“Can I get a schmeer with that Col. Sanders?”

A few words between old friends…

bennett_2015I’ve been in New Yawk for the past week and am flying home later today. It’s beginning to snow.

“Wait! Didn’t Al the Gorical tell us that there would be no more snow?”

Of course he did, because he knew that we were all going to Hell anyway. I mean, the only global warming is escaping from the mouths and anal portals of our elected official-DUMB in D.C.

“Yup, and these Devil incarnates will definitely be leading the way back down into the hole from which they sprang.”

Each others!


So, for the past seven years-plus, we have had to suffer through the arrogance of B.O., the Dark Prince of Kenya. So now I want to see things change up. There is only one person running for occupancy of 1600, who is completely open and honest (hahahahaha) about WHO he is and WHAT he stands for. I want Bernie to be “The Chosen One”. That way we all go in knowing that we’ll really be getting B.S..

Let’s be honest here – what choices do we really have? An arrogant clown who is a back-alley bully (who ostensibly says what many Americans want to hear); a carpet munching has-been who gave birth to Web Hubbell’s big-lipped child; a brain-surgeon who walks and speaks too softly (but could make a hell of a living performing lobotomy’s in CONgress); a governor from fly-over country who most people in this country never heard of (and those who have can’t even pronounce his name) – and finally two anchor babies who shout at each other in Cubano about how stupid and ignorant the Mexicans are.

Frankly – it’s the worst lot of lying garbage I have seen since last Thursday when my uncontained trash was picked up curbside – which could be a hell of an analogy. Pick ’em up – Yeah – pick ’em all up…

No decorum – no respect. None of them have any – none of them show any.

What is Trump’s slogan? – “let’s make America late again!”? We already missed that bus – the caboose left the station, the Twin Towers fell – and the Titanic went down with Monica.

“You are spot on. The masks are off and they don’t even try to pretend to give us valid options. The coup is complete!”

“Have you seen the video of B.O. laughing about having to appoint judges? It is sickeningly disturbing.”

No, I haven’t, but I wish that he would have breakfast with Judge Roy Bean in the morning.

“Too funny! You had me going there for a second until I looked him up. The video is on Drudge.”

“The coup is complete.”

Bernie should change his slogan to, “With Boinie you get bagel – for FREE!”


NOTE: What is transcribed above is based on a cel-phone text conversation conducted on February 23, 2016 between the Editor/Publisher, Jeffrey Bennett and Candy Horwitz. Comments in italics are hers.

Without Apology I am,


One thought on ““Can I get a schmeer with that Col. Sanders?”

  1. Craig Tarter

    Well sir, you didn’t slam Ben Carson…& several others that seem ineligible for the tar’em, feather’em, & send’em offshore via the catapult airlines routine. Thank you for that. Hilrod & the cosmonaut Bernie seem to me to be an attempt by Satan to convince US folk that he can be a card too. We’re all about to see a load’a shit like the world’s never seen. “Make America Great Again” is a good little psychological mannequin…STOLEN by some clown who presumes to make it his very own.


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