this site down, this is a chance to send this note, I would stop by this site from time to time when In was able. I hope to continue to hear you and will stop by metropolis café as time allows.
    Respectfully yours
    Wayne B.

  7. Sinolav

    Being a Vietnam Vet and having “been there” I too believe McCain and Jane Fonda are traitors, and should have been tried and if found guilty hung!

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