Prediction: High court will one day face heartbeat bill

A longtime pro-life activist predicts it’s a certainty the U.S. Supreme Court will have to rule on abortion once again, this time over the evidence of a heartbeat in the womb.

Janet Porter of ministry Faith 2 Action tells OneNewsNow that the so-called “heartbeat” bills introduced around the country will eventually challenge Roe v Wade, and she advises that an Ohio bill has the momentum to become law and possibly reach the high court.

“Not only was it reintroduced for the fifth time in Ohio,” Porter says of the bill, “but it was reintroduced with a majority in both the House and the majority in the Senate as co-sponsors.”

There are 50 co-sponsors of the heartbeat legislation in the Ohio House and 19 co-sponsors in the Senate, Porter reported on her ministry’s website.

Gov. Mike DeWine will sign the bill if it reaches his desk, which seems likely.

Porter says a heartbeat measure has been introduced in 11 states and in the U.S. Congress this year while states such as New York have made national headlines for their radical pro-abortion laws.

“Well, to me,” says Porter, “the best way to react is not to march about it, not to yell about it, but to end it.”

Once signed into law there will be a legal challenge and Porter says that’s the point.

The idea is to get the law before the Supreme Court, which is already leaning pro-life and could be a pro-life majority if Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg retires.

Written by Charlie Butts for One News Now ~ February 14, 2019

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