Lewis: The “Useful Idiots” aka The Mindless Bureaucrats Destroying America

lenin_reward_web_01March 10, 2014 ~ There are times when I cannot determine who is more stupid – politicians and their enforcers of unconstitutional acts, or the people that allow them to deny us our God-given right of free will; our inherent, inalienable rights of freedom – seemingly a forgotten concept.

In regard to politicians, Lenin called these wannabes within towns, cities, and states “useful idiots”. Why such a description? Well, it is because that is exactly what officials and their enforcers are.

But, useful to who or what? Are they useful to the people? You decide. As we all should know, there is a time when they appear to be and that is when they are campaigning in an election to get or keep their positions. This is as if the election and counting of votes is honest and above board. In the case of electronic and other falsified voting, “acting” is the name of the game. Thus, one must always look at what one does rather than what one says he or she will do.

I am continually appalled – and quite sickened – by the people elected to serve their neighbors in towns (smaller cities). It matters not whether the election is honest or not. The point is they make all sorts of promises to their neighbors, including their required Oaths of Office, but soon forget their promises. They instead conduct business for the gains of the chartered corporation they became a part of. They soon violate every premise and Law this land is based on. The gain of the corporation they serve is at the expense of the people. Although most do not seem to know it, or care, every violation of our Law and their rules is an act of racketeering and, most important of all, treason.

If anyone tells and shows them the correct Law and all, they should correct the error of their ways. Instead, most – if not all – still act against the people. Not only that, they get by with willfully committing dozens of crimes against the people, with few suffering and most rewarded either directly or indirectly by the current system of injustice. They continue applying statutes/ordinances to the people without any authority whatsoever. Rules and regs written by government, you see, apply only to government and its creations, not to the people.

A bit of logic shows the validity of the last statement. The founders established the people as the sovereignty in these united States of America. The people established government to protect the inherent, inalienable rights of the people. Therefore, the people are the bosses of government, not vice versa. In the case of Missouri, look at Article I, Section 3, Missouri Law or the Missouri Constitution. Your state’s will agree or is invalid, as it must agree with the founding document and the “Constitution for the united States of America”.

Thus, we see that government has no authority to regulate our behaviors or interfere with property rights. We are free to do as we wish so long as we do not intentionally interfere with the rights of others.

Now, for an example. Do you have the authority to demand tax on their property from all your fellow Citizens? Think about it. None of us have this authority. Therefore, the people could not give it to governments they created because one or a group cannot give away or grant what one does not have. Nice and simple, is it not? Thus, rights are not subject to the vote or legislation.

One should also keep in mind that human beings are born with inherent, unalienable rights, whether in America or not. In this land, however, any official that acts against the rights of the American people essentially declares themselves gods above the people, our creator, in other words. The truly sad part – and the reason our land is falling to a few – is that the people let them get by with the massive fraud that governments’ job is to regulate the people.

This is the most sickening part for me. Even when informed, the people fear or just do not care and do not get involved, denying their duty to themselves, their families, their friends, and America. In this sense, it is the people who are the useful idiots to a bunch of tyrants, tyrants that are disguised by the ignorance of the people.

As for the officials and their enforcers, keeping their jobs depend on whether they play their part in the scheme, a long-term scheme controlled by the powers that remain hidden behind a curtain of deceit.

So, who or what are they useful to? Why, anyone with a bit of common sense knows that America has changed drastically, including in small cities and towns. The changes came about through the hidden controllers’ activities that led to officials undermining freedom. Therefore, the officials of even the smallest organized communities are useful only to those that are determined to overthrow America.

So the question is, why are there those that want to destroy America, a land founded as a white Christian land? See the document that separated the colonies from the control of England. Then, see the Preamble to the document that established a central government to protect not only the land but also the rights of the people. Also, you might check out the “why” of “In God We Trust”, along with the swearing in of witnesses on the Holy Bible. As for the “white” part, look for the historical significance of Title 42, Section 1982, which states:

Sec. 1982. – Property rights of citizens

All citizens of the United States shall have the same right, in every State and Territory, as is enjoyed by white citizens thereof to inherit, purchase, lease, sell, hold, and convey real and personal property.

Our founders created one of the few lands in which the people could own property freely, meaning without government interference. Our forefathers wanted to escape the feudal system of England and other European monarch led nation states that did not allow private ownership of property. A part of this is that America was also a land in which Christian laws prohibited usury or even interest on a loan. Collateral did not enter the deal, as a shake of hands – a man’s word – was all that was necessary. Foreclosures were, therefore, unheard of. And, then along came the moneychangers and our beloved America changed forever. It became the devil’s playground.

The moneychangers intent on destroying America did not like either, as both were severe blocks to their intentions of gaining control over all property. In the lands of monarchial control, the people were essentially slaves in the employ of the King, some duke or duchess, and whatever the rest of the chain of command is under a King or Queen. People were mere tenants upon the land, effectively paying tribute to the so-called “royalty”, a misnomer if I ever heard one. One effectively paid “rent” to farm, to run their own business or livelihood and to determine the path they wanted to pursue during their lives.

The King or Queen owned everything, at least in their cruel, inbred minds. Do I believe “inbred” is the correct term to use describing a very small number of human beings? Yes. You see, diversity in their gene pool occurred only on the rare occasion that they permitted outsiders to marry and breed their genes into the “elite” families. I suspect this is still true, as few will give up their standing in order to marry a lesser.

But, whether this is factual or not is not important. What is important is that they believed – and still do – that they are far outside and above the rest of humanity. That is, excepting the very small number of the afore mentioned “moneychangers” that gained control of their – and our – land through manipulations and destruction of the monetary system of each land. The moneychangers created a money system by them, for them, and of them, the them being those that created the concept of fiat fractional reserve banking.

In the case of England, the year was 16 94, when the Bank of England started. It is a privately owned non-governmental institution belonging to the moneychangers. But, that is another story, a story that should ring loud and clear far and wide.

It is too long a story for this article, as the story actually began over two millennia ago. Thus, the following is greatly simplified. To begin with, the American people should have learned from history the mistake of allowing the moneychangers to gain control through a central bank. After all, they did have control on two other 20-year spans, during which the truth revealed itself in several ways.

A few did warn against the Federal Reserve Act, but the people paid no heed except to what proved false for the people. In other words, they believed the lies that it was for the people’s benefit. Anyway, the end of the people’s control over money came about on December 23, 1913. So did the end of America for all intents and purposes. The Federal Reserve Act passed secretly by voice vote of only three moneychanger-controlled Senators. The rest were on Christmas break but failed to break sine de. This left Congress in session. Thus, the vote could proceed with no voices to vote against the act.

The same type of families that owned the Bank of England, owned the Federal Reserve, which is neither federal nor a reserve. See such documentaries as William Still’s, The Money Masters, and G. Edward Griffin’s, The Creature from Jekyll Island, for greater understanding of the Federal Reserve and its creation.

Anyway, the Federal Reserve owners gained control of our money, along with control of recessions and depressions, inflation and deflation. These were the tools used to keep people in line and to seize private property. The Act opened the door to take property through the fiat fractional banking system they had used throughout much of history. Through it, the alleged debt to the Federal Reserve owners grows annually. It is a debt that can never be paid because one cannot pay a debt with credit.

The Federal Reserve is one of the greatest frauds every committed. It would not mean as much to the people, though, except for a congressional action earlier in 1913. You see, earlier in that year Congress also enacted the bogus Federal Income Tax through the 16th Amendment. However, the Amendment never changed anything, as far as the American people with private earnings are concerned. Thus, for a time, the taking of tax on earnings was not enforced.

Then, during WWII, the feds sent out forms to gather voluntary contributions for the war effort. The feds called it the Victory Tax, a voluntary tax from 1942 to 1945. However, after the war, it kept sending out the voluntary contribution forms (the damnable 1040). Slowly, the feds changed the “contribution” to a demand for tax owed and the term “voluntary” dropped from the form. The American people during this time gradually accepted the lie as law. Totally false, of course, but the result is a huge debt (gained through fraud), with the American people’s earnings and property the collateral. With it, and the false debt-based currency, the debt grew and grew to the current state.

Because the Federal Reserve owners controlled the issuance of money following the creation of the Federal Reserve, they gained complete control over the federal government. Unlimited funding made it easy for them. They already knew how to manipulate the people they filled the three branches with and how to indoctrinate the people. Gaining control over news sources, publishers, entertainment, education, etc made it easy for them to teach the many falsehoods that now keep our people in servitude to them.

They knew how to re-write history, etc. to suit their purposes and how to indoctrinate and dummy down our youth to their system. The system includes a huge, Satan-driven dummying down scheme. Additionally, it is a diabolical system that oppresses the God-given rights of the people. The most recent generations know very little of the facts about America, world history, world wars, U.S. attacks against others without war declared, cultures and the devastation of such by diversity, etc. Few understand that the US Government has carried out constant warring since WWII.

The bottom line is that America and its justice, integrity, and equality in the eyes of our Law went downhill since 1913. However, the oppression of rights seemed to avalanche into oblivion, or so it seems, following the end of WWII. One could easily think that integrity, honor, and justice have left the buildings housing government.

So, are the idiots useful to the people of the states? Not hardly. In fact, those that make statutes (not law on us) and ordinances (also not law on birthright Citizens) are useful idiots only to those that demand they fall within the parameters of the dictates of the moneychangers.

The enforcers of such, including judges, attorneys, and thug enforcers of the de facto laws made by the de facto governments, are also useful idiots to the moneychangers. Lenin knew it and made use of the useful idiots, just as the moneychangers are accomplishing now with such lackeys as Obama and the rest of the federal government.

Here are facts to remember. Useful idiots are the pawns of the behind-the-scene controllers. They are the enemies of America. They are determined to destroy it and all nationality.

Allow me to repeat that. Useful idiots are the enemies of America since they aid and abet the moneychangers. The fools willfully participate in the destruction of America and Man’s right to freedom.

Folks, like it or not, we are in a war against the controllers and their useful idiots. We are losing “without a shot fired” by we people. Of course, out-of-control enforcers fire on innocent American people with impunity, as they follow so-called “policy”. Policy seems to translate to, “It’s okay; the cop thought he was threatened.” Whatever the excuse, enforcers get by with murder, assault, raping of the people, and other forms of domestic terrorism.

If you are one of the useful idiots, where the hell is your brain? Why do you actively engage in aiding and abetting America’s enemies? Or are you just so damned dumb that you have no comprehension of what you are doing or what is actually going on?

And, most of all, even when you are shown the law and statutes meant to control you, why do you continue to aid and abet enemies, destroying America in the process? Man, are you fools ever screwing over your progeny.

I do not believe useful idiots will voluntarily change. For them, greed and lust for power controls them. Thus, the change for betterment must come from the people united in common cause.

If not – – – –

Submitted to Kettle Moraine Publications by the author.

~ The Author ~
lewis_thumbEd Lewis has been widely published on the Internet for several years prior to the last two, when he took a sort of sabbatical to somewhat helplessly watch America being manipulated onto the road to ruin. He holds BS degrees in Biology and Psychology, National Honor Society in both fields, and MS coursework and research in Psychology completed.

Lewis is a 64-year old Vietnam Era veteran that believes every official should be held accountable for treason and other crimes when Law, statutes, and their Oaths of Office are violated.

He believes that every American has the duty to stand against any government or chartered quasi-government that violates the rights of the people, and that no man, or group of men, especially foreign lobbyists and dual citizen people, have the authority and/or the right to interfere in our land and tell us what we might think, say, write, and do. Fear to do so will ultimately destroy America.

Contact Mr. Lewis at with@cvalley.net

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