…of greater importance!

July 24, 2001 – the day that Federalobserver.com was launched. Much has transpired in these nearly seventeen years – and little of it has been good – maybe other than the births of my two eldest granddaughters and the acceptance of the older granddaughter by Arizona State University into the Bio-Medical Engineering program , and yet…

The Federal Observer has limped along these past many years, declining from its high of 6 million (yeah – that magic number) views per month beginning shortly after 9/11. There were few web-sites of its type around then – they are a dime a dozen today – each one copying the other. During these past years, I have lost many close friends – major contributor’s to the Federal Observer in many forms including, Alan Caruba, J.D. Longstreet, John Slagle, the Dawg – Chris Hambleton, Dorothy Anne Seese, Miss American and Sandra Miller. We will stick around for awhile, however understand that I will be concentrating more and more on issues of greater importance than what we seem to posting here at The Federal Observer on an almost daily basis.

I have concluded that NOTHING can be done about the criminal element in Washington, D.C.. They are all in it for themselves – hook (crook), line and sinker. Hang them ALL – and Hang ’em High! It matters not which ‘Party” they claim to belong to. THEY ignore all the laws of the land – and continue to “legislate” toward new ‘voters’ – ignorant ones, young ones and mostly ILLEGAL ones. That is among the few battles that I care about any longer.

It’s now one on one – and you must assume responsibility!

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The major portion of my efforts and work now goes toward two arenas – Health and Education. Many of you are aware of my seven year relationship with Dr. William Donald Kelley and his tireless efforts in guiding people to become and remain cancer free. I have continued to represent his work and memory since his passing in January of 2005. I was selected by his Estate and family to assume the responsibility of the continued publishing of his two seminal books on health, Dr. Kelley’s Self Test for the Different Metabolic Types and his seminal work on cancer – now entitled Victory Over Cancer: Without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation. The second book was re-titled for legal reasons and others. It seems that the previous “version” of the book, had been altered (unbeknownst to Kelley), to the point of altering the integrity and protocols of the program. I fully restored the original book, “Once Answer to Cancer” to the author’s intent – with considerable additional

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information, which let the readers know who the REAL Donald Kelley was – not what the murderers of the current wave of Holistic and Natural practitioners want you to believe. Any variations of Kelley’s work being offered via Amazon or other net catalogues – are illegal reprints – many coming in from off-shore in complete violation of copyright laws. We can NOT guarantee the integrity of said books, nor the ‘protocols’ within.

You – the reader need to understand – only YOU can cure yourself of any dis-ease. Kelley taught me that nearly 20 years ago – and I have been guiding people in that direction for all of these years. I will not stop until Sundown. Spend time studying the archives at DrKelley.info the Official for Dr. William Donald Kelley, D.D.S., M.S. In addition, I invite you to tune in to my regular Wednesday broadcast, Life, Liberty and Your Good Health for a full two-hour discussion on YOUR Good Health! We may soon be expanding that program to twice a week.

What is called “health care” is really the ATM for the insurance, big Pharma, Drug lobbyists. ~ Jacki Juntti

My second arena of concern – which also includes the ravages of Fed-Gov and their insidious involvement – is one that each of us can take on – and most importantly – MUST!  I speak of The…

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Do you wish for your children or grandchildren to continue on with the devastating clap-trap known as ‘education’ (small ‘e’ intended) or do you want them to have a chance? The Metropolis Café is the place to begin. Columns posted have a wide range of grades from ‘A’ to ‘F’ (”C’ meaning  “cheat”), REAL history lessons, opinion pieces by a wide range of writers, living and deceased – including our old friends, Caruba and Longstreet, examples of teaching as it SHOULD be – and how those who are following these practices have students who are winning!

Among our current contributors are Al Benson, Neal Ross, an occasional piece by Ron Ewart, much by Granny (Jacki Juntti), the brilliant Lynn Finney (and I am so far behind on her work) , Teacher and Author Kim Allsup and others – and our invitation remains open to accept manuscripts worthy of Metropolis Café.

“I tell my students, you do not enter the future – you create the future. The future is achieved through hard work.” ~ Jaime Escalante

The Metropolis Café also offers in-depth discussion of both Charter and Homeschooling options for our youth; the indoctrination taking place in our current Public Fed-ucation system beginning in Kindergarten going all through College, and so much more. WATCH – as the failures of Fed-Gov takes its toll on America. Karl Marx and the boys are smiling from their graves.

As we do with our Wednesday programming on-the-air – we also devote Thursday’s to the issue of our declining education system. Join us, as we delve into Common Core-uption, Unions for Never, Village of the Damned and Mr. Adair’s Classroom, and who knows what we might find out on the playground at recess.

I am more convinced that the directions I have outlined above are …of greater importance! – for the future of America.

I’ll see you at Sundown,


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